Friday, December 31, 2010

Downhill year

I used to think that 2005 was the worst year ever for me(if anyone ever read my friendster blog which I already deleted). 2010 feels like 2005 all over again but a little worse.

It was all good in the beginning. I felt like it went downhill after Chinese New Year. Year of the Tiger and I'm born in the year of the Tiger. I can't remember if 1998 was a bad year for me though, I was standard 5. hrmm.. I don't know, maybe there were something awful happened in 1998 but I can't remember. I tend to forget bad stuffs that happens to me. Just some bad things stuck in my head. :P

Anyway, so what had happened in 2010. January was great! I had great exams result, travel to Europe, my birthday was great. basically everything was great.

Then there was the metro bombing attack in March. My ex-roomate started to act weird 2 months before her graduation. sigh. That was heartbreaking. I'm not sure if I'm over it. It felt almost like being dumped by a boyfriend. How can you just leave a friend who you've been living with for 5 years without an explanation. She didn't even want to explain about it. I mean, you're living with someone, of course there'll be problems but isn't there a way to resolve it? and she just left without telling me goodbye. It's a very sad story. I didn't tell my mom about it and she kept asking about her. Because no one would thought that after 5 years of living together it would be like this right? sighh.. I'm getting over it. It's almost 5 months since she left and from time to time I still feel angry for the thing she had done to my heart. And from time to time, I wished I had been stronger and stood up, asking her what the hell I did wrong. (mainly, that's the thing that's bothering me. I don't know what I did wrong). ok. enough about her.

Then, I had the 'pleasure' of doing my practicals here. Deducting my summer holidays to 1 month. :( Even worse, Moscow was SUPER HOT!!! I have 2 fans in my room to keep the myself cool. Not to mention the forest fire and haze. From one problem to another, perangai groupmates yang tak pernah nak bertanggungjawab, Until the last day, still got problems receiving our "zachut". But Alhamdulillah, we still got our zachuts. I miss my practicals friends though, but I don't think they remember me..

Summer holiday wasn't that great too. Everything just went wrong after a week in Malaysia. Bb decided to end our relationship in KL. WTF right? I was so mad at him that I didn't even bother to reconcile. It got better after a week when both of us cooled down. Then when we got back here, there were still problems but I got used to it and everything is going great now and I hope will get better in the future.

Then sem starts again in September. We're lucky to have chill teachers for our cycles this semester. but knowing how irresponsibles and such slackers my groupmates are, I think this semester, we had the worst attendance ever! Imagine only 3 out of 8 students came for Therapy class. THRICE! but If we get the strict teacher, I'll be hearing them complaining from day to night! I wish they'd be more responsible. I know they're smart, but you don't have to be lazy just because you're smart right? oh! not to mention the problems with the juniors. enuff said.

So that's basically what happened to me in 2010. Lets go to which resolutions I've accomplished in 2010. You can read it here. :)


  • settle all my exams on time! Alhamdulillah. I thought with my mind so occupied by my roomate, I would fail 1 paper.
  • travel more I went to 3 cities for my Eurotrip! :)
  • study more errr.. not so sure about this. My results didn't potray it.
  • talk to my dad. this is so hard to do. I don't have enough guts to talk to my dad. ;P HAH! After I found out what he did, it's even worse. I can't even spoke a word.
  • mengaji at least 1 ayat 1 hari, pray more. heheee.. HAHA. Macam sama je. Although I tried. Internet always occupy me. sigh. terok2!
  • be more open-minded I think I have been more open-minded.
  • continue to be more careful with my spending.. ;) YES! my biggest achievement.
  • continue to be patient and grateful Patience has its limit. but mine hasn't been broken yet.
  • be more understanding Some things are just not worth understanding.
  • be more stylish.. hehee.. ;) Still trying to find the perfect ankle boot! but think I am more stylish now. ;P
  • KURUSKAN BADAN! LOSE WEIGHT! BE SEXY! hehehee.. ;) exercise at least 30 minutes per day.. HAHA! mmg tak buat lah. takda masa weh! (alasan)

So, what do I want to accomplish in 2011?


  • I still want to settle all my exams on time.
  • Travel to all the places in my GRAVITY post. But I doubt that I can travel to all those places in 1 year. :P
  • Mengaji at least 1 ayat per day. I really want to accomplish this!
  • I need to let things go. I can't keep brooding over things that upsets me!
  • Be patient. Always.
  • Don't bother so much over other people's problems. They didn't ask me to solve it.
  • Live freely and happily!
  • Loose weight or at least get a slim curvy body! :P
  • Keep saving money. Buy GOLD! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to perform CPR

Pergh. I bet if I was this hot, doing CPR to my patients, they spring back to live immediately! (ngahaha! berangan!)

New Year's coming soon. I have to start on my resolutions. Although I feel like I haven't done any of my this year's resolutions. sigh. 2010 is a bad year. one more week! I hope 2011 will be better.

Exam's coming soon! ark! ;(

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a couple of stuff

I'm just gonna write a couple of stuff in one post today.

With all the buzz that Prince William is getting married next year, tenders for Kate Middleton wedding dress has been opened! Click here to view slideshow of the dress sketches. The designers are from Gucci to Nina Ricci and of course Vera Wang. I love wedding dress!

