Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess What?!

Because we had wait through the weekend to get my mother's TVIEXPRESS certificate verified, the list of hotels has been updated and the one I booked last week is GONE!!!

Btw, my mother's certificate is still no verified, so Mr. Uncle generously offered his certificate. And I had to go through the hassle once again of finding a new hotel because the hotel I booked 4 days ago has been updated with a new list of hotels. So the hotel I booked last week isn't in the new list! Am I making any sense? I hope you get the picture of what I'm trying to say. PLUS! All the tax & service charges of the hotels in the new list are above US$100!! NOT ONE IS BELOW $100.. I say this is cheating! wtf right?!

I just got my hotel confirmation email. I sent it like 3-4 emails to the hotel because I was worried. I just got a reply for the one I sent 2 days ago. And I sent like 3 emails yesterday. LOL! Now I'm embarrased. :"3

And the one Mr Uncle made with his certificate still hasn't got any reply yet. I guess, we'll know tomorrow or the day after. I truly hope everything will go well for this trip.

TVIEXPRESS made my life a living hell. I could have gone through or without any of this nonsense. I wouldn't even have to change hotels!!

All my mom had to say was, "ada lah hikmah dia tu... "

Then Mr. Uncle said to me, mama said to him, "dah suruh buat booking lama dah.. last minute baru nak kelam kabut". In my head was like - Bb just finished exam last week, and we did do this as soon as our exam finished. I booked the hotel on the 23rd.. We had to find a cheap plane and trains, the best way to get there, we didn't know where we are heading first. Maybe Rome is our first stop, maybe it's Venice or Pisa or Florence. How are we supposed to know without proper planning? right? After our transportation system is covered, then we plan where to go first and how many days. After that only can we decide the date & place to stay.

And you know what Mr. Uncle said, "lain kali book hotel dulu, baru lah beli ticket kapal terbang".. Ya Allah, sabar je lah dengan uncle ni tau! Tak tau lah dia nak buat lawak ke tak.. tapi seriously, I told him, kalau flight tiba2 tak dapat, cancel or delay. Then burn je lah kan hotel tu kan? Pandai  betul la orang MLM ni. Pastu kita kene beli certificate USD250 lagi lah kan?
Lepas tu dia cakap, "jalan kaki lah.."  =.="

You know, there is a very thick border between jokes and stupid jokes. And I don't think Mr. Uncle knows about this border. Maybe he's trying to be friendly or even try to cool me down, and break the tension. But it just makes me annoyed with him. LIKE SERIOUSLY ANNOYED! and I'm just that person who is seriously easily annoyed with a person. Especially a person who makes stupid jokes in a serious situation. It's like you're looking at a dead person and laughing at him. Where are your manners?

And there is definitely a thick line between being friendly and somewhat perverted. Please Mr. Uncle. I don't mind if you're handsome and single. But you have a wife and you really shouldn't be saying/writing something like this:

"emmmmmmm lega dpt jumpa anna"..????? WHO THE HELL WRITES LIKE THAT? It grosses me out and scares the shit out of me! I'm really sorry. I know you've help me a lot with this (mainly because it gave me a lot of trouble), but seriously! I really don't feel like talking to you or even 'lega' to have met you. Maybe you're trying to be friendly, but I don't know you and haven't even met you and you're saying "emmmmmmm lega dpt jumpa anna".... O.O I really don't think I want to ever meet him! Even if he is a millionaire or something for doing this kind of business.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh! saya stress!

Why can't travelling be easy?

I'm leaving in less than a week. Just got the train & flight ticket. Place to stay in Rome is partially done. Others? I have no idea. Trying to get Rome settled first before trying to get others.

I feel like screaming at Tviexpress!

Ok. What is TviExpress you ask? It's an MLM company that handles travel services. Sort of a travelling agency, but you have to pay USD250/year, or is it a registration fee? (I'm not sure) and you'll get a free hotel accomodation package. Anyway, my mother signed me up for this saying it'll make travelling easier. She paid.

