Sunday, November 29, 2009

formalin & stitches

Operative Surgery cycle is great!!

We've been doing a lot of stitching besides drawing & taking notes... I have OpSurgery exam this winter!! and I am so damn scared! it's my first exam in Russian.. I really do hope i'll pass... I have around 6 weeks to study!! *SCREAM!!* I really can't believe exam is coming so soon! *sigh* Guess I have to start now.. My russian still sucks.. ;P

Anyway, here's some pics of what I've been doing.. enjoy!

P/S: people who have trouble looking at internal organs, I advise you not to continue... because, I'm gonna show you the stitches made on intestines, stomach and liver... the intestines and stomach are human's, the liver are cow's.. ;)

Mdm. Krukova giving instructions

the whole GIT system

future surgeons.. *wink*

stomach wound due to trauma - end result of stiching

end result of colonectomy


stitching on liver

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Eid-ul-Adha

Salam Aidiladha... :)
unfortunately, I have class today.. so I probably won't go to Solat Raya at the embassy this morning.. plus it's an interesting and important class too!! we're going to operate on liver today! woohoo~ I LOVE SURGERIES!! can't wait!! :))
i'll upload pics!
Happy raya everyone! maybe I'll make rendang today.. [liver rendang anyone? LOL!]
cheer~ :))

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It snowed for a few days.. but the snow has melted away since yesterday. I'm starting to wonder whether the Mayor of Moscow is really trying to make no snow in Moscow. But I LIKE SNOW! :) I don't like melted snow that became ice on the road and sidewalks. but I like snow.

although it snowed, it’s still autumn. but the leaves have all fallen and being cleaned away. The weather is gloomy. It’s either rain or snow. I haven't seen the sun for weeks now. :( but the weird thing is - the apples are still on trees. It’s all over Moscow! and I have never seen them in the 4 years I've been living here! Maybe that's coz I never had classes all over Moscow before. It’s clinical year, thus the travelling to different hospitals every 1 or 2 weeks. huhuh~

*my every morning exercise - running for the bus, the metro and trams*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



sorry it's late.. I've been meaning to post this last Saturday, but the internet was disconnected on Friday.. and for 10 days there was no internet.. *sigh* they were upgrading the cables it seemed..

So anyway, I was kinda worried that it might be cancelled or postponed.. coz before Moscow is KL, but it was postponed.. or cancelled? I'm not sure which one is true.. kesian Malaysians.. but I, I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! even though seat agak jauh dan sgt atas.. plus mahal plak tu.. Oh well, its BEYONCE.. and I had fun making my friends in Malaysia feel jealous.. ngee~ the best part is.. NO OPENING ACT!!

although, we waited 45 minutes for Beyonce to come out.. hehee.. then the lights went out, the curtains opened.. and there she was! LOOKING SO GORGEOUS! Her voice was so amazing! the performance was amazing! everything was live!! well, except Jay-Z's and Kanye's voice during the song Crazy in Love, Upgrade U and Ego.. but other than that, she was singing Live!! not just her voice was live, but the BAND too! with backup singers and everything!!

and her costumes.. OMG.. I seriously don't know if boleh lepas Malaysia ke tak.. even if she agrees to cover up.. her interval videos.. OMG! there's one interval video, where she took a coin from her cleaves.. and they were focusing on her butts and breasts.. ;P huhuhu~ nonetheless.. SHE IS GORGEOUS!! and I am just happy.. coz i get to see it here in Moscow.. "Original and no covering up".. ngeee... sorry the pics is small.. thats becoz I was so high up! gambar tu pon da habes zoom da.. huhu.. more pics in Facebook!

arggghhh!! giler teruk quality video!! seriously.. i think i need a new camera.. my current camera is 3.2megapix.. o.0 although it has been very faithful and useful to me.. and after several years pun masih lg kuat bekerja.. tp.... i think i need an update.. don't u?