Although I have to say, my most favourite is the design by Valentino.

It looks like a blossoming flower, so elegant yet so soft almost like a ballerina. ;D

Is there any way I could duplicate this design for my wedding? heee.. but even if I duplicate this design it would still be costly. ;(

I watched this a week ago. Katy Perry's interview on E! news during VH1 DIVAS SALUTE THE TROOPS.

and how adorable is Katy Perry during the interview with Ellen Degeneres!

awwww.. she's adorable & funny too! ;D
p/s: I wanna buy the perfume!! When is it coming to europe?

oh katy.. when will I be able to meet you.. hrmmm...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lets Piss Off Anna Month

I know most of you probably won't read this because it's too long but thanks to those who has time to read them.

Ok. I am so pissed off. It's been like "Lets Piss Off Anna Month" or something and it's not even mid December yet.

First, my bB. I rather not elaborate.

Then, there's my groupmates, but that story has been 2 weeks ago, and I want to move on from it.

Now, my juniors wants to act like they're a bunch of know-it-alls! I'm even upset to be calling them my juniors. I wont blame them if they gave me a solid point but they're not and they're making a fool out of themselves.

You see. We had a notice last week about our hostel payment which had to be made by today or you'll get kick out. The notice was posted last week at the notice board and also in the RSMU Malaysian Students Association blog. So the blog has been flooded with comments by juniors (I am very sure about this because no senior would be so dumbfuck stupid as this - pardon my french) saying that the notice is so short and they're from poor family, doesn't have enough money yet, bla, bla, bla with so many excuses.

Hello? have you realised that it is already DECEMBER?! Do you realise that you have been using the electic, the heat and water for FREE for the last 3 ½ months?

The thing is, if it's anywhere else in the world, you have to pay your hostel fees on your registration day or you won't get any place in the hostel, lagi2 kat Malaysia. Tak kisahlah IPTA ke IPTS ke. That's the rule. They're already quite lenient with us here.

they said give a little sympathy for those who are less fortunate. Hello sayang, if you don't pay your electrical bills, water bills, phone bills, whatever in Malaysia, ada ke diorang nak kisah kau tu orang susah ke tak? ada ke diorang nak bagi simpati? diorang potong je selagi kau tak bayar. Please live in reality, you are not a kid anymore!

Then they said, the student body lied to them saying that can pay in February for 2 sems straight (because right now the new hostel admin decides on 1 receipt per sem because there's so many students keep changing from big room to small room - big room and small room have different prices. and so it's easier to print 1 receipt per sem in case of any room changing sbb blk besar lagi murah dari bilik kecik, so kalau tukar from bilik kecik ke bilik besar mestilah nak refund kan kalau dah bayar full? duuhh~ harap korang yg baca ni dapat tangkap situasi ni. kene duduk depan2 baru boleh cerita lagi detail). The truth is the student body didn't lie to us. They thought that the admin is going to print the 2nd sem receipt in October or November but there were no news about it until now, that they found out the admin is not printing the 2nd sem receipt until next sem. we just have to pay the 1st sem hostel fee first. And the whole paying 1 whole year in February is a myth! MYTH PEOPLE! I don't know who created them. Banyak cantik, guna air, api, heater free2 utk 5 bulan? Inilah manusia, memang suka menyusahkan orang lain dan suka2 hati pakai barang free2.

oh then they hit me with "budak scholar senang la cakap! duit masuk bulan2". Mak aih, pegi situ plak! The fact that you are planning to pay the whole year in one lot says a lot about you being richer than me. Let me tell you something about students with scholarship or at least me. I DON'T ASK MY PARENTS MONEY SINCE I GOT MY SCHOLARSHIP. only when I'm desperate I'll ask them but it's rare. I pay for my own flight tickets, the hostel fees, the food i eat daily, my eurotrips and holidays, my monthly expenses, my petrol for my car, sometimes I even buy groceries with that money for my family when I'm home for Summer and I can still put the balance into my ASB. PLUS it's not like I don't have to pay them back!

I know a friend of mine who put a certain amount of her scholarship into her ASB, and the amount is more than mine. Everytime she wants to travel, or shopping lavishly, she'll sell nasi lemak within the hostel to earn extra money. I respect her because she doesn't depend on her parents and find other alternatives to earn extra money. Another friend of mine, make food mass everyday for his 'Paris Fund' because he's not on any scholarship. I respect everyone who wouldn't mind working extra hard to earn extra money, and we're medic students! Imagine to find time to cook for people!

These other kind of people, dah la depend kat mak ayah. pastu buat taik cakap tak cukup duit lah, parents miskin lah, apa lah tapi takde effort langsung nak tolong kurangkan beban mak ayah. All they know is COMPLAIN how unfortunate their lives are. Kalau miskin sangat, mak ayah tak hantar punye kau jauh2. Kalau nak sangat buat medic, baik buat medic kat Indonesia je. Living cost rendah, tuition fees pon murah.

I know for a fact, parents who decided to send their children to study overseas will always plan ahead, and keep a certain amount of money for their child's education. Do you think I'm stupid mister? I receive scholarship for a reason and I am extremely grateful for it. Extremely just doesn't cut it, its more like REALLY REALLY EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! Alhamdulillah...

