Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby's Formula Milk, Is it Necessary?

This thing is bothering my mind so much! I really shouldn't have entered the conversation, it's quite hard to convince stubborn people, and in the end I was just talking nonsense because I wanted to win. Yeah, I can be childish like that, when I get into an argument, but in the end I just left the conversation since it was going no where and no one seem to get my point. Okay, just so you know, this went on in Facebook.

The argument started because the vice PM stated that baby's formula milk is super expensive (some can reach to more than rm100) because the Malaysian Medical Council wants to promote mothers to breastfeed their child. First of all, he stated that the reason was based on MMC's proposal, it wasn't just the government's decision. But somehow that guy that was unhappy with the vice PM's reason said he was being unreasonable for the hike of baby's formula price, and that the reason was just plain typical and making the people look stupid.

I for one, did not disagree with that statement. As far as I know, yes, breastfeeding is not easy. I have seen mothers struggling to give milk to their babies while I was in the Obstetrics department and I'm sure there's no difference with Malaysian mothers.

I can't really tell you the details of the argument, but this guy and some of his friends who are fathers really slammed me. They said, not everyone can afford buying formula, why didn't the government think of those poor people, those hungry babies? One lady commented that only 5% of mothers can't breastfeed. Then he said what if those 5% are among those poor people? I mean, really?

Then another came in, saying what about after the baby is 2 years old. Everyone knows that you should breastfeed your child only until they're 2 years old. Well, that is if you're following the Quran, and you really should, but if you can't afford buying formula, you'd know that breast milk can go on until the baby is 3 years old. And plus, at that age, a kid can probably eat solid food. Is formula really necessary?

I've read an article saying that formula milk is actually the cause of child obesity. I know we'd want our child to grow up healthy but is it necessary? but how does obesity say about health of formula milk anyway?

I for one never took formula milk according to my mother because I was lactose intolerant. All breast milk, and when she was at work, I was fed with just mineral water. After 6 months, I was given fresh milk because I seem to be fine feeding with fresh milk and after 2 years old, I had Milo until I finished primary school. And then I just started to hate milk because it made my tummy feels uncomfortable. I started drinking milk again after I finished school, but I never liked milk anyway. My mother never gave me and my siblings formula milk when we finished our breastfeeding period. She always give FRESH MILK AND MILO. And we grew up pretty healthy, I must say. With great grades at school too. Again, the question rises, is formula milk really necessary?

The problem is, I've known mothers who don't want to breastfeed because they're afraid that their breast will look ugly, I've heard mothers who don't want to breastfeed because it's not trendy. It's because they chose to give their child formula, not because they can't breastfeed. And if you stop breastfeeding, the glands will stop working after a week, your breast will produce no more milk. So I'm not surprise why MMC proposed the price increase of formula milk. So that people won't buy them?

I know I am not a mother, and I've no rights to say how a parent should feed their child. But really, there is no way a mother who can bear a child will not produce any milk AT ALL. I think you could at least produce 1 teaspoon of milk. Every animal that gives birth can milk their babies! Unless perhaps they have some hormonal problems. I am wondering, how did our grandparents grew up? Did they have formula milk back then? Were there women that can't breastfeed? What did they do?

I asked my mother, she said "traditional massage" by the midwives. Well, if modern medicine can't make you produce milk, always go back to the olden days. They can't all be wrong, right?

There's another way, which is called "milk mothers", where another mother gives her milk to a child that is not hers. But there is a rule in Islam, where if the child is fed by the same mothers more than 5 separate times until the child is full, the child becomes "mahram" to the woman and to her children. Mahram means, you are considered as blood relatives and you can't get married to the woman who breastfed you and her children. I suggested that this be done among cousins, then that guy argued what if the child falls in love and wants to get married. I didn't do any research before going into that argument with him, but I said some stupid stuffs. Anyway, why do you still want to fall in love with that person if you know you can't marry him? Plus, medically and religious views as well, that it is unhealthy to marry among cousins. It is not wrong, but if it not good for your offspring why consider it? Then, they said that love is blind. And that it is God who made us meet our partner. I said, then it is God's will that they've become "milk siblings" too, if that's the case. Did he forget that only 5% of mothers can't breastfeed their child? and what's wrong if it's done among cousins anyway? How many of us marries our cousins? We're not even the royalties. And even royalties nowadays don't marry between cousins that much either.

He just fought me and fought me, and find reasons that my solutions will not solve the problem and that the only way to solve this problem is that if the government lowers the price of  formula milk. Because there is no other way to feed your child other than feeding formula milk and if the mother can't produce milk, she should just let it be and accept fate. According to him and all the men that was in that conversation.

I've been googling to find if it's possible for a child to grow up and live without formula milk and breast milk, if there it was possible for babies to be fed with fresh milk, but to no avail, I've find no answer to my question. I can't say my experience growing up without formula milk because my mother could produce breast milk.

So my question to you is, why do you still want to buy formula milk if it is so bloody expensive? I think it goes to show how you can actually afford to buy one. Because if I was a poor person and I can't breast feed, I don't think I will be living in Kuala Lumpur and I know I'd steal milk from the cow. Natural fresh unpasteurized cow's milk for my baby. I know, there is a way to avoid buying formula milk. So if you can't produce milk, find every possible way to avoid giving your baby formula, unless you can afford buying formula milk. But really, no ones likes a person who doesn't try but keeps on complaining.

