Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess What?!

Because we had wait through the weekend to get my mother's TVIEXPRESS certificate verified, the list of hotels has been updated and the one I booked last week is GONE!!!

Btw, my mother's certificate is still no verified, so Mr. Uncle generously offered his certificate. And I had to go through the hassle once again of finding a new hotel because the hotel I booked 4 days ago has been updated with a new list of hotels. So the hotel I booked last week isn't in the new list! Am I making any sense? I hope you get the picture of what I'm trying to say. PLUS! All the tax & service charges of the hotels in the new list are above US$100!! NOT ONE IS BELOW $100.. I say this is cheating! wtf right?!

I just got my hotel confirmation email. I sent it like 3-4 emails to the hotel because I was worried. I just got a reply for the one I sent 2 days ago. And I sent like 3 emails yesterday. LOL! Now I'm embarrased. :"3

And the one Mr Uncle made with his certificate still hasn't got any reply yet. I guess, we'll know tomorrow or the day after. I truly hope everything will go well for this trip.

TVIEXPRESS made my life a living hell. I could have gone through or without any of this nonsense. I wouldn't even have to change hotels!!

All my mom had to say was, "ada lah hikmah dia tu... "

Then Mr. Uncle said to me, mama said to him, "dah suruh buat booking lama dah.. last minute baru nak kelam kabut". In my head was like - Bb just finished exam last week, and we did do this as soon as our exam finished. I booked the hotel on the 23rd.. We had to find a cheap plane and trains, the best way to get there, we didn't know where we are heading first. Maybe Rome is our first stop, maybe it's Venice or Pisa or Florence. How are we supposed to know without proper planning? right? After our transportation system is covered, then we plan where to go first and how many days. After that only can we decide the date & place to stay.

And you know what Mr. Uncle said, "lain kali book hotel dulu, baru lah beli ticket kapal terbang".. Ya Allah, sabar je lah dengan uncle ni tau! Tak tau lah dia nak buat lawak ke tak.. tapi seriously, I told him, kalau flight tiba2 tak dapat, cancel or delay. Then burn je lah kan hotel tu kan? Pandai  betul la orang MLM ni. Pastu kita kene beli certificate USD250 lagi lah kan?
Lepas tu dia cakap, "jalan kaki lah.."  =.="

You know, there is a very thick border between jokes and stupid jokes. And I don't think Mr. Uncle knows about this border. Maybe he's trying to be friendly or even try to cool me down, and break the tension. But it just makes me annoyed with him. LIKE SERIOUSLY ANNOYED! and I'm just that person who is seriously easily annoyed with a person. Especially a person who makes stupid jokes in a serious situation. It's like you're looking at a dead person and laughing at him. Where are your manners?

And there is definitely a thick line between being friendly and somewhat perverted. Please Mr. Uncle. I don't mind if you're handsome and single. But you have a wife and you really shouldn't be saying/writing something like this:

"emmmmmmm lega dpt jumpa anna"..????? WHO THE HELL WRITES LIKE THAT? It grosses me out and scares the shit out of me! I'm really sorry. I know you've help me a lot with this (mainly because it gave me a lot of trouble), but seriously! I really don't feel like talking to you or even 'lega' to have met you. Maybe you're trying to be friendly, but I don't know you and haven't even met you and you're saying "emmmmmmm lega dpt jumpa anna".... O.O I really don't think I want to ever meet him! Even if he is a millionaire or something for doing this kind of business.

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