I tried helping. I asked them to come to my room and I'll help them by paying them if they help me do chores. All they say is "dah la, Anna sombong. Kaya sangat sampai tak pandai jaga hati orang". WTH? niat ikhlas nak tolong pon salah. Tak tau lah nak cakap apa. Orang niat ikhlas nak tolong, diorang boleh cakap mcm ni. I know if you are truly poor you wouldn't talk shit when people want to give you help. It is so obvious that you've used the money your parents gave you for the hostel fees and you can't find anymore points to defend yourselves, so you attack me with your stupid mind. Tak ada hormat untuk senior langsung budak2 ni. If you can't respect me, I can't respect you.

Don't judge me saying I don't know what it's like being less fortunate. The fact that I am not rich is the reason why I pay my fees separately, 1st sem and 2nd sem because I need to store up the money. The reason you gave that you wanted to pay the whole year at once and the amount is not enough is bullshit! because the admin is asking you to pay for the 1st semester only! not the whole year! so if YOU ARE STORING UP MONEY, it should've been enough! open your eyes please! you're talking crap!

bB marah cakap, apsal layan budak2 ni? I just thought I'd help them open their mind... sighhh...

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.
- Dale Carnegie

Do you know why poor stay poor? because they're poor in their mind. Cheers people. Sorry for my outburst and thank you for reading them. I feel so much better now. ;D

Friday, December 10, 2010


As you know, I love to travel. I love going on buses, trains and long flights just to enjoy the view. I wish I had more time and money..

Anyway, these are the places I really wish to go!

1. Mecca. I wish to fulfill my duty as a muslim and perform Hajj. Although I've been here once when I was 11, I wish to go again! and I hope, InsyaAllah, ada rezeki saya untuk menjejak ke Tanah Haram sekali lagi. Amin..

2. NYC! I've been wanting to visit NYC since I was 18! just cause the city looks so cool especially in movies. ;P and of course I am so jealous with Farisa cause she has been there! and if I ever step on the US continent, I'd like to go to Las Vegas and Hollywood too! ;)

3. Istanbul! The city is just so gorgeous and a lot of Islamic History.

4. Mainly Greece. Because I have a huge passion for Greek Mythology! I used to read everything about the Gods and Goddesses, Hercules and Achilles, the monsters, etc. If I wasn't doing Medicine maybe I'd like to Major in Greek Mythologies but I don't think they have that in Malaysia. ;P

5. Tokyo! Konichiwa! Because I an anime addict! and I love the language. ;)

6. Rome, Venice, Milan & Tuscany! Because the city is just gorgeous! And I love the history on Roman Empire.

7. Sydney. but actually I heard Sydney is quite boring. hrmm.. Actually, I'd just like to travel to Australia and visit the Gold Coast or any other interesting parts of Australia! (or just the Warner Bros World ;P)

6. Prague. Because I want to see the huge astrological clock! And I fell in love with the city after watching The Brothers Bloom. ^.^

7. Seoul! Because I wanna meet Big Bang! ngeeeee.. ^.^

8. Morocco. Simply. I heard it's nice there.

9. Rio De Janeiro. Because Brazil is just so much fun! ;))

10. Oh! Of course local places! I'd like to go to Sipadan Island, Sabah. Eventhough I'm allergic to salt water, the sea just never bores me.

Well, of course I want to travel to more places but for now, lets just check this one out first! I really do wish money could grow on trees. hrmmm.. I wish I have more time here (like 7 years isn't enough -__-").

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes all I wanna say when you give me crap is...


but I know better, because I still respect you enough to say it out loud in front of your face..

ps: pardon my french. I'm freakingly pissed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


bila saya nak rajin workout supaya dapat badan macam diorang?? ;P

ps: semangat gila Adam Levine cheer utk girlfriend die! ;) I hope this video won't get copyrighted or something..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December and it's already -19°C

I remembered I posted about a sudden cold from +8°C to -19°C in a week and that post was on 14 December 2009..

well, this time it went from 0°C to -16°C in 2 days and it wasn't December yet! now it's already -19°C.. the worst part is there's no snow! It's just wind. damn.. I wonder how cold this winter will be.. (T.T)

Last year I said, I felt like I couldn't feel my legs when I'm walking. Yesterday I felt like I was practically DROWNING in the "cool winter breeze"!! 3 seconds I took off my gloves to take money from my purse to pay for my bus pass, my fingers went numb and red! 3 FREAKING SECONDS! -__-"


Some pics from the first few days of snow.. when the temperature just hit 0 degree. Beautiful ain't it? Now it's just annoying.. ;P

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roasted Chicken ala Aziemah ;D

I had no idea what to cook yesterday. I wanted something easy because I was tired.

I was browsing through my friends' blog while waiting for my clothes in the washing machine to stop spinning, until I reached Aziemah's blog. She made Roasted Honey Glazed Chicken. Well, it looked simple enough and I had 'most' of the stuffs.

Before it went into the oven

I didn't follow the recipi 100% though sebab saya tak sanggup nak tukar seluar jeans, pakai boots, jacket bubble untuk meredah snow dan sejuk semata2 nak pergi kedai runcit depan hostel untuk cari bahan2 yang tak cukup. (You can get the original recipe here).

