Thursday, October 29, 2009

L.O.V.E is just another word I never learn to pronounce

not really.. I am in LOVE.. enough said..

so.. now i am in my 5th cycle now - Neurology and Neurosurgery.. erkk.. CNS is not my favourite subject.. Brains and nerves are just too complicated.. today will be my first class, 3 days of lectures and 7 days of class with patient history taking.. o.0

I could say my history taking capability is pretty good after kene marah kaw-kaw by my therapy teacher last cycle for not asking damn a lot of questions from the patient.. She is one 'skema' teacher.. I mean really2 'skema'.. I don't mind a 'skema' teacher, but there's just a limit to it - She came into lectures just to check if we're there or not and forced us to sit in the 1st row!! erkk.. too much?!
I still hadn't receive my zachut, not just me, the whole class hadn't receive our zachuts just because she wants to check every person's patients histories.. o.0 *sigh*

end with cycles story.. now- latest song addiction: 3oh!3 STARSTRUKK feat. Katy Perry!

I heard this song during summer... liked it.. but LOVE it now that Katy Perry's on it!
oh Katy Perry! I love u so~ when r u coming to see me? huhuhu~ I am waiting for her world tour concert.. don't matter in KL or Moscow.. as long as I am there to be there.. ;) but I hope she'll come to Moscow while I'm still here.. Malaysia has too many rules.. ;P

oh.. its autumn! this is one of the sunny days.. its a rare sight lately. I love the colours of the leaves.. :) but all the leaves on the trees have fallen by now.. winter is coming.. ;P

Saturday, October 10, 2009


YEAY!! da ade internet balik dah!!
3 weeks without internet!!! can you believe that?!?!

well, the internet just got connected since tuesday...
the moment i saw the notice at the notice board to get registered for internet connection in the room, me and roomate straight away went to their office!
da jadi gile da tade internet.. ;P
thank God the time we went there, no one was there.. (i got back fr class early, so the ones who weren't back yet didn't know they need to register)

we went there at 2 and finished by 4!!! lembab giler russian ni buat kerje!! and they were so unprofessional! so many questions were not answered!!
like "how to configure the router?" - they don't even know what is a router in the first place and they said "no, it's individually".. what the hell?!?! so then a girl told him, that there's only 1 line and 4 people in room is using the internet by router, so if they alrdy paid, takkan only 1 person can use?! and when r they going to pasang the other 3 main lines? - then only it got them thinking about it.. and them i asked them about the monthly payment.. is it by bank or just pay at their office.. they said they don't know yet.. "huh?!" (o.O) tak paham.. tak paham..

so then, when we finished, everyone started queuing up.. the corridor was so full of students! me and my roomate da excited da nak gune internet since they said, the internet will be connected "сразу" which means at once.. but when we got into the room, there was no connection.. my roomate was so disappointed.. we got connection at 4 in the morning.. but we can't use the router.. so we have been passing back and forth the main line for the past couple of days until last night.. her friend came and configure the router.. so now both of us can use the internet!! yeay! everyone configure their router themselves coz the internet company's technician don't even know what a router is.. bongok giler.. kerje technician tp tatau nak configure router.. router je kot!! ntah apape..

apapelah.. asalkan da ade internet skarang.. i'm happy! ;) alhamdulillah...