What makes it difficult is that -

1) Getting the account verified. I had to sent in my IC copy to the person in charge and send him multiple emails to get the job done immediately. And since my mother registered it for me, EVERYTHING WENT INTO HER EMAIL. So I had to call her and message her to get my information! And what a hassle it was that day, she forgot her password.. =.=" So I had to call the secretary and ask her to retrieve her boss' email password. =.="

2) What was written in the certificate was not the same as what was offered once you click to redeem your certificate. What written on the certificate was that we'll get 7 days and 6 nights free accommodation by TviExpress. Being me, always scared of something new, I didn't click redeem certificate, I'm afraid if I have to pay anything or anything unwanted happen. So I kept contacting my mother asking her what to do, and she, being her, always can't give me a full explanation on anything, only gave me the guy's (who is incharge this TviExpress thingy) email. So I kept contacting him, asking for every single details. Until he just asked me to click redeem certificate, did I know that we had 2 choices between 4 days 3 nights in a hotel OR 8 days 7 nights in a resort. Unfortunately, there was no resort in Rome, so I had to make due with a hotel. That's where the problem came, because bB already bought our flight tickets, and planned for us to stay 7 days in Rome since the certificate said 7 DAYS AND 6 NIGHTS! wtf right??? Luar cakap lain, dalam cakap lain!

3) Finding a hotel with taxes & service charge under USD100 with good review is another hassle! oh! you thought you've paid USD250 and everything's done? Nope. You have to pay taxes and service charge according to the list of hotels provided in their website to the person in charge. So I had to pay another USD88 to Mr. Uncle to get my bookings finalized!
And the funny thing is. The amount that I paid USD250+USD88=USD338 for 3 nights and is offering USD 325.06 for 3 nights (Double or Twin Room). Ok, original price is USD 543.20. But still, I could get that offered price now! (nasib baik mama yang bayar USD 250 tu, kalau tak meraung jugak saya)

Click to enlarge

4) Ok since I've redeem my certificate, what to do to get another 3 nights in that hotel. I've decided to redeem my mom's certificate. The problem goes back to no 1 - account verification! My mom had this account for like months already, and with Mr. Uncle's procrastination, her account has yet to verified and since it's the weekend, they have not replied and fasten the verification process, and so I can't make my booking for the next 3 days! AND I'M LEAVING ON THE 29TH! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! SETERESSSSS!!!

Oh dear mother.. how do you expect to promote this thing, when you can't give me any explanations on the booking system or even know how to use the internet or even remember your own email password? Because this business is using the internet and paypal and maybank2u to the fullest! And when I complained to her, the only thing she said was, "first time, memang lah rasa susah". Sigghhhhhh.... 

Hopefully, Mr. Uncle could get it done by tomorrow. If not, such a trouble for us to check out and check in again in another hotel/hostel/apartment. If mama hadn't paid, I wouldn't have bothered about this. But since she paid, it would be a waste not to use it either. Hishhhh.... banyak betul kerja! menyusahkan je! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I must admit that everyone always complain about something. Sometimes they still complain about something that doesn't need complaining. But complains won't come if everyone does a good job. True that we can't satisfy everyone but at least we should do our job with sincerity and hardwork, and try to make everyone happy. It is our duty after all, especially when our job require us to handle people.

I just read Mr. Duncan's blog (he's a Brit married to a Malaysian currently living in Kuantan) where he complained about HTAA poor hospitality.

Lately the medical field has been overwhelmed with a lot of complains. Or is it me that has been reading a lot or is it because I'm graduating soon. Either way, if it's not the doctors that are complaining, it's the patients. I think both complains are directed to the government, and yet we see no improvements.

There will always be lazy workers anywhere you are. But I believe that Malaysian's doctors are a little overworked, but who am I to say, I am still a student. I don't know about that and most of the senior doctors said it's for the better, it'll make us better doctors. Who are we, the students or junior doctors to argue. Even worst, I'm not studying locally, I don't know the system. But when we see patients complains, it just breaks my heart. It is just upsetting. Nurses? no comment.

True, perhaps we became better in curing their diseases but not in treating them. Why do patients feel like we're treating them like crap? Why? Just because they paid RM 1 for our services? They don't deserve at least an explanation about their well being, or their families don't deserve to know about their well being?