Here are the stuff which I altered:
Whole chicken - All I have was 4 pieces of chicken in the freezer.
Mustard - I didn't have it, so I skipped it.
Rosemary - Changed it with lemon-grass. LOL! (layan je lah)
Lime/Lemon - changed it with mandarin orange because I have that in my fridge and since it's in the citrus family as well. :P
I didn't have any effort to boil the broccoli or make any side vegetables. So my frozen veggies which included edamames, red bell peppers(capsicum) yang dah siap potong, and broccolies I included in the tray. [gila pemalas!]
And I forgot to add in salt and garlic! d'oh!

The result

Nontheless, it was still delicious! asalkan bB cakap sedap, hati dah senang.. ;) We ate with french fries because like I said, I was tired and had no effort. ;P

Ps: sorry gambar tak clear sebab guna phone camera. and thanks Aziemah! ;D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cat and Boxes

Ya Allah, gile gemuk kucing ni! suka gile die kat kotak.. sampai kotak kecik pon jadi! COOMMMMMMEEEEELLL!!! ^.^

Thursday, November 25, 2010


sometimes I wish I had a delete button for my memory..

She kept her word but with a twist. I felt betrayed. I wish I knew, I wish I had asked.. but time has passed and there's no point to it. I wish I would move on. I wish I could forget her.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Take a bite of my Heart tonight

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marry Me

b, nanti bila awak nak propose kat saya bagi lagu ni k? lol!

note to self: unfortunately, bb doesn't read my blog.. that's why i posted it here. buat malu je la kan kalau mintak depan2.. ngehh.. ;P

No pain, no gain

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm not easy to please

I wish it was easy to let go things that breaks your heart...

Where we belong?

I'm still having a hard time accepting. I think she might have thought that he said something bad about her. I haven't contacted her yet. It's not surprising though but it was still a shock. It's not unlikely that she exaggerated the situation a little bit. I don't want to be bias.

I am a little disappointed with both of them.. Angry mostly at first then I thought what's the point? It's their life. Wish it didn't effect me that much. I still don't feel like calling her actually but I should..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here's a glimpse of what winter looks like in Moscow.. ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha =)
My family is making a big sacrifice this year and I hope it is for the best. Even though I am a little sadden by it..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Complicated Life

Delima, if I ever know who you are, if I was in Malaysia, I would find you and kill you!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"я не понимаю"

Is it relevant to learn Maths and Science in English to improve English language in our country?

After much argument and discussion, I conclude the answer is NO.

I wonder why do we idolize English so much and ignore our own language. And this statement goes to me as well. Not that I'm not good in my own language but English just seem so poise and elegant and If I write in Malay, everything seem so cheesy...; P (not that my English is that great either).

Anyway, some people argue that we should continue English in Math and Science to improve English (e.g. my mom). The argument is:

  1. English is the Lingua Franca of the world
  2. We deal with foreign investors in our country which speak English.
  3. It will be easier for students when they study oversea or enroll in local University since everything is in English (except UKM)
  4. Easier for tourist to get around, therefore helps our Tourism promotions.

English is the Lingua Franca of the world, no doubt about it. But when I travel to Beijing, no one, and I'm saying NO ONE can speak English, not even know how to read Latin letters. I only met 1 or 2 Chinese who can speak English. English was no help at all and I have to say, if you come to my place here in Russia, they don't know English either. So really? What is the advantage of studying English?

We deal with foreign investors, but let’s see. Japan, Germany, Russia, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia. They are great nations with a lot of foreign investors too, but they don't need to know English to become a developed country. People who come to their country need to learn their language instead of the other way around. Isn't that weird? Some of them can speak English better than us, while they learn in their native tongue until they finish school.

The reason for studying maths and science in English for students who will pursue their studies in oversea in irrelevant. For one, there is only a fraction of the world which study in English (e.g. UK, US and Canada). I am studying in Russia, and I have to study in Russian. My friend in Japan is studying in Japanese, Korea in Korean, Indonesia in Indonesian, and so forth... and how many % of students are pursuing their higher education oversea anyway?

Now, let’s see the Cons:

  1. Primary school students, especially in the Kampung area can't cope. They don't understand shit what the teacher is teaching and it continues to Secondary School.
  2. Even the teachers can't teach in English. (trust me, I've seen it)
  3. Decreasing love for our country and language.
  4. Our nation’s identity is diminishing.

Basically, there's more complications happening after the 1st and 2nd. When kids don't understand, they give up, they do badly in school, can't continue their educations, etc2... what will happen to our nation?

The teacher can't do anything too, because if they teach in BM actions will be taken onto them. They're kind of in a tough situation where they don't want to lose their job but at the same time trying to teach students who don't understand what they're saying.

I told bB, I've seen students in Matriculations who find it hard to study in English because we all did SPM in BM. Then he said, we should change everything to BM until post-graduation courses. Then I told him, we don't have enough sources to study in BM, we have to translate everything. Which he said, it's not hard to do. More work opportunities for translators.

Don't you find it a little messed up that our education uses Malay for primary, secondary education and English for higher education? Why don't use our native language all the way like any other country? Studying in another language won't make you master the language. Trust me, I've been in Russia for 5 years now, I still can't get the grammar right and there's still so many vocabs and nouns that I don't know. It all depends on the individual's motivation, how bad do you want to learn another language.

