Friday, December 31, 2010

Downhill year

I used to think that 2005 was the worst year ever for me(if anyone ever read my friendster blog which I already deleted). 2010 feels like 2005 all over again but a little worse.

It was all good in the beginning. I felt like it went downhill after Chinese New Year. Year of the Tiger and I'm born in the year of the Tiger. I can't remember if 1998 was a bad year for me though, I was standard 5. hrmm.. I don't know, maybe there were something awful happened in 1998 but I can't remember. I tend to forget bad stuffs that happens to me. Just some bad things stuck in my head. :P

Anyway, so what had happened in 2010. January was great! I had great exams result, travel to Europe, my birthday was great. basically everything was great.

Then there was the metro bombing attack in March. My ex-roomate started to act weird 2 months before her graduation. sigh. That was heartbreaking. I'm not sure if I'm over it. It felt almost like being dumped by a boyfriend. How can you just leave a friend who you've been living with for 5 years without an explanation. She didn't even want to explain about it. I mean, you're living with someone, of course there'll be problems but isn't there a way to resolve it? and she just left without telling me goodbye. It's a very sad story. I didn't tell my mom about it and she kept asking about her. Because no one would thought that after 5 years of living together it would be like this right? sighh.. I'm getting over it. It's almost 5 months since she left and from time to time I still feel angry for the thing she had done to my heart. And from time to time, I wished I had been stronger and stood up, asking her what the hell I did wrong. (mainly, that's the thing that's bothering me. I don't know what I did wrong). ok. enough about her.

Then, I had the 'pleasure' of doing my practicals here. Deducting my summer holidays to 1 month. :( Even worse, Moscow was SUPER HOT!!! I have 2 fans in my room to keep the myself cool. Not to mention the forest fire and haze. From one problem to another, perangai groupmates yang tak pernah nak bertanggungjawab, Until the last day, still got problems receiving our "zachut". But Alhamdulillah, we still got our zachuts. I miss my practicals friends though, but I don't think they remember me..

Summer holiday wasn't that great too. Everything just went wrong after a week in Malaysia. Bb decided to end our relationship in KL. WTF right? I was so mad at him that I didn't even bother to reconcile. It got better after a week when both of us cooled down. Then when we got back here, there were still problems but I got used to it and everything is going great now and I hope will get better in the future.

Then sem starts again in September. We're lucky to have chill teachers for our cycles this semester. but knowing how irresponsibles and such slackers my groupmates are, I think this semester, we had the worst attendance ever! Imagine only 3 out of 8 students came for Therapy class. THRICE! but If we get the strict teacher, I'll be hearing them complaining from day to night! I wish they'd be more responsible. I know they're smart, but you don't have to be lazy just because you're smart right? oh! not to mention the problems with the juniors. enuff said.

So that's basically what happened to me in 2010. Lets go to which resolutions I've accomplished in 2010. You can read it here. :)


  • settle all my exams on time! Alhamdulillah. I thought with my mind so occupied by my roomate, I would fail 1 paper.
  • travel more I went to 3 cities for my Eurotrip! :)
  • study more errr.. not so sure about this. My results didn't potray it.
  • talk to my dad. this is so hard to do. I don't have enough guts to talk to my dad. ;P HAH! After I found out what he did, it's even worse. I can't even spoke a word.
  • mengaji at least 1 ayat 1 hari, pray more. heheee.. HAHA. Macam sama je. Although I tried. Internet always occupy me. sigh. terok2!
  • be more open-minded I think I have been more open-minded.
  • continue to be more careful with my spending.. ;) YES! my biggest achievement.
  • continue to be patient and grateful Patience has its limit. but mine hasn't been broken yet.
  • be more understanding Some things are just not worth understanding.
  • be more stylish.. hehee.. ;) Still trying to find the perfect ankle boot! but think I am more stylish now. ;P
  • KURUSKAN BADAN! LOSE WEIGHT! BE SEXY! hehehee.. ;) exercise at least 30 minutes per day.. HAHA! mmg tak buat lah. takda masa weh! (alasan)

So, what do I want to accomplish in 2011?


  • I still want to settle all my exams on time.
  • Travel to all the places in my GRAVITY post. But I doubt that I can travel to all those places in 1 year. :P
  • Mengaji at least 1 ayat per day. I really want to accomplish this!
  • I need to let things go. I can't keep brooding over things that upsets me!
  • Be patient. Always.
  • Don't bother so much over other people's problems. They didn't ask me to solve it.
  • Live freely and happily!
  • Loose weight or at least get a slim curvy body! :P
  • Keep saving money. Buy GOLD! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to perform CPR

Pergh. I bet if I was this hot, doing CPR to my patients, they spring back to live immediately! (ngahaha! berangan!)

New Year's coming soon. I have to start on my resolutions. Although I feel like I haven't done any of my this year's resolutions. sigh. 2010 is a bad year. one more week! I hope 2011 will be better.

Exam's coming soon! ark! ;(

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a couple of stuff

I'm just gonna write a couple of stuff in one post today.

