Friday, June 3, 2011

Wadle wadle..

In so many ways, I am thankful that I got to study outside of Malaysia.

I got to know and experience a lot of things. I'm not saying I know everything about Earth, but at least my knowledge isn't limited. Although, knowledge can be gain by reading, there is still something about experiencing it.

My cousins are in Germany with my aunt on holiday. I was browsing his fb, and one of his friend wrote "pkul 10 baru nk senjaaa????pelik???". Oh I wouldn't have known about it too if I wasn't living outside of the Equator (or more known as Garisan Khatulistiwa in Malay). Although I know about Solstice and Equinox (if you've paid attention in school. You should know about it), I still didn't expect the time to be so much different. And if I didn't get to live overseas, I wouldn't have known about day-light-saving either.. I told about it to my mom, she doesn't understand it. Sometimes she gets a bit confused with the time difference, but she still don't get it. Btw, Subuh pukul 3.30am skarang, Maghrib pukul 10 malam. Best sebab siang panjang! ^.^
Its the other way in Winter, Subuh at 8 a.m and Maghrib at 4pm. The best time to "ganti puasa". LOL! call it cheating, but its not fun fasting in -30°C either. You feel hungry all the time.

I like the fact that I get to experience the 4 seasons. Always in my dream since I was a child. I always wanted to touch snow, although when I was a child, I didn't know that snow was cold! like SUPER DUPER COLD! and once it started snowing, you don't really wanna go out, the the suckiness when the temperature gets to 0°C and the snow melts and become like slushes and your boots get wet and dirty >.< then the temperature goes down again to -10°C and the roads are all covered in ice and you can't even walk!!! -___-" I fell down thrice this year! saket kot jatuh atas ice!! ;(

not just the road are covered with ice, but even the trees!

I like how women are so confident and beautiful here. They wear whatever they want. And yes, the bra-less and bikini season has begun. My friend siap pergi "people watching" most evenings in the park. She's a girl. I'm a girl too but the women here are just so beautiful that you can't keep your eyes off them. I'm not even upset that my bb also stares at them. because EVEN I STARE AT THEM! It's hard not to look at them and find them beautiful. Even some of the doctors look like models! Although, there are turn offs too, since the "babushki" (grandmothers) are also braless and in bikinis.. lol! I still like them too, since they're still so confident with their bodies even being oversized and old.

lol! >.<

I like how internet and transport system is so fast and efficient here. Yes, I'm comparing Malaysia to developed country. But since the 'hu-ha' they made about Malaysia is so maju than Russia in the papers, I am comparing them! I can download my Glee & Grey's Anatomy in 20 minutes. (it's the only series I watch because I don't have time to watch series!) And the max time I waited for a bus is 20 minutes and never more that 5 minutes for the metro.

I heard St. Petersburg's metro stations are more beautiful. Will go there after exam! ^.^

I like how everyone walks here. I saw a grandma (old & grey hair) running in HEELS for the metro! I was like, omg! and I can't walk properly in heels, she's running in them! My brother complains that Malaysia is too hot to walk around. Oh do you think walking in -30°C is fun?? Malaysians always with their alasan. Sorry to say, but I feel Malaysians are just lazy. We eat too much, and exercise too little. Its 10 minutes walk to the uni, but Malaysian students will always take the bus, even if they have to wait 10 minutes for the bus. -___-"

I like how the streets are not congested with cars. Yes, there is still traffic jams here. Traffic jams are the one of the world's most unsolved problem, but I rarely see double parking at the side of the street, not even in front of the bank. I don't see cars in the hospital, just trees. Another thing I like, there are a lot of parks and trees here. All I can see in Malaysian hospitals are car parks. Even my mom complains not having enough car parks in hospitals. Aiyo! There should be more trees! not car parks! Its so weird that a city which spends 6 months of winter has more trees and parks than a country that spends the whole year under the SUN. I don't understand why they're chopping down trees in Kuantan, just because a car got hit by a fallen tree branch while parked under the tree. Last2, kau cari pokok gak kan nak park kereta supaya kereta sejuk. ONE CAR! -___-"

In the hospital area where I had my Gynaecology cycle.

sighh.. I think thats all I can think about now. Gotta get back to my studying. I have Obs&Gynae exam next week! Wish me all the best and happy weekend to everyone! cheers~ ^.^


Jimms said...

i love this post. Malaysian never change ;)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahah.. thanks!
Dah tu memang budaya kita.. nak buat macam mana kan? ;P

dR Hannah said...

LOL anna. i bagi tahu that makcik u curi her pic. haha.

i knoooow, my malaysians people. haiyahaiyahaiya!~

and i fall in love with australia and australiansss too! ^_^

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahahahaa.. rasanye dia tak kisah kot? ;P

our malaysian people.. susah nak ubah mentality. people need to go out and travel more often. huhuhu.. ;P

Aduh. macam mana ni peoz? we should fall in love with our own country and yet, we love the place we're currently in! patutla ramai study oversea taknak balik.. lol! >.<"

fzrzk said...

LOL. Same laa masa naik cruise haritu! Boleh jadi motivasi utk stay skinny ok!

Anyways, looking at only myself, I'd say staying overseas just broadens my mind a lot more. I wouldn't compare it to Malaysia though cause deep down I still have a lot of things I much more love of Malaysia than other countries. Mind set aside of course ;)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Betul2. Nak compare semua memang tak boleh. Malaysia is still growing up and still a lot to offer. I sayang Malaysia, bukan tak sayang, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of improvement on the mind set eyh? hehehe.. ;P