Then, there's another problem. Since our country has a lot races and native tongue, some can't even speak proper Malay but fluent English and I have to say the same for the Malays. Some can't do both. It is so embarrassing. Where is our nation’s identity? Where is the love for our country?

Why do we present patient during rounds in English? Why do we conduct interview in English? Why do we idolize English so much?

This is just my mind thinking. I idolize and adore the usage of English as well, but I'm a minority who understands English. We should think about the majority. We all are open to have your own opinion.

Happy Sunday! Cheers~

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Best things about having a good boyfriend.
  • Goodmorning texts.
  • Late night phone calls.
  • Falling asleep on the phone.
  • “Babe, guess what?”. “What?”. “I love you”. (everyone does it)
  • I miss you/I love you random phone calls.
  • Being grabbed by the waist.
  • Kisses, especially on the forehead.
  • 127817392 photos together.
  • You guys fight, you walk away .. he comes back for you.
  • He’s always there for you, through thick & thin.

  • *hah! I WISH!!! -___-"

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    The Dreamer

    "I was a dreamer before you went and let me down"

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    shouldn't they on the water pipes by now???

    Dear hostel admin,
    You posted a notice yesterday saying that there will be no water from 12 p.m to 4 p.m due to maintenance work. Well, now it's already 4.30 p.m and I don't see any water running from the pipes yet. I have been restraining myself from going to the toilet for 1 ½ hour now..
    and I need to get ready to go to the Embassy too!

    hostel resident

    P/s: Uwaaaaa! mana air wehhh?!!! hostel ni! suke gile tipu! >.<"

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Macam Langit Dengan Bumi

    Some 'before' and 'after' shots before it was made into the pic in the previous post.. How photoshop can do wonders.. I love PHOTOSHOP! Mind you, the original photo was taken with a 3.2 megapixel Canon Powershot A400!!! Which I got as my post-SPM gift.. Berjasa sungguh camera ni.. :D

    Friday Morning

    Some amateur editing that I do when I'm bored..

    Forget the fact that I'll have pre-exam test on Tuesday, I just have no mood to study, plus I'M SICK!!! UWAAAAAA~! I caught the Influenzavirus from bB! I am having a major headache, with all the drowsiness from the drugs and too much sleep, not to mention the mucous which kept blocking my airways.. hukkk.. ;(

    note to self: tu la.. time bB tanya "awak tak takot nnt awak saket ke?" sambil minum teh dari mug bB, confident je jawab, "TAK".. kan dah kene! iskkk.. >,<"

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Brighter than the Moon

    Finally found the original video that's not copyrighted.. ;p

    Anyway, Happy Unity Day Russia!
    We're having a 4 day weekend.. hehee.. it's nice to have a break and not having to wakeup early in the morning.. but still, I have to study. Paediatrics pre-exam test is next Tuesday! erk! and mind you, if I don't pass it, I'll have to repeat it! because if not, I can't sit for my exam! *sigh* I'm so in my lazy mood right now.. :(

    But a break is a break! hehehee.. and not to mention Deepavali is tomorrow. More makan-makan! yeay! hikhik.. ;D (habis plan nak diet)


    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    If you're feeling blue

    Watch this!! ;D

    I am laughing my ass off!! This is just too funny!!! XD

    I love you Ellen. you never fail to cheer me up! ;))

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Sleepy Head

    I am sleepy but I still have 5 subtopics to cover.. urghh.. I so hate reading Cyrillic alphabets sometimes especially when there's new words to discover and some old words that can't seem to stuck in my head no matter how many times I translated them.. sighh.. screw tomorrow.. I'm too tired and I may jump on the bed after this post..

    As you know, it's autumn now.. but Mr. Sun is a rare sight lately and the temperature's been fluctuating. It was -3°C last week and it's +8°C today. -___-"

    Let's just hope it won't rain again. It's freezing when it rains! plus, my sore throat just got better. I've been feeding myself with doses of Vitamin C. I hate to fall sick!

    I shall finish up on chronic pyelonephritis before heading to my comfy bed. Good night peeps. ;)

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    I am a sad creature

    "Well you can't get what you want but you can get me.. So let's set up and see. 'Cause you are my medicine when you're close to me"
    Up on Melancholy Hill

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Nothing ever hurt like you

    Oh and hit me like a hurricane when you left me but I'd do it all again for you. I'd would walk a thousand miles on broken glass, It won't stop me from making my way back to you. It's not real until you feel the pain and nothing ever hurt like you...
    James Morrison


    What is a woman's worth? Is it only external beauty?

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    If you don't want me to leave, then don't push me away..

