Friday, June 27, 2008


yeay! I'm home..
how i am so happy to be home.. :)) *senyum sampai ke telinga*
everyone's home.. well, at least until July.. then my brothers will start their semesters..
so its probably just me, kakak and nabilla at home.. and of course my parents... :(

anyway, before i came back, i stayed a week in Egypt.. u know, just jalan-jalan, makan angin.. :)

here's what happened.

17th June 2008
- Arrived at Cairo International Airport
- bB's cousin, Affan picked us up at the airport. Since we arrived at night, there's really nothing much we can do left.
- Checked in at Malaysian Hall
- Sleep

18th June 2008
- woke up at 7.30 am. Got ready and left the building at 8.30 am.
- drove to Alexandria which is in the northern Egypt. It is situated beside the Mediterranean sea. It has a spectacular view of the sea!! damn nice.
- we went to the oldest library in the world which is the Bibliotheca Alexandria.
- We had seafood for lunch. yum2. damn kenyang. huhu..
- left Alexandria around 5 pm and head back to Cairo.
- sampai Cairo, tido~

one of the materials exhibited in the library

mummy's sarcophagus

Mediterranean Sea

19th June 2008
- Jalan-jalan in Cairo
- went to see the Pyramids of Giza
- went to the bazaar and bought souvenirs
- Affan bargain for us since he knows how to speak Arabic. So we didn't get cheated. huhu...
- went to Al-Azhar mosque and university.
- rested at Malaysian Hall the whole evening.
- rushed to the train station around 9.15, our train was leaving at 10 pm.
- ran into Mawi (yup, the AF winner - he was shooting "jejak Mawi" in Egypt. :P) on the way out of Malaysian Hall. Didn't get to take his picture though bcoz we were rushing..
- arrived at the train ngam-ngam pukol 10.

Pyramids of Giza

the Sphinx


20th June 2008
- 11 hours in the train. dah la sejuk giler dlm train tu..
- watched the sunrise (cantek giler!)
- arrive in Luxor
- spent the whole day in Luxor
- we went to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple
- didn't get to go to Valley of the Kings and Queens though, because they were on the West Bank of Nile River and they were too far, we didn't have much time on our hands.
- had lunch in McDonald's. :P
- prayed, and made our way to the train station
- the train was late 2 hours. :(
- watched the sunset in the train. it was even more gorgeous than the sunrise
- arrive in Aswan at 11 p.m
- checked into hotel, had dinner and went to sleep

Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Luxor Train Station

21st June 2008
- trip to Abu Simbel was canceled. it was hot (40°C - 43°C!!), and didn't have enough time
- went to the damp. a really big dam, which controls the depth on the Nile river so that Egypt wont be flooded.. huhu..
- and then we went to Philae Temple. the temple is on an island in the middle of Nile river. not so sure about the history though, because we were backpacking and didn't have enough money to pay for tour guides... lol~ [save budget]
- spent the whole day walking around Aswan. can't get enough of the view of the Nile River. there's no word to describe.
- main2 air sungai Nil. the water was really cold.. it was nice..
- prayed, rest, head back to the train station.
- made our way back to Cairo

Aswan Dam

Philae Temple

Nile River

22nd June 2008
- arrive at Cairo around 10 am.
- i rested the whole day
- bB went some more souvenir shopping

23rd June 2008
- went to the airport at 1 a.m
- checked-in our baggages
- leaving Egypt on the airplane at 4.50 am.
- arrive KLIA at 11 pm local time.

and now, i am just enjoying home.. :)
i miss bB!

*check out more pics in friendster*

Monday, June 9, 2008

bored to death!

this pic looks really cool..

i am so damn bored right now.. i don't know what to do..

i finished my exams already.. so basically i am just waiting for my flight out of Moscow.. huhu.. can't wait to be home!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

w0rds 0f my [♥]

words of my [h.e.a.r.t],
to let it out is really hard,
because it kept falling apart,
i dont know where to start;

words of my [h.e.a.r.t],
is complicated,
like an expression of an art,
meanings in a secret;

words of my [h.e.a.r.t],
may be predictable,
i may let down my guard,
but only to certain people;

words of my [h.e.a.r.t],
need time to understand,
like the castle of cards,
need time to build and stand.

anna mohamed amin

Saturday, June 7, 2008

bruises on my heart

there's so many things i want to say.. but i don't think you would listen.. and i don't see the point of writing it here.. when u'll never read it..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

RM 2.70

SEE THE TITLE? THAT'S THE NEW HARGA MINYAK! Yerp.. Petrol prices are going off the ceiling and onto the top of KLCC tower!!

