Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hidayah, Rezeki dan Jodoh

Hidayah, rezeki dan jodoh. Ketiga-tiga perkara ni semuanya terletak di dalam tangan Allah swt. Semuanya bergantung kepada Allah swt.

Tapi kalau kita tak mencarinya, adakah kita akan jumpa hidayah kita? rezeki kita? jodoh kita?

Ada satu "quote" jumpa kat tumblr, facebook, blog-blog yang kata:
"Bila bercakap soal jodoh, ramai memilih untuk berusaha keras mencari walaupun sedar hakikat jodoh sudah ditentukan. Tapi bila bercakap soal hidayah, ramai pula memilih untuk menunggu biarpun sedar hakikat hidayah itu perlu dicari, bukannya jatuh ke riba."
Saya rasa ayat di atas sedikit "misleading". Saya rasa bukan setakat hidayah yang kita perlu berusaha keras mencari, rezeki juga perlukan usaha keras dan jodoh itu termasuk dalam rezeki, bukan? Rezeki yang halal ye.

Allah akan ketemukan hidayah, rezeki dan jodoh kita, kalau kita betul-betul berserah kepada ketentuan Allah swt dan pada masa yang sama usaha mencarinya. Kerana ketentuan Allah swt perlukan usaha. Bukan semua benda akan jatuh ke riba.

Kalau lah jodoh tu betul di tangan Allah. Kenapa ada sahaja mereka yang tidak berkahwin? Betulkah ayat mereka kerana "tiada jodoh" atau disebabkan mereka memang tidak mahu berkahwin dan tidak mahu mencari pasangan. Ramai sahaja yang kata mahu ada suami/isteri tapi hanya bergantung kepada kata-kata dan doa kepada Allah tetapi pada masa yang sama tiada usaha untuk mencari. Adakah itu salah Allah swt?

Daripada pengalaman, saya dapati mereka yang tidak berkahwin, majoritinya memang kerana mereka tidak mahu berkahwin. Jadi, bagi saya, sebahagian kecil keputusan yang ditetapkan di dunia ini untuk kita, terletak di tangan kita juga. Allah swt hanya membimbing supaya kita dapat membuat keputusan yang terbaik untuk diri kita dan juga diredhai oleh Allah swt.

Saya baru habis tonton bual-bicara oleh Yasmin Mogahed tentang Cinta, Perkahwinan, Memilih pasangan hidup. Dia mengatakan bahawa perkahwinan itu adalah kenderaan untuk kita ke syurga. Jadi hidayah juga boleh dijumpa melalui perkahwinan, tidak? Jadi tidak kah perlu kita mencari jodoh itu juga?


Kalau ada yang tidak setuju, saya terima kritism dan komen-komen kalian semua dengan hati yang terbuka. InsyaAllah. ;)

*Please watch the video on Love, Marriage Selecting Your Life Partner by Yasmin Mogahed. It is very heart-enlightening. =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A friend of mine posted up this video on Facebook. I was crying my heart out while watching it. As much as I want to be there, as much as I want to help, I feel so helpless and weak and ignorant.

Let us give them our Du'a. As that is as much as I feel I can do, for now. :'(

Saturday, May 26, 2012

If Only We Know the Future

Do I care if I'll never get married? 
I wonder if it'll be lonely.
Will the loneliness be unbearable?
Or will my love for Allah swt soar?

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't want to get married. I do. It's not that I don't love my bB. I do. But everytime a thought came to me saying that I am ready, another thought will come by and say WE'RE not ready. Or perhaps it's him? He says it's me. I am certain it's him.

I'm searching for so many answers right now. So many questions in my head. I'm searching where my heart truly belongs. Some days I am so confused. I know the answers, and yet I have conflicting thoughts.

Don't worry. There's no other guy. Or girl.

I am just searching for my heart. 

Is it love or is it lust? Or is it just loneliness?

Forgive my rambles. It is just one of those nights.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre Graduation Photoshoot

Yesterday, we had our pre-graduation photoshoot. Here are some photos! I can't believe I'm graduating! 

 Group 65 with the dean.
Karthina was missing because she had to go to work. It's so sad that our group was incomplete! ;(

Group 64 and 65 in front of Uni.