    When you lower me down
    So deep that I, I can't get out
    And when you're lost, lost and alone
    Yes, you'd think it was the last place
    You'd come back for more

    If you don't want me to leave
    Then don't push me away
    You'd rather blow out the lights
    You can watch it all fade
    But I'm going nowhere

    I'm gonna stay
    When you just wanna fight
    When you're closing your eyes
    'Cause you don't wanna love me

    I'm gonna stay
    You can't push me too far
    There's no space in my heart
    Where I don't wanna love you

    And when there's no, no storm
    Then how can I feel the calm?
    If there's nothing, nothing, nothing left to lose
    Then what is this feeling
    That keeps on bringing me back to you

    So I'm gonna stay
    When you just wanna fight
    And you're closing your eyes
    'Cause you don't wanna love me

    So I'm gonna stay, yes I will
    You can't push me too far
    There's no space in my heart
    Where I don't wanna love you

    If you ask me to leave
    And I walked away
    We'd still be alone
    And we?d still be afraid
    I'm going nowhere
    I'm going nowhere

    'Cause I'm gonna stay
    When you just wanna fight
    And there's tears in your eyes
    'Cause you don't wanna love me

    I'm gonna stay
    All the tears that I've cried
    I could leave them to dry
    If you don't wanna love me
    I could leave them to dry
    If you don't wanna love me

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    I Want To Be ME!

    Why can't I be me? Why can't I be me without hurting someone else? Why do I have to care and please people? Why? Why? Why? ....................
    Is it wrong to be me?

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Tears and Rain

    Personally, I'm never fond of cooking. I just like to eat, but I don't like to waste my money on things I can do myself. Therefore, I cook.

    I'm not a great cook, and they don't taste like my mother's but I think it's good enough when my friends finished all the dishes that I cook and even happier when my boyfriend finishes whatever left in the pot. Although sometimes it annoys me when there's no more leftover and I am hungry after class.

    There's no point of this post really. I'm just really upset. Food does not heal the heart and it's definitely not the way to a man's heart even if he finishes the whole pot.

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    more and more wishlist!

    I want so many things in life, that I wish I had more money! then again, don't everyone feel the same? Sometimes, I wish I was frugal because I want to be a millionaire (real millionaires are frugal just so you know.)

    Anyway, I cant sleep until I get what I want and I want these!!! :(

    DSLR Camera Pentax K-x Red Kit 18-55 mm

    White iphone4

    I blame Sha Bunny for showing me her white Pentax DSLR camera.. now I want a red one! >.<

    oh! I forgot! I also wish to dye my hair either strawberry blonde color or chocolate brown.. hrmmm.. maybe something like this?

    I just want something drastic

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Millionaire City on Facebook

    I have no updates, nothing in my head except Millionaire City!


    I have been playing for 6 days now and it's all I'm thinking about. When I wake up in the morning, before class, after class.. I can't even focus on studying because I want to click on it every 3 minutes! 24/7! It's driving me insane!!!

    I watched bB playing before I started playing and now I'm hooked on it. Menyesalnya cakap kat bB nak main! ;P

    p/s: don't get me started on how bB's company worth got to 77M in 2 weeks.. grrr..

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    What Would You Do?

    So, I was browsing through Yahoo! Movies and watching some new trailers. 1 of the trailers caught my attention. Watch this.

    The ending is kinda f**cked up right? I mean, damn. Got you thinking, this dude is going to die definitely. I didn't know who Aron Ralston was. So I decided to Google him and I got this information from Wikipedia - Aron Lee Ralston (born October 27, 1975) is an American mountain climber who became famous in May 2003 when he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after his arm became trapped by a boulder when he was mountaineering in Utah.

    WHAAAAA-?? You must be wondering just as me if you had read that right! "he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself". You definitely had read that right. I mean. I couldn't imagine being in that situation! I would probably just wait for my death! Dah la amputating his own hands with a DULL KNIFE! Sh*t gile!

    This is the video of Aron himself describing how he cut and break his arm off.

    Gile lah! I don't know how he could relive the situation to tell the story. Gile respect! Such a strong and inspiring person! Makes us more thankful to God for the things we still have and to be alive. Subhanallah.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Do You Have a Problem with That?

    I first listened to this song at Danial's blog and fell in love with it instantly. This shall be my theme song and yes. I do think I'm cooler than you.

    p/s: hee.. saya mmg poyo sebegitu! *wink*

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Makeup Magic!!!

    Watch this! I'm sure you'll be as shock as I am!

    This is insane!!! These girls looked like they had plastic surgery done to their face! but all they needed was make up, fake eyelashes and contact lenses!!!

    This is an even drastic transformation!

    This one has english subs. You should hear what they say! Seriously, men would do anything for girls with looks. Imagine! The guy actually bought a car for her and couldn't even recognize her when she went out without her makeup! [actually, I wouldn't recognize her either! my God..]
    Make up would do wonders for girls.. Even increase self-confidence and business! XD

    Season 7

    I thought season 5 finale was already shocking, leaving me at the edge of my sit when the lives of Izzie and George was at stake! But season 6 finale was actually TRAUMATIZING!!! left me feeling traumatized even after days of watching it! Seriously, I think I'm still traumatized if I have to think about it. Ok, I know I'm being a little dramatic here. It's just a series. But its not any series! It's Grey's Anatomy!!!

