Saturday, November 21, 2009


It snowed for a few days.. but the snow has melted away since yesterday. I'm starting to wonder whether the Mayor of Moscow is really trying to make no snow in Moscow. But I LIKE SNOW! :) I don't like melted snow that became ice on the road and sidewalks. but I like snow.

although it snowed, it’s still autumn. but the leaves have all fallen and being cleaned away. The weather is gloomy. It’s either rain or snow. I haven't seen the sun for weeks now. :( but the weird thing is - the apples are still on trees. It’s all over Moscow! and I have never seen them in the 4 years I've been living here! Maybe that's coz I never had classes all over Moscow before. It’s clinical year, thus the travelling to different hospitals every 1 or 2 weeks. huhuh~

*my every morning exercise - running for the bus, the metro and trams*


nad said...

wow apple tree!! cool! ta ley panjat n petik ke like ppl in Malaysia wud normally do..? hehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

OF COURSE!! we panjat and petik and makan and make apple pies.. coz we get apples for FREE!! ;)