Now, I have to get back to studying.. I have Tropical Disease exam tomorrow, but I'm not putting too much hopes for it. I can repeat the exam any day before the sem ends, if I fail, but Nauzubillah.. I really hope I'll pass! back to books!! Wish me luck peeps!

Dr. Maimuna, RNRMU(RSMU), MD. 
Soon! InsyaAllah.

"Ya Allah, semoga Engkau lancarkan segala urusanku. Amin"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama, You're the Queen of My Heart

If I could give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me.
If I could five you sapphires for each truth you’ve helped me see.
If I could give you rubies for the heartache that you’ve known.
If I could give you pearls for the wisdom that you’ve shown.

Then you’ll have a treasure, mother, that would mount up to the skies.
That would almost match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.

But I have no pearls, no diamonds, as I’m sure you’re well aware.
So I’ll give you gifts more precious; my devotion, love and care.

Forever my heart will be yours.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Latest addiction

I feel like writing in Malay today. So to my international readers (if there's any), I'm sorry. I don't feel like writing anything formal today. huuu..

Cuti 4 hari memang tak productive langsung. 1 hari je keluar, 3 hari lagi duduk bilik, ternak lemak. Aha! Nak gi jogging pun malas k! Sebab 3 hari straight dah hujan. Pastu, bila masuk pukul 5 petang je kene tunggu cik abang saya message "call me".

Last week busy sangat! Tak tau berapa kali terpaksa lepaskan "call me" dia. 4 hari lepas election day, tapi result tak keluar lagi. Haih, tak sabarnye nak letak jawatan. Penat dah setahun jadi ahli student body ni. Ingatkan jadi vice treasurer senang je. Padahal susah kot! Kene buat funding, kene buat budget planning untuk every event, etc, etc. Ni pun makin nak habis term, makin banyak pulak kerja. Projector yang order pun tak sampai2 lagi.. Mr. President asyik dok calling2 tanya bila projector nak sampai. Huwaaa.. Tu lah, buat kerja last minute lagi. T_T

So 4 hari cuti buat ape eh?

Tetiba tengah addicted dengan 2NE1. Memang dah lama da kenal, sejak keluar lagu Lollipop dulu, tapi tak pernah pay attention. Pastu haritu masa BigBang baru2 keluar album ALIVE diorang, tengok2 kat Youtube, pastu kat suggested links to ada la 2NE1tv featured BigBang. Pastu terlekat kat 2NE1tv tengok full Season 2 & Season 3 tau! wahhh! Bangun2 pagi je mesti on laptop, first click Youtube 2NE1tv! Hukk..

Pastu dalam 2NE1tv tu kan diorang featured lagu2 famous diorang sekali. Wahh.. best la pulak lagu2 diorang ni! Dah la diorang ni semua comel. Bak kata Dara "If 2NE1 members were 1 person, she'll be the most colourful person ever!" I agree! They're so cute!!! >.<

Ni lagu paling favourite. Album lama, tapi sebab baru dengar. Haha! :-P

Rasanya ni first time tulis dalam BM. Tu pun bukannya fully BM pun. Haih. This is so unlike me. Oh well.

I don't care eh eh eh eh eh..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drama Melayu vs Realiti

I'm not a big fan of Malay dramas. I find the story-line always seem to be illogical and over-exaggerated with annoying characters and always with the same type of character.


Well, until recently that is. I was shocked that those Malay dramas actually happens in real life and they're happening among my close friends too. 

I guess the writers write them according to life experience or our culture are easily influenced by what is portrayed by actors and actresses on TV. What a sad life we're living in.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wait. Don't Rush.

My bB thinks I'm not ready to get married yet. When I asked why, he said "Think deep".

Damn. He knows very well that I hate thinking and there might be a thousand reasons why I am not ready to get married but when he said it that way, I just feel like rebelling and wanting to proof that I AM READY.

Ok. that just made another one of the reason why he said I am not ready yet. Any other idea?

Maybe he's the one who's not ready yet?

I still keep in my thoughts -  Don't rush. The time will come.

The beauty of Islam

I am in love with this quote.

In a world where you can get information on your fingertips. It is best if you use them wisely. I've been following a blog called The Beauty Of Islam on tumblr. Every day I am inspired to become a better Muslim because of their posts. May the sisters who created the page be granted Jannah. =)

 Check them out! The Beauty of Islam