Friday, April 17, 2009

caught in a moment

these are some random photos from my phone..

pretty light before entering the studio where bB and his band jammed.. i find it unique - some modern elements in an old building.. sorry the pics is blurry, i took it with my phone camera coz i forgot to bring my camera..

Hematoma of the brain

Love Birds - literally! they're called Love Birds!

Cicak and her babies.. awww~ i miss u kitties!

practice stitching in operative surgery class

A makcik giving a squirrel bananas at Taman Gelora..

A REALLY REALLY HUGE DOG AT THE AIRPORT!! I could've sworn it looked like a BEAR!! see how huge its cage is! i supposed he had to go in there during the flight.. ITS HUGE!! AND BLACK!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i just found out that Lady Gaga's show is for VIP and some russian radio contest winner only... *sigh*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I wanna go! I wanna go!! oh~ I wish i could go.. but I'm no so sure if I can go.. because bB is having some complication right now with his tuition fees.. I don't want to go into details.. but his passport is with the dekanat.. and mine too.. I had to prolonged my visa.. so both of us are basically stuck with a paper called "сравка" (spravka).. its like a 'dokumen ganti sementara visa sedang diproses'.. huhu.. and eventhough u have that spravka thingy, its not always safe to walk around unless u have the real passport.. some policemen won't accept it eventhough u said your pasport is in the dean's office.. ;P

but I WANNA GO!! I WANNA GO! I DON'T CARE! :(( I missed Rihanna's concert when I was in Malaysia during my winter hols, just cause she and Chris Brown decided to have a fight just few days before her concert.. damn it!! and my new years resolution was going to every concert! arrrghhhh!!

Lady Gaga's show is on the 25th April!! and I just knew! It was a coincidence really.. i just felt like opening her website coz i was listening to her songs.. and there it was, in the tour section:
Famous Club Moscow, RUS 25th APR 2009!!!!

It's in 10 DAYS!! hrmmm.. and I don't really know where to find the tickets.. either it's a free show or not, i have no idea.. I've been searching for ticket price online but so far found nothing.. maybe I have to go to the club to find out.. but it's so damn far!! it's gonna take atleast 1 and 1/2 hour to get there because my radiology class is somewhere there too.. well, according to this website (click on the map) anyway, the club is somewhere there..

I haven't been out having fun lately.. bB's too caught up with his problem.. I kinda feel neglected.. and my problem is, i don't have any friends other than him.. and I don't know if
they'd wanna go to Lady Gaga's show.. *sigh* who should I ask??

anyone wanna join me go see Lady Gaga? anyone?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Do ignore my previous post as i wasn't in a clear state of mind..

whatever it was, just remember..



Friday, April 3, 2009

it was lost, but i've found it..

oh! i finally found my necklace!! sorry for the panic attack people... :D i've searched everywhere except inside my bed.. I even search under the pillow but not under the comforter.. *sigh* i found it when i woke up this morning.. it was under me while i was sleeping.. it must have slipped from my pocket when i lie down... hehehe.. cheers~



the silver-heart-shaped i bought last summer in Vincci ECM with Farisa+Fardia..

i don't remember where i put it.. i kinda remember trying it on this morning before going to class, but decided to wear another instead.. now i dont know where it is.. I've searched everywhere! even the bakul sampah! SUMPAH! it was so disgusting! i can't bear checking it twice! [my watch went in there once.. nasib baik tak terbuang].. :P i pakai glove ok mase i check the bakul sampah... it was still disgusting!

oh where oh where can my necklace be? *sob*sob*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Mind Of My Own

I envy those people who can think. I envy those people who can talk. I envy those people who can say what they want to say.

I never was much of a debater. I guess I was more of a listener. A follower. And I never really know how to decide or to balance it out which is good or bad.

I had to take opinions. I had to ask people around me. And still in the end, I can't decide. I will be one way when there's more people on this side, and vice versa.

My mother's opinion matters the most. Her decisions. Everything. And I will always be her follower. This kind of bothers bB. Because I seem to always bragging about my mother. "My mom said like this, my mom said like that, etc". He always has his own mind. I envy him. I'm always changing, always going around and around. Not knowing where to stop.

I don't really know why. I guess that's why I'm not much of a leader. Although I aspire to be one. I wish.

I can't debate. I tend to get personal. I tend to be emotional. I guess I'll be a lousy politician. :P I'll cry. I'll scream. I'll run away. I hate when that happens. I don't really understand why. It sucks! because I wanna be strong.

I envy those who can talk. Who get people to listen. I envy my mother. I can't talk.

I talk shit sometimes. I know no one understands what I am saying. No one will pay attention anyway. I rather keep quiet. I guess I'd rather write. :)