Friday, December 10, 2010


As you know, I love to travel. I love going on buses, trains and long flights just to enjoy the view. I wish I had more time and money..

Anyway, these are the places I really wish to go!

1. Mecca. I wish to fulfill my duty as a muslim and perform Hajj. Although I've been here once when I was 11, I wish to go again! and I hope, InsyaAllah, ada rezeki saya untuk menjejak ke Tanah Haram sekali lagi. Amin..

2. NYC! I've been wanting to visit NYC since I was 18! just cause the city looks so cool especially in movies. ;P and of course I am so jealous with Farisa cause she has been there! and if I ever step on the US continent, I'd like to go to Las Vegas and Hollywood too! ;)

3. Istanbul! The city is just so gorgeous and a lot of Islamic History.

4. Mainly Greece. Because I have a huge passion for Greek Mythology! I used to read everything about the Gods and Goddesses, Hercules and Achilles, the monsters, etc. If I wasn't doing Medicine maybe I'd like to Major in Greek Mythologies but I don't think they have that in Malaysia. ;P

5. Tokyo! Konichiwa! Because I an anime addict! and I love the language. ;)

6. Rome, Venice, Milan & Tuscany! Because the city is just gorgeous! And I love the history on Roman Empire.

7. Sydney. but actually I heard Sydney is quite boring. hrmm.. Actually, I'd just like to travel to Australia and visit the Gold Coast or any other interesting parts of Australia! (or just the Warner Bros World ;P)

6. Prague. Because I want to see the huge astrological clock! And I fell in love with the city after watching The Brothers Bloom. ^.^

7. Seoul! Because I wanna meet Big Bang! ngeeeee.. ^.^

8. Morocco. Simply. I heard it's nice there.

9. Rio De Janeiro. Because Brazil is just so much fun! ;))

10. Oh! Of course local places! I'd like to go to Sipadan Island, Sabah. Eventhough I'm allergic to salt water, the sea just never bores me.

Well, of course I want to travel to more places but for now, lets just check this one out first! I really do wish money could grow on trees. hrmmm.. I wish I have more time here (like 7 years isn't enough -__-").


stardust. said...

i want to go to greece.semua sbb tengok the sisterhood of the travelling pants 2.hehhee.the place is sooo amazing!

nad said...

out of the cool places you've blogged about, i wanna go to sipadan first! hehehe. i love islands! =))

btw ure allergic to salt water? alaa ruginyaaa.. so ta penah dip kaki even kt TC pn?

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

nad: of course i have! tahan je lah. mula2 best je main air. lepas sejam naik merah2 gatal satu badan. How can you resist swimming in the sea?! but tak selalu lah.. once a year je kot. ;P

petite girl said...

haha.brazil?so much fun?hihi.

try ilbiza XP

yeah,things will be a lot easier if money do grow on trees!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Ibiza? nahh. i feel that place is kinda overrated. I like relaxing+fun place. not fun,fun,fun all the time. ;P

but then I had a thought. If money do grow on trees then the inflation rate will get higher and the money won't worth anything. lol. I guess the best way is to earn it and spend it as a return to your hard work. hehehehee..

petite girl said... are a nice girl,aren't you!good!

adeh,now you are talking like an economist! i took economy in IB,so well yeah agree with you!