I hear doctors complain about patients all the time too. Yes. Sometimes for RM 1 service they do ask us too much, I think. But then again, didn't we chose this job? Didn't we know what was coming for us? Weren't we prepared to treat patients in curing and handling them with care?

I hate when people complains and I hate it more when nothing had been done to solve the matter.

Let's hear this again, my point of view of government hospitals when I start working in 1 year time. Cuakkksss! >.<" Maybe I'll hate it at first, and love it later like Dr. Hannan =)

"Kamu diwajibkan berperang (untuk menentang pencerobohan) sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci; dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya."
- Al-Quran (2:216)       

Thursday, June 16, 2011


HOLIDAY!!! (ikot2 dr.hana. hehe)

Yes. I've finally finished my exams! Thank God. Alhamdullilah. I almost went insane! 6 freaking papers for the semester is just shitless crazy. Thank God I finished everything on time, and didn't fail any of them. Alhamdulillah.. seriously, I can not go through this without Allah s.w.t. Amin..

Complete credit(zachut) book! The marks are not that great though. But oh well, 5th year mantra "asal pass je dah cukup bersyukur" :)

I have to admit. When bb was all stressed out and feeling down last year, and told me how hard 5th year was, I really didn't expect it this insanely TOUGH! I thought maybe it was sort of like 3rd year(I almost didn't make it out alive in 3rd year too), but damn.. 5th year is like sucking out your life! I feel like a zombie, especially during exams! Not to mention all the hospitals are so damn far, when you come home all you wanna do is sleep but then you have to study or else you get screwed by the teacher!


The most horrible is during ENT cycle. The teacher called us stupid in almost every single class. What a way to bring down your students. But being us, "buat muka tebal je laah.." What else can we do right? (and memang terasa bodoh pun benda2 simple macam anatomy pun tak boleh jawab. Benda belajar masa 1st year, mana ingat! heh.. ;P)

Well, I still had a fun time in 5th year. hehe. Anyway, just enjoying this moment until September starts. Nothing much to do now but just relax. It feels a little awkward though. Not doing anything now. Some of my batchmates are already flying home today. I'm waiting for bB's graduation ceremony on 28th June, then we'll be flying off to Italy on 29th before heading back to Malaysia. I can't wait for Italy! woot! :))) Thank God I passed yesterday's exam, because the Re-Examination date is on 29th! It's so funny that they already pasted up the Re-examination dates on the notice board, like they already expected students to fail. What a motivation before entering the hall! =.="

Ok. I realised I wrote "thank God" like multiple times. Well, the truth is, I am truly THANKFUL! and I don't know how else to say it. I am just so happy right now. ^____^


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Really Malaysians??

Ok. So there was this pole posted by 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower facebook page:
Where else would you prefer the government to spend the RM 1.4 million that the 1Pengguna Website cost us?

Here's the result:

Click to enlarge


1047 total votes, and 429 goes to subsidy for car fuel???

You guys would rather be stuck in traffic jams and pay tolls rather than taking an improved transport system or better education & healthcare for the future?? This is just absurd and totally ridiculous! I'm so upset with my nation...

omg! omg!

HAHA. I know this video has been out for quite some time now, but I just realized they shot it at CROCODILE ROCK! ok. If you're a Kuantanese, you'd know where Croc Rock is. It's situated right at the entrance of my housing area!! OMG OMG!

lol. ok. ter-over-excited plak. I don't know why I didn't realized it when I saw the video the first time. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. huhu.. Anyway, you can see at 0:34 the pizza box says 'crocodile rock', then again at 1:14 on the walls. teehee..

I was browsing through Yuna's fb fanpage when I decided to play "gadis semasa" song on youtube. When suddenly I realized, "eh, how come this place looks familiar?". Then suddenly saw the paper on the wall wrote "crocodile rock". HAHA! EXCITED GILER! >.<

Croc Rock punye pizza sedap giler! burger dia pon sedap k!


1 lagi exam! kuatkan semaangaaaaaaattt!!! good luck to me! next is Epidemiology & Infectious Disease. The toughest exam of the semester!! *pengsan*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Study Shuffle

Jom Study! huhuhu...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wadle wadle..

In so many ways, I am thankful that I got to study outside of Malaysia.

