Monday, May 30, 2011

Sindrom Malas


Do I realise that my exam is in 2 days?! 2 FREAKING DAYS! I wasted so much time! I wasted 3 days!! seriously. no kidding. I am just not in the mood. sighh...

Ya Allah, berikanlah aku semangat.. berikanlah kepadaku Motivation!

go, go, go Anna!! STUDY!! I need to pass! I'm even more lazier to repeat the paper!! >.<"

Just wait till the exam eve.. I know I'll panic.. ;P

EXTRA NOTE: ARGHHHH!! MALASNYA NAK INGAT NAMA2 & DOSE UBAT!!! can't we leave that to the pharmacists?? ;P

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Allah,

My father just had a mild stroke. (according to my mom)

I'm super sad about it. I called my mom just now, she gave the phone to him. it was devastating to hear him trying to talk.

Please pray for his recovery.

"Dear Allah, I love my father and I want him to be healthy. Amin.. "

Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm dead tired! My exams will start on the 2nd of June and my last class is on the 27th May.

Shit giler. Memang takde cuti, 4 hari utk study! Rasa macam nak skip exam pun ada, tapi taknak repeat paper. Fail pun taknak jugak. Haish.. pening kepala. Memang takde mood langsung. Nak study pon takde mood. Pastu ada government exam plak! Yang tu memang nak skip pon tak boleh lah, kalau fail kene repeat year teros! adoi! T.T LAST SEM pun 4 paper, rasa macam nak bunuh diri dah. THIS SEM, lagi 4 paper. Seriously, rasa macam nak start terus cuti. DAH MALAS!

I have all my holiday-to-do-list planned out. Seriously, I don't know if we have any time at all to do all of them. I really hope we do.

bB's graduating, and I have another year to go before I've become DR. MAIMUNA MOHAMED AMIN. erkkk! >.<" 7 years being here, and still we haven't seen the whole city. NEVER TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. We always say, next year ada lagi. TUP TAP, damn, dah final year dah!!

I have so many things I wanted to post! I have so many things to write, about MASSAD (MALAYSIAN STUDENTS ANNUAL DINNER), about the freeze on medical courses in Malaysia, about bB's birthday. BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME!!! T.T

oh. Just wish me luck people! I really do hope 4 days is enough for me to study for my INTERNAL DISEASE EXAMS. [eventhough we all know, there's never enough time to study for exams]. Just pray I'll pass everything.


Sunday, May 15, 2011


So he's been bugging me to get my fringe trim and offered to do so. So I say to myself, well, why not? I trust him enough.


AND HE BLAMED ME FOR EVERYTHING! my blunt scissors, me distracting him! WTF?!! IT'S MY HAIR!!!

gahhhhhh!! now I have to clip my fringe everyday. and I hate hairclips.. T.T

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lovely Weather

It's Spring! Oh finally! after the longest winter ever! The snow finally melted at the end of April, and leaves started blooming early May. =)

Thank God it hasn't been raining like last year. Last year, it was raining the whole spring. Not the typical russian rain, where it rains in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, but a full day rain or well, in this case weeks! Even my shoes were soaked! ;( Its been sunny for a couple of weeks now, but started drizzling yesterday. I really hope it won't be like last year.

Here's some photos I took of Spring! ^.^

This was a couple of weeks ago,

Even the leaves weren't blooming yet.

This is now! ^.^

Full blown of greenness!

Spring is the season of Tulips! <3

Flowers on trees

This tree has only white flowers on it! Looks like a Sakura tree doesn't it?! <3

Even the dandelions are filling up the green grass!

Why can't it be like this whole year aroud? sighh..

OH! I even bought myself a new camera. Sony W350D. It's pink and even got some "diamonds" on it! hehehee.. bB's been bugging me to get a new camera since last year because well, my camera was 3.2 megapix, and he never know how to take proper pictures with it. Every picture he took just has to be blurry. So I finally bought this one and I'm in love with it! heheheee.. ;D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mama,

Thank you for everything.
Happy Mother's Day. I love you and I miss you so much!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm in my forensics cycle now. Just came back from a postmortem procedure.


Ok. I felt a little woozy just thinking about it. Gosh! The smell of fresh corpse. I can't handle them. I can still remember how it smells. Although, I smelled padlepop when the abdomen was opened, and Teena said it smells like durian. Sweet smell of blood I guess. Still, after a while, it gets into your head. I kept squinting whenever I get to close too the body and the smell went through my mask. Ilamathi siap pakai dua mask! Thank God no one fainted.

There were 8 beds in the morgue, with opened & stitched bodies. The room was kinda cool, with the saw & knifes all around. Winda said it looks like a scene in the SAW movie. LOL! but gosh! the smell. And the pathologists didn't even wore masks! They work like butchers! seriously! They used the saw to open up the head. Buka skull macam nak parut kelapa. No kidding!

You wouldn't have guess they dissect dead people for a living.

Anyway, the body we got was a 38 year old female found dead at her apartment. Our teacher checked everything, but the cause of death is still unknown until they receive the lab results. Probably died due to intoxication or overdose in my opinion. There were scars "suicide-attempt-like" on her left wrist and another scar also on the left arm which look like she put out her cigarette with her skin. Maybe she was depressed.

Other findings; she has no uterus & vagina. Maybe she had histerectomy before but there were no operation marking on her abdomen except for appendectomy. She also had some kind of growth in the right lobe of her liver, probably due to metastasis of cancer. Maybe she had Uterine Cancer before, that's why her uterus was missing, which explains the metastasis of the liver.

I love the brain part, where our teacher cut it into slices, showed the brain part by part. Its like flipping through anatomy atlas. He even sliced it to show us the internal capsule, claustrum, etc. Beautiful. Anyone working as pathologist could make an Anatomy Atlas. Definitely NOT in my list. I hate working with corpse. I can't stand their smell. Fresh or the ones kept in formalin solutions.

I'm going to post a picture of the dissected brain. Anyone with weak heart, please don't scroll down.

Its not mine though. I got it from a friend who had Forensics cycle previously. I didn't brought my camera down to the morgue. Sigh. I should have though, I think. :p

Sunday, May 1, 2011


If talking to a guy (according to you "manja-ly") is such a big deal to you, I'd rather have sex with some random guy. Then it'll be something WORTHY for you to be upset about, and for me to be scolded. At least I know I actually did something wrong.. sheeshh!