    I can't wait for season 7. I can't believe that it's the Season Finale already! I hope Shonda Rhimes have some surprise for the fans and decided to extend another season or something. That would so lift my heart! ;D

    Oh! (nak selit sikit) I have been checking my traffic feed and I have a visitor from Kota Bharu, Perak. "err.. huh?", you might say. Yup! So I googled Kota Bharu, Perak and the place exists! Click here if you don't believe me. Seriously, I have no idea that Malaysia has 2 Kota Bharus. As long as I have lived, I only know of Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Mainly because it's the capital of Kelantan. How ignorant am I? Oh well.. so now I know. =)

    Cheers people! ;)

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Hostel on Fire

    One room in my hostel was burned today. One careless mistake and the whole hostel gets the consequences. We all know why the hostel admin decided to make a common kitchen and I don't understand why people are still so stuborn about it. Right now the victims are all being treated in the hospital.

    The fire occured at 5 a.m. I was still awake at that time but I didn't hear anything. You can read about the news here. I know its in Russian. Just click 'translate' on your google bar and it will translate the whole page into you desired language. :)

    The University rector came this morning and started punishing those who still kept their stove in the room. I hope everyone and everything will be ok for them.


    p/s: we should always be aware when dealing with electrical stuffs.

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Salam Aidilfitri Dari Moscow

    Raya terakhir di Moscow, Russia. InsyaAllah dapat raya kat Malaysia tahun depan. ;)

    Raya di hospital je tahun ni. Malangnye tengah cycle susah pulak. Cikgu tak bagi cuti. Kalau tak kene ganti. wuuu.. tak dapat merasa beraya kat embassy.. T.T

    oh well, raya tetap raya. Kita beraya pakai baju kurung dengan trench coat + muffler.. hehee..

    Let me have this opportunity to wish every Muslim all around the world..


    cheers~ ;)

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Manusia Oh Manusia..

    Oh My God. Are you serious? Its almost like they have nothing better to do. And it's almost Eid celebration. The church seem so selfish. Its not like their troops don't have enough trouble being there and to make matter worse, they had to spark anger with the Muslims and endangered their troops. ftw?

    What kind of church are they running anyway? When will they understand that September 11th happened to all of us. Not just the Christians, Jews, Buddhas, Hindus, Confucius, Wicca, name any religion you can, but including Muslims as well. Even if it was initiate by a Muslim. When will they understand that it's not the religion, but the humankind itself.

    Will the world be a better place without religion? I think not. I think human(especially those who can't use their brain properly) will find something to pick on. If its not religion then its race. If its not race then its something else. There will be something. There will always be something. Everyone don't have the same level of thinking.

    Ignorance is all I can about these kind of people. They can say that Islam is the Devil while they know nothing about Islam except by the people who confess that they are Islam and not acting like one. If that's the case, we can say that they're the devil too! burning Holy books! My GOD! Would they like it if we burn their Bibles??? From what I know, that is not what Christianity is all about.

    It happened to all of us.
    Maaf Zahir dan Batin

    Saturday, September 4, 2010

    Business Class

    I suddenly feel like writing a post. ;)

    Did I tell you that I flew business class on the way to Moscow? teehee.. ;D yup! I flew business class. not that I never been on business class before, it just been quite sometime that I flew business class and I never flew international flights in business class before..

    my flight ticket ^.^

    The last time I flew business class was during my 1st year summer break from KLIA to Kuantan because the flight was full, so my mom had no choice but to buy me business class ticket.

    Me and Karthina got upgraded because we checked in quite late and our seats from Hong Kong to Moscow was already taken. So we got upgraded!! ;D They change our tickets right before we went into boarding in HKIA. We were so shock! We actually got culture shock! ;DD

    Before taking off. My face shows how sleepy I was. [The chair can be turn into a bed :p]

    our flight took off at 12:40 a.m. I was already feeling very sleepy. The moment the seatbelt signs went off. I open the chair-turn-bed with my comfoter blanket and big pillow and fell asleep immediately.. It was a 10 hour flight. I woke up when with my watch saying 8 a.m. hehehee.. I didn't even ate dinner. I woke up with fruit appetizers. Karthina woke up when they were serving breakfast. She missed the appetizers. huhuhu..

    My appetizers before breakfast came. You can see Karthina still sleeping in the comfoter in front ;p

    First time getting off a plane without feeling sleepy and tired! ;DDD

    Endless view of the sky. I'll never get bored of this. MashaAllah.

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Another Sun Soaked Season Fades Away

    I just arrived in Moscow yesterday morning. It was 12°C when we arrived!!! Damn, it was cold! and Karthina was wearing open sandals.. mmg hebat la! -___-" So we took the cab and went straight to the hostel. Its been raining and gloomy. It's the Fall what else could we expect. I can't wait for the leaves to turn orange though.. :)

    *sigh* I miss home already. The holiday was too short. I felt the time flies by so fast. Its a rare sight to have all 4 of us at home and I had a blast!!! I miss them.. but I guess 4 weeks is better than not going home at all..

    Lokman's Graduation Day

    I didn't do anything much during the holidays. Went to KL for the 1st week, and boy that went a little wrong at the end.. but everything all better now. ;) Then I spent the next 3 weeks at home. I had a blast spending ramadhan at home with all my sibs at home. Puasa mcm tak puasa. I put on 2 kg! lol..

