Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm dead tired! My exams will start on the 2nd of June and my last class is on the 27th May.

Shit giler. Memang takde cuti, 4 hari utk study! Rasa macam nak skip exam pun ada, tapi taknak repeat paper. Fail pun taknak jugak. Haish.. pening kepala. Memang takde mood langsung. Nak study pon takde mood. Pastu ada government exam plak! Yang tu memang nak skip pon tak boleh lah, kalau fail kene repeat year teros! adoi! T.T LAST SEM pun 4 paper, rasa macam nak bunuh diri dah. THIS SEM, lagi 4 paper. Seriously, rasa macam nak start terus cuti. DAH MALAS!

I have all my holiday-to-do-list planned out. Seriously, I don't know if we have any time at all to do all of them. I really hope we do.

bB's graduating, and I have another year to go before I've become DR. MAIMUNA MOHAMED AMIN. erkkk! >.<" 7 years being here, and still we haven't seen the whole city. NEVER TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. We always say, next year ada lagi. TUP TAP, damn, dah final year dah!!

I have so many things I wanted to post! I have so many things to write, about MASSAD (MALAYSIAN STUDENTS ANNUAL DINNER), about the freeze on medical courses in Malaysia, about bB's birthday. BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME!!! T.T

oh. Just wish me luck people! I really do hope 4 days is enough for me to study for my INTERNAL DISEASE EXAMS. [eventhough we all know, there's never enough time to study for exams]. Just pray I'll pass everything.



nanad said...

good luck gorgeous! =))

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

thank u!

Faza Aloha said...

gud luck! :)

petite girl said...

go go go, Anna!

omy, what a very beautiful picture with a pretty lady in it!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Faza: thank u! ^.^
Ann: hehehe.. trying to go go go, too! hahahaa..
hehe.. thanks! releasing stress with so-called modelling.. *wink*