I got to know and experience a lot of things. I'm not saying I know everything about Earth, but at least my knowledge isn't limited. Although, knowledge can be gain by reading, there is still something about experiencing it.

My cousins are in Germany with my aunt on holiday. I was browsing his fb, and one of his friend wrote "pkul 10 baru nk senjaaa????pelik???". Oh I wouldn't have known about it too if I wasn't living outside of the Equator (or more known as Garisan Khatulistiwa in Malay). Although I know about Solstice and Equinox (if you've paid attention in school. You should know about it), I still didn't expect the time to be so much different. And if I didn't get to live overseas, I wouldn't have known about day-light-saving either.. I told about it to my mom, she doesn't understand it. Sometimes she gets a bit confused with the time difference, but she still don't get it. Btw, Subuh pukul 3.30am skarang, Maghrib pukul 10 malam. Best sebab siang panjang! ^.^
Its the other way in Winter, Subuh at 8 a.m and Maghrib at 4pm. The best time to "ganti puasa". LOL! call it cheating, but its not fun fasting in -30°C either. You feel hungry all the time.

I like the fact that I get to experience the 4 seasons. Always in my dream since I was a child. I always wanted to touch snow, although when I was a child, I didn't know that snow was cold! like SUPER DUPER COLD! and once it started snowing, you don't really wanna go out, the the suckiness when the temperature gets to 0°C and the snow melts and become like slushes and your boots get wet and dirty >.< then the temperature goes down again to -10°C and the roads are all covered in ice and you can't even walk!!! -___-" I fell down thrice this year! saket kot jatuh atas ice!! ;(

not just the road are covered with ice, but even the trees!

I like how women are so confident and beautiful here. They wear whatever they want. And yes, the bra-less and bikini season has begun. My friend siap pergi "people watching" most evenings in the park. She's a girl. I'm a girl too but the women here are just so beautiful that you can't keep your eyes off them. I'm not even upset that my bb also stares at them. because EVEN I STARE AT THEM! It's hard not to look at them and find them beautiful. Even some of the doctors look like models! Although, there are turn offs too, since the "babushki" (grandmothers) are also braless and in bikinis.. lol! I still like them too, since they're still so confident with their bodies even being oversized and old.

lol! >.<

I like how internet and transport system is so fast and efficient here. Yes, I'm comparing Malaysia to developed country. But since the 'hu-ha' they made about Malaysia is so maju than Russia in the papers, I am comparing them! I can download my Glee & Grey's Anatomy in 20 minutes. (it's the only series I watch because I don't have time to watch series!) And the max time I waited for a bus is 20 minutes and never more that 5 minutes for the metro.

I heard St. Petersburg's metro stations are more beautiful. Will go there after exam! ^.^

I like how everyone walks here. I saw a grandma (old & grey hair) running in HEELS for the metro! I was like, omg! and I can't walk properly in heels, she's running in them! My brother complains that Malaysia is too hot to walk around. Oh do you think walking in -30°C is fun?? Malaysians always with their alasan. Sorry to say, but I feel Malaysians are just lazy. We eat too much, and exercise too little. Its 10 minutes walk to the uni, but Malaysian students will always take the bus, even if they have to wait 10 minutes for the bus. -___-"

I like how the streets are not congested with cars. Yes, there is still traffic jams here. Traffic jams are the one of the world's most unsolved problem, but I rarely see double parking at the side of the street, not even in front of the bank. I don't see cars in the hospital, just trees. Another thing I like, there are a lot of parks and trees here. All I can see in Malaysian hospitals are car parks. Even my mom complains not having enough car parks in hospitals. Aiyo! There should be more trees! not car parks! Its so weird that a city which spends 6 months of winter has more trees and parks than a country that spends the whole year under the SUN. I don't understand why they're chopping down trees in Kuantan, just because a car got hit by a fallen tree branch while parked under the tree. Last2, kau cari pokok gak kan nak park kereta supaya kereta sejuk. ONE CAR! -___-"

In the hospital area where I had my Gynaecology cycle.

sighh.. I think thats all I can think about now. Gotta get back to my studying. I have Obs&Gynae exam next week! Wish me all the best and happy weekend to everyone! cheers~ ^.^