Monday, September 21, 2009

mati akal!!

my hostel's internet has been disconnected!!! not only the building i'm living in BUT THE ENTIRE CAMPUS IS WITHOUT INTERNET!!

Right now, I am at a sushi restaurant near my campus that has wi-fi to be connected to the web world.. *sigh* and the sushi is not that cheap either.. *double sigh*

There's a notice at the hostel lobby that the internet will be connected after the 28th!! It was disconnected since the 18th.. dah nak dekat raye lah baru die nak disconnect!!! i couldn't even call my family to wish raya!! it's so sad! i can't call using my hp coz it's so bloody EXPENSIVE!!!
my mom did call me, but we only talk like 5 secs! call from Malaysia pon mahal jugak!! ;( it's a sad sad situation...


and it's a pretty stupid reason too!!
it seems that the Rector of the university is asking for commission from the internet company for doing business inside the campus.. WHAT THE HELL?!!! and it seems the internet company refused.. so the Rector must be asking for a whole lot for the internet company to refuse..
but a friend of mine asked to be refunded, they said it's still undecided... so i think they must still be negotiating over the contract.. ;P

sangatlah menyusahkan all the students!! everyone seem to be mati akal without the internet and it's very hard to study too.. I AM VERY VERY STRESS!! I JUST CAN'T LIVE IN MOSCOW WITHOUT INTERNET!! :'( GOD HELP ME!

plus right now, i have a problem connecting to facebook.. i'm not sure whether the signal from my laptop is weak or it's just the wi-fi has problems.. i can't even open my Hotmail.. the only thing i can open is and the only way i opened this blog was from Arghhhh!!! sedeynye!!! what to do without the internet?!?!

This 10 days will be the longest time i am not log into my Facebook..How do people go through their lives without internet in the those days??! sedihnye, sedihnye.. *sigh*


Sunday, September 13, 2009

less than a week till... RAYA!!

Not that it makes any difference to me since I am here.. I miss raya-ing at home.. *sigh* Nonetheless, it marks the end of Ramadan.. end of fasting..

At one point, I am happy coz I get to eat during the day again, but at another point.. I feel sad that Ramadan is leaving.. I haven't been doing all the good deeds.. I've tried anyway.. and there's some improvement.. :))
1) I’ve been to more than 1 terawikh... coz usually I only went to terawikh only once a year.. hehehh..
2) I haven't been missing my 5 times a day solat..
3) My zikir also increases a bit.. I think.. ;)

and there's some deterioration too unfortunately..
I haven't been reading the Quran quite so often this Ramadan.. (,")

InsyaAllah next Ramadan, I’ll improve more.. heheee..

not losing much weight this Ramadan either.. *sigh*
I’m gaining so much weight since I left secondary school.. I'm 45-48kg now.. and I used to be 40.. :(

While I was at home.. I tried my pants and skirts that I used to wear when I was in school, and unfortunately none of them I could fit in anymore.. it's my butt.. it's getting bigger.. damn!
I hate that fact.. but I’m so lazy to work out.. ;P

I feel so out of place when I'm with my siblings.. coz they are so thin!!! LIKE REALLY2 THIN!! I’m not considered fat or even chubby.. but when I stand between my siblings.. I am just really out of place, and I feel so fat coz they're so damn thin and tall too.. and I’m so short..
don't really know what happened to me when I was growing up.. Possibly the fact that I don't drink milk.. ha-ha!

whatever lah... I am who I am.. I malas nak gi jogging eventhough man kept saying 'kaklong gemok', and my mom kept saying I need to go on a diet.. ;P
and bB kept saying "nasib baik u kurus" to keep me motivated to stay thin.. huhuhu.. neither has been working..
damn.. Am I that fat??! sedihnye...

it's been 2 weeks since class started.. I've been having quite a hard time.. coz everything is in Russian.. the text books, the lectures, the teachers.. huhuhu~
but I’m glad I don't have any exams pending.. 4th year is good so far..
Currently its Obstetrics cycle and I've been watching people giving birth like almost every class.. and it's quite terrifying - giving birth..
I'm circling Obs&Gynae as my specialty. they're really interesting.. :)

Till next time..
.Anna Mohamed Amin.