With all the buzz that Prince William is getting married next year, tenders for Kate Middleton wedding dress has been opened! Click here to view slideshow of the dress sketches. The designers are from Gucci to Nina Ricci and of course Vera Wang. I love wedding dress!

Although I have to say, my most favourite is the design by Valentino.

It looks like a blossoming flower, so elegant yet so soft almost like a ballerina. ;D

Is there any way I could duplicate this design for my wedding? heee.. but even if I duplicate this design it would still be costly. ;(

I watched this a week ago. Katy Perry's interview on E! news during VH1 DIVAS SALUTE THE TROOPS.

and how adorable is Katy Perry during the interview with Ellen Degeneres!

awwww.. she's adorable & funny too! ;D
p/s: I wanna buy the perfume!! When is it coming to europe?

oh katy.. when will I be able to meet you.. hrmmm...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lets Piss Off Anna Month

I know most of you probably won't read this because it's too long but thanks to those who has time to read them.

Ok. I am so pissed off. It's been like "Lets Piss Off Anna Month" or something and it's not even mid December yet.

First, my bB. I rather not elaborate.

Then, there's my groupmates, but that story has been 2 weeks ago, and I want to move on from it.

Now, my juniors wants to act like they're a bunch of know-it-alls! I'm even upset to be calling them my juniors. I wont blame them if they gave me a solid point but they're not and they're making a fool out of themselves.

You see. We had a notice last week about our hostel payment which had to be made by today or you'll get kick out. The notice was posted last week at the notice board and also in the RSMU Malaysian Students Association blog. So the blog has been flooded with comments by juniors (I am very sure about this because no senior would be so dumbfuck stupid as this - pardon my french) saying that the notice is so short and they're from poor family, doesn't have enough money yet, bla, bla, bla with so many excuses.

Hello? have you realised that it is already DECEMBER?! Do you realise that you have been using the electic, the heat and water for FREE for the last 3 ½ months?

The thing is, if it's anywhere else in the world, you have to pay your hostel fees on your registration day or you won't get any place in the hostel, lagi2 kat Malaysia. Tak kisahlah IPTA ke IPTS ke. That's the rule. They're already quite lenient with us here.

they said give a little sympathy for those who are less fortunate. Hello sayang, if you don't pay your electrical bills, water bills, phone bills, whatever in Malaysia, ada ke diorang nak kisah kau tu orang susah ke tak? ada ke diorang nak bagi simpati? diorang potong je selagi kau tak bayar. Please live in reality, you are not a kid anymore!

Then they said, the student body lied to them saying that can pay in February for 2 sems straight (because right now the new hostel admin decides on 1 receipt per sem because there's so many students keep changing from big room to small room - big room and small room have different prices. and so it's easier to print 1 receipt per sem in case of any room changing sbb blk besar lagi murah dari bilik kecik, so kalau tukar from bilik kecik ke bilik besar mestilah nak refund kan kalau dah bayar full? duuhh~ harap korang yg baca ni dapat tangkap situasi ni. kene duduk depan2 baru boleh cerita lagi detail). The truth is the student body didn't lie to us. They thought that the admin is going to print the 2nd sem receipt in October or November but there were no news about it until now, that they found out the admin is not printing the 2nd sem receipt until next sem. we just have to pay the 1st sem hostel fee first. And the whole paying 1 whole year in February is a myth! MYTH PEOPLE! I don't know who created them. Banyak cantik, guna air, api, heater free2 utk 5 bulan? Inilah manusia, memang suka menyusahkan orang lain dan suka2 hati pakai barang free2.

oh then they hit me with "budak scholar senang la cakap! duit masuk bulan2". Mak aih, pegi situ plak! The fact that you are planning to pay the whole year in one lot says a lot about you being richer than me. Let me tell you something about students with scholarship or at least me. I DON'T ASK MY PARENTS MONEY SINCE I GOT MY SCHOLARSHIP. only when I'm desperate I'll ask them but it's rare. I pay for my own flight tickets, the hostel fees, the food i eat daily, my eurotrips and holidays, my monthly expenses, my petrol for my car, sometimes I even buy groceries with that money for my family when I'm home for Summer and I can still put the balance into my ASB. PLUS it's not like I don't have to pay them back!

I know a friend of mine who put a certain amount of her scholarship into her ASB, and the amount is more than mine. Everytime she wants to travel, or shopping lavishly, she'll sell nasi lemak within the hostel to earn extra money. I respect her because she doesn't depend on her parents and find other alternatives to earn extra money. Another friend of mine, make food mass everyday for his 'Paris Fund' because he's not on any scholarship. I respect everyone who wouldn't mind working extra hard to earn extra money, and we're medic students! Imagine to find time to cook for people!

These other kind of people, dah la depend kat mak ayah. pastu buat taik cakap tak cukup duit lah, parents miskin lah, apa lah tapi takde effort langsung nak tolong kurangkan beban mak ayah. All they know is COMPLAIN how unfortunate their lives are. Kalau miskin sangat, mak ayah tak hantar punye kau jauh2. Kalau nak sangat buat medic, baik buat medic kat Indonesia je. Living cost rendah, tuition fees pon murah.