    I had fun spending time with Fareha, Fardia, Aziemah, Fatin, Ching Li, David, Ng and Kok Guan. Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet Faezah and Farisa. Faezah busy with her final year and Farisa already started working. I still can't get it in my head how many of my friends are already married and working! And not long its gonna be my turn. erkkk! :P and Thanks Ching Li for bringing back my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallete! Words can't describe how incredibly happy I am! heheee..

    My Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Eyeshadow Pallete brought by Ching Li ^.^

    I'm not fully ready to face 5th year. To tell the truth, I'm still in my holiday mode and pretty lazy..

    Tomorrow the works start. I need to go to Mos Lanka office and collect my receipt. Go to the dekanat and register, pay my visa, extend my visa, etc2.. I so hate this job!!! leceh! too many things to do! and I have to do it in 2 days! because my visa expiring on the 31st. damn..

    I guess I have nothing much to say. HAPPY NEW SEMESTER!!! and also to all my friends whether it'd be starting a new job, studying, or building a family, ALL THE BEST! cheers~

    Best Summer Photo!

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010


    Excuse me? Who is not listening and who is hanging up the phone?? Tengok cermin dulu boleh tak?

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Susah Hati

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    be loved

    If you love and get hurt, love more. If you love more and hurt more, love even more. If you love even more and get hurt even more, love some more until it hurts no more..

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    You Really Got Me Bad

    I'm gonna get you back.. I'm gonna get you back!

    Friday, July 30, 2010

    Summer Weekend Getaway

    Last Sunday, me, Eugene, Juan, Wei Soon and Sookyee went on a hiking adventure. It was my first time going hiking in Russia. I've never been outside the city before eventhough I've been living here for 5 years! So I was pretty excited since I've always wanted to go to the outskirts but never had the opportunity until now of course! Eugene invited me and Ain. It was his first time too. But Juan, Wei Soon and Sookyee been on these kind of hiking trips numerous times. Just 2 weeks prior to this trip they went on a trip to a lake! There's a group that organize these hiking trips every Sunday.

    So, we left the hostel around 8:30 am. Took the metro to Station Komsomol'skaya. We arrived Komsomol'skaya around 9:15 am and waited for others to arrive. Wei Soon and Sookyee arrive a bit later. Ain was supposed to follow us but she suddenly fell sick. Around 9:30 am, the leader made a move, so we all followed him. We exit the metro station and headed towards the Elektrichka Station Yarolavskiy Vokzal. We bought tickets and took the train. Elektrichka train is sort of like KL's Komuter but faster! ;D

    The ride took about 1 ½ hour.. We got off at Putilovo station and started walking towards the forest. The forest sort of have 3 levels: The first level we had to go through thick fallen trees and sharp branches. Although the forest isn't really like the kind in Malaysia but sort of more like the forest you see Pooh and his friends lives. heheee..

    The second level, we had to endure itchy and stinging bushes. Seriously! those bushes stings! I had no idea at first, I thought it was just some normal flower bushes. It looked normal enough. Then when I tried to push it away, they stinged me! damn! I felt like being bitten by an ant(kerengga) but the pain went away after a minute or two. Still, it felt pretty irritating being sting by multiple flower!

    The third level is.. well, there's no forest.. Just a grass field with and a big roadway. Not even a tree to shade us from the hot blazing sun! seriously, I actually felt like I was being grilled under the sun. At this time, we were almost reaching the riverside..

    Finally, after about 6 km and 2 hours of walking we reached our destination. The view was gorgeous, and we had some trees to shade us. ;D Some of the russians straight away jumped into the river to cool off. Some of the guys set up the BBQ pit(au natural and all organic). Me and Sookyee went into the water too! The water was so cold despite the weather being so hot! My feet actually went numb and cramp because it was really cold!! And I was the only one not wearing a bikini. They were all asking where's my bikini. I actually felt a bit self-concious because I didn't own a bikini. Even Sookyee was wearing one! -___-"

    Later, we ate, we swim, we ate again and swim again.. The russians sunbathe. I didn't feel like I need to sunbathe to be tan.. LOL!

    Around 4:30p.m, the leader decided its time to move on and head back to catch the last train to Moscow. So we started packing and clean up.

    Oh, how dreadful it is to walk again into the forest! I was already tired of swimming and walking ~6km and now we have to walk another 5-6km back.. I was trying really hard to catch up. Juan was laughing looking at me wobbling here and there trying to keep balance and catch up. LOL!

    Thank God, we catch the train right on time! Otherwise I really don't know what would happen.. huhu.. 10-11km hike done! Sookyee told me, this is the shortest hike they've ever participate. Usually, they hike around 20-25km! errkkk! 10km hike pon dah rasa macam nak mati! I really don't know how they do it. I would love to go to this place again. But thinking about going through the forest, the stingy bushes and 10km might change my mind. Unless of course, we could rent a car to get there.. hehee..

    When we reach the city, we stopped by McD for dinner. I arrived home around 11 p.m. I did not regret going on this trip! It was so much fun. Too bad Ain couldn't follow us. Maybe within the next couple of years, I might go again. InsyaAllah. :)

    On the elektrichka. Pretty excited!

    Walking in the forest

    The au natural BBQ pit

    Resting after hiking

    Cooling off in the river

    Trying to avoid the stinging bushes

    We finally made it to the Elektrichka Station

    I got bit by a vampire!! JK! a tree brach poke me. ;(