Please tell me what you think of this issue...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Heaven's Sake, I'm Freaking 25!!!

Why is it when you're staying at your parent's house you're bound to their rules? I can't go anywhere without telling them. There's also the fact, I don't have a car and can't afford to have one yet. I can't go anywhere without my mother. I can't do MY STUFFS. I can't go and meet my boyfriend. I can't just freaking do MY THINGS! I can't leave my room messy, I can't leave my bathroom messy, I can't cook what I want, I can't wake up in the afternoon, I can't be seen sleeping in the afternoon, I just freaking can't.....

For heaven's sake, I'm 25 years old! 26 in 3 months! I've been almost everywhere in Europe. I went out partying and came back at 7 am in the morning on every New Year's eve. I spent every single day with my boyfriend for 5 years! EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost 1826 days. Now I can't even get permission to see my own soon-to-be fiance! I didn't even asked for permission. I just said my plan, and she immediately said "NO! TAK PAYAH NAK MENGADA".

I am having 2nd thoughts about working and staying at my parents place. Eventhough I'll be saving a lot of money but I feel like appealing to work somewhere other than Kuantan. I feel like going away again, if this continues. I am THIS close (putting my thumb and index finger 1 cm apart) THIS close to rebelling. Although, I'm not 18 anymore and that would make look like such a child. Sighhhhhhh...... I just want to run away somewhere.

I want my freedom back.

And I've been spending only one month at home and I'm already feeling like this...

Other than that, my interview will be conducted on the 17th of October. Do wish me luck! I have not prepared anything yet. Well, maybe just about 5%. I do hope everything goes well! InsyaAllah.

Posts on my UK trip will have to wait for awhile. Do be patient. I won't abandon my travelling experience! I hope I'll have the mood and time to write!

Monday, October 8, 2012

6+ hours in Brussels

6th September 2012

Our train to Brussels left at 9:46 AM. So we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal about 1/2 hour earlier before departure. Since we had our breakfast at the hotel, we just hang around by the platform until the train arrives.

I didn't remember much of the journey, since I slept most of the time in the train. Too sleepy.

We arrived in Brussels Midi/Zuid Station about 3 hours later. First thing we did when we arrived, was searching for the baggage locker. It was not hard to find, the station was quite small. Somehow just bumped into a corner where the lockers were. Just look for the sign "CONSIGNES", although there is no direction of the locker anywhere else except for the locker place. If you can't find it, just ask around. We paid between €4 - €5 for 24 hours if I'm not mistaken. I can't remember the exact amount. Sorry.

You must wonder why we got off at Gare du Midi/Zuid instead of Gare de Centraal. It's because departure to London is only from Zuid/Midi. So I thought, it'll be better since we won't have to carry our bags from Centraal to Midi if we got off at Centraal. Hope you get what I mean. :-P

Anyway, then we bought metro tickets and made our way to Heysel station to take a look at the Atomium. We spent about 1/2 hour there before heading back to Centraal station. Just so you know, buy a 2 way before you head off to Heysel because there's no one in the counters, we had to buy them using the machine and they don't take cash. Thank God our Maybank debit card could be used! Since none of us had credit cards.

The Atomium

When we arrived at Centraal. I tried using my memory of Brussels map to get around the city. But it failed, we had no idea where to go, but somehow stumble upon a beautiful cathedral which I found out later was St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral. In the end, we bought a map for €3 at the Train station.

St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral

St. Michael & St. Gudula Cathedral (view from the front)

Place de l'Albertine

So then we walked around the city, had Belgian waffles for lunch. I couldn't really finished my waffles, a kid came by asking to donations. He was showing his tummy. Hungry maybe. So I gave him my unfinished waffles instead of coins. His face light up with a huge smile! I've never seen anyone so happy getting food before. It made my day. So I guess, food is better than money? =)

Then we walked to the Grand Place, and checked out the Mannekin Pis. After that we just hang around the Grand Place until it was about 5 PM. We had no idea where to go actually. I wanted to check out the Royal Palace, but our feet hurts so bad that we decided to just rest and enjoy the view at the Grand Place. And 6 hours in Brussels is quite short. There's not even time to check out the museums.  So then, we walked along Rue du Midi to Av. de Stalingrad until we reached Gare du Midi/Zuid station.

Grand Place

I look like I'm in some kind of a musical movie =P

Me and bro. The person who took this picture said "Awww" to us. They must've thought we're a couple. LOL!

Belgian waffles! YUMM!
Mannekin Pis

Sharing a waffle

The weirdest souvenir I've ever seen. I didn't buy them though. >_<

Hard Rock Cafe

Heee... =">

A big trumpet at Av. de Stalingrad

We had Subway before boarding the train.

In front of the train station

Well, that's pretty much what we did for 6+ hours in Brussels. We could've visited the Mini Europe if we had more time.

Goodbye Brussels!
Our train to London leaves at 7:52 PM.

Goodbye Europe, next stop, London mate!