I know for a fact, parents who decided to send their children to study overseas will always plan ahead, and keep a certain amount of money for their child's education. Do you think I'm stupid mister? I receive scholarship for a reason and I am extremely grateful for it. Extremely just doesn't cut it, its more like REALLY REALLY EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! Alhamdulillah...

I tried helping. I asked them to come to my room and I'll help them by paying them if they help me do chores. All they say is "dah la, Anna sombong. Kaya sangat sampai tak pandai jaga hati orang". WTH? niat ikhlas nak tolong pon salah. Tak tau lah nak cakap apa. Orang niat ikhlas nak tolong, diorang boleh cakap mcm ni. I know if you are truly poor you wouldn't talk shit when people want to give you help. It is so obvious that you've used the money your parents gave you for the hostel fees and you can't find anymore points to defend yourselves, so you attack me with your stupid mind. Tak ada hormat untuk senior langsung budak2 ni. If you can't respect me, I can't respect you.

Don't judge me saying I don't know what it's like being less fortunate. The fact that I am not rich is the reason why I pay my fees separately, 1st sem and 2nd sem because I need to store up the money. The reason you gave that you wanted to pay the whole year at once and the amount is not enough is bullshit! because the admin is asking you to pay for the 1st semester only! not the whole year! so if YOU ARE STORING UP MONEY, it should've been enough! open your eyes please! you're talking crap!

bB marah cakap, apsal layan budak2 ni? I just thought I'd help them open their mind... sighhh...

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.
- Dale Carnegie

Do you know why poor stay poor? because they're poor in their mind. Cheers people. Sorry for my outburst and thank you for reading them. I feel so much better now. ;D

Friday, December 10, 2010


As you know, I love to travel. I love going on buses, trains and long flights just to enjoy the view. I wish I had more time and money..

Anyway, these are the places I really wish to go!

1. Mecca. I wish to fulfill my duty as a muslim and perform Hajj. Although I've been here once when I was 11, I wish to go again! and I hope, InsyaAllah, ada rezeki saya untuk menjejak ke Tanah Haram sekali lagi. Amin..

2. NYC! I've been wanting to visit NYC since I was 18! just cause the city looks so cool especially in movies. ;P and of course I am so jealous with Farisa cause she has been there! and if I ever step on the US continent, I'd like to go to Las Vegas and Hollywood too! ;)

3. Istanbul! The city is just so gorgeous and a lot of Islamic History.

4. Mainly Greece. Because I have a huge passion for Greek Mythology! I used to read everything about the Gods and Goddesses, Hercules and Achilles, the monsters, etc. If I wasn't doing Medicine maybe I'd like to Major in Greek Mythologies but I don't think they have that in Malaysia. ;P

5. Tokyo! Konichiwa! Because I an anime addict! and I love the language. ;)

6. Rome, Venice, Milan & Tuscany! Because the city is just gorgeous! And I love the history on Roman Empire.

7. Sydney. but actually I heard Sydney is quite boring. hrmm.. Actually, I'd just like to travel to Australia and visit the Gold Coast or any other interesting parts of Australia! (or just the Warner Bros World ;P)

6. Prague. Because I want to see the huge astrological clock! And I fell in love with the city after watching The Brothers Bloom. ^.^

7. Seoul! Because I wanna meet Big Bang! ngeeeee.. ^.^

8. Morocco. Simply. I heard it's nice there.

9. Rio De Janeiro. Because Brazil is just so much fun! ;))

10. Oh! Of course local places! I'd like to go to Sipadan Island, Sabah. Eventhough I'm allergic to salt water, the sea just never bores me.

Well, of course I want to travel to more places but for now, lets just check this one out first! I really do wish money could grow on trees. hrmmm.. I wish I have more time here (like 7 years isn't enough -__-").

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes all I wanna say when you give me crap is...


but I know better, because I still respect you enough to say it out loud in front of your face..

ps: pardon my french. I'm freakingly pissed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


bila saya nak rajin workout supaya dapat badan macam diorang?? ;P

ps: semangat gila Adam Levine cheer utk girlfriend die! ;) I hope this video won't get copyrighted or something..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December and it's already -19°C

I remembered I posted about a sudden cold from +8°C to -19°C in a week and that post was on 14 December 2009..

well, this time it went from 0°C to -16°C in 2 days and it wasn't December yet! now it's already -19°C.. the worst part is there's no snow! It's just wind. damn.. I wonder how cold this winter will be.. (T.T)

Last year I said, I felt like I couldn't feel my legs when I'm walking. Yesterday I felt like I was practically DROWNING in the "cool winter breeze"!! 3 seconds I took off my gloves to take money from my purse to pay for my bus pass, my fingers went numb and red! 3 FREAKING SECONDS! -__-"


Some pics from the first few days of snow.. when the temperature just hit 0 degree. Beautiful ain't it? Now it's just annoying.. ;P