Saturday, June 11, 2011

omg! omg!

HAHA. I know this video has been out for quite some time now, but I just realized they shot it at CROCODILE ROCK! ok. If you're a Kuantanese, you'd know where Croc Rock is. It's situated right at the entrance of my housing area!! OMG OMG!

lol. ok. ter-over-excited plak. I don't know why I didn't realized it when I saw the video the first time. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. huhu.. Anyway, you can see at 0:34 the pizza box says 'crocodile rock', then again at 1:14 on the walls. teehee..

I was browsing through Yuna's fb fanpage when I decided to play "gadis semasa" song on youtube. When suddenly I realized, "eh, how come this place looks familiar?". Then suddenly saw the paper on the wall wrote "crocodile rock". HAHA! EXCITED GILER! >.<

Croc Rock punye pizza sedap giler! burger dia pon sedap k!


1 lagi exam! kuatkan semaangaaaaaaattt!!! good luck to me! next is Epidemiology & Infectious Disease. The toughest exam of the semester!! *pengsan*

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