I know I rarely care what is going on in Malaysian politics, the law or whatever not there is... but THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! I mean, they (the government) should have warned us (the Malaysians) about it! Not 8-9 hours before the price is going to change... i mean, yeah, i know i am not in Malaysia right now but i can feel the emotions and shock running through every Malaysian...

I mean, increasing the price of something with such short notice! That is absolutely ridiculous! I mean, even if they want to increase the petrol price, like 20 cents every 6 months also would be ok~ not giving the rakyat a heart attack! It’s absurd! Really really ABSURD!

There are other ways to overcome this... like maybe increase the taxes... i mean, people won't really feel the increase of taxes because unlike oil, we don't need to face it everyday.. I mean, we need oil for our car every single day! Of course we're gonna feel the effect, the burden of it...

I really don't know what going on in the heads of our government nowadays... like they're going insane or something... like they really not thinking about the rakyat!

I know they're gonna do some sort of this "rebate" thing... but RM150/year for a motorcyclist is NOT ENOUGH... and i don't remember how much they're giving for bigger vehicles.. But it's not enough...

Ok... even if they do want to increase the oil price, they should have done something about the public transport system... i mean, come on! I am sure everyone knows how public transport system in Malaysia is:

  1. the next komuter need 45 minutes to arrive after the last one left...

  2. there's only 2 LRT gerabak on the busiest station in kL which is the KLCC and it takes 3 - 5 minutes for the next gerabak to arrive on peak hours..

  3. waiting for bus could kill you because of the heat! and the jam we have to face during riding the bus.

  4. bus stops are not convenience

we all know that Malaysians are lazy people... so lazy that even walking 5 minutes is excruciating! Living in Moscow, I know this... from my hostel to the nearest metro station is about 20-25 minutes by walking (probably around 1.5km)... and i do walk sometimes... it's a good form of exercise and Moscow is not as hot as Malaysia... and i realise that moscow people like to walk even with heels! But even so, the bus would come every 10-15 minutes and there would be 4 bus stops on that road to the metro station! See what I mean... on a 1.5km road, there are 4 bus stops! And each stop, stops at the convenience place...1 at the metro station, 1 at the mini market, 1 at the cultural center and 1 exactly infront of my hostel. And I mean RIGHT IN FRONT!

and the gerabak metro... during peak hour in the center where it is the most crowded, the gerabak would come in 50 seconds! 50 SECONDS! NOT EVEN 1 MINUTE! And non-peak hour it would be 5 minutes (and that's like at 11 or 12 at night)... you know, when i went back to Malaysia, jalan2 in kL, i got so used to Moscow metro that when we missed a komuter, we didn't even run for it, we just relaxed and then had to wait 40 MINUTES FOR THE NEXT ONE!! Because in Moscow, we didn't even have to wait for even 1 minute... really~

i know i shouldn't be judging my own country with the country i am currently studying in because they said "hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri, tetapi lebih baik di negara sendiri" or something like that.. But there's no harm in making my own country a better place to live in...Right?

when PM came to Moscow, he should have take a look at the transportation system not only about making business connection with Russia... seriously... [ fyi, Moscow has the best transportational system in the world! even the UKs are learning from the Russians]

and more, they could have at least decrease the tol price since the petrol are increasing.. Ok, and it's a good thing that they are decreasing a bit of the road tax... but like i said, i think they should increase the road tax rather than the oil price... because we only pay tax once a year and not everyday..

and the price would probably increase more in AUGUST... Be prepared yeah~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

thinking about it

I dOn'+ wAn+ +0 +h!nk abOut !t,

but i k3p+ +hnk!nG abOu+ !+

& i+ mAk3s m3 f3eL sO sO sAd

3vEry+Im3 I dO +h!nK abOu+ i+ :(