Friday, March 25, 2011


Kata saya, "lelaki suka memanipulasi". Kata mereka, "perempuan tidak pernah memahami"...

I'm so pissed off with my boyfriend because he finished my can of lychee which I bought for rm18!!! and he blamed me because I didn't tell him, not to finish it off. wth???

Kempunan laici sangat2 skarang ni tapi duit kekurangan sebab dah hujung bulan... iskk.. sampai nangis2 tadi, tp dia buat "don't know" je.. sbb dia pon takde duit nak ganti balik.. aduuuhh.. sedihnya hati ni!!! T.T

pasal laici pon boleh gaduh sampai nak break-up. grrrrr... geramnya!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Swollen throats made me loose my appetite..

ps: on the bright side - the snow is melting! and the temperature is finally above zero degree. ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tun Mahathir visits Moscow

Tun Mahathir was actually in Moscow for some work, but Kelab Umno Moscow sent in a request for him to meet with Malaysian students who are pursuing their studies here and they got lucky when Tun said YES! ;)

Unfortunately, the embassy gave limited seats to those who want to meet the legendary Tun Mahathir. Only 300 seats from 2000 of malaysian students all over moscow. So, everyone gave in their names as quick as possible to the student bodies hoping to get seats. Alhamdulillah, I was one of the lucky ones whose name got picked to experience this once in a lifetime event. ;)

Tun gave us an inspiring speech. How we should repay the community once we become successful because it is from the community that we become who we are. There are a lot of us who went overseas and decided not to come back and work, but the way he put it, I don't remember the exact words, it just went straight to my heart why should contribute to our country, why we should work in our own country. It's all because we should contribute to our own community, the people who are the reason why we are here in the first place.

Well, enough of me blabbering. Here's some pics! enjoy! ;))

I was so starstruck at this time until one of the embassy staff had to tap me to move. lol!

Shaking hands with Tun Hasmah. ^.^

Tun Mahathir giving his speech. Photo from where I sat. Don't mind my 3.2 megapix camera.

Picture from the tv in front of me.

bB having his moment.

my moment.

another moment. even when everyone was already going off the stage. The person in the middle is the Ambassador - Dato Zainol Abidin.

Me and bB in the bus heading back to the hostel.

Some pics are from my friends in facebook. I didn't wait until Tun left though because bb suddenly had a stomach ache. >.<" oh well, seeing him is already a rare opportunity so I'm still grateful. ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

It's a public holiday today in Russia, and all the women are carrying flowers. I wonder why back home, we only get flowers or gifts only on Valentines Day and Birthdays. Is a day to celebrate women is not as important?

We had a little celebration too. Had lunch at the newly opened Chili's in Novy Arbat with bB and his groupmates. Not bad I must say, quite a lot of vegetarian and seafood choices for us Muslims. =) I didn't take any photos though. Being a silly goose as always, I brought my camera but forgot to put back the memory card in after I transfered yesterday's photo. Have to wait for Dinie to upload the pics on facebook.

Well, gotta get to my studies now. Tomorrow class starts. sigh. 3 day weekend is not enough. Holiday is never enough. ;P

oh! I cut my hair last friday and I love it! heehee..


March in Moscow

Monday, March 7, 2011

“It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

As I'm writing my notes, I was thinking about the article I just read about how housemen nowadays are under-perform because there are too many of them.. It made me question, do we have enough doctors in Malaysia now?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sick again

same ol' story.. I'm sick again.. I've been sick too many times since the beginning of last semester! I'm blaming the weather! gaaahhhhh! It was a cold autumn, warm winter and freaking cold february! wtf?!

I didn't go for class yesterday. I was up early; really early. 6:00 am. Got ready, bathe, ironed my t-shirt, wore my jeans, had breakfast, bags packed. really. I was completely ready, just wasting time with my laptop, waiting for 8:30 am to come so I could leave my room. 7:30 am, I felt woozy and nauseous. My head started aching. Sasha buzzed me on ym saying she might not go for class because she's not feeling well. What a coincidence! I felt the same way. We both decided by 8 if we're not feeling better we might just as well skip.

8:00 am. hah! my temperature went through the roof! I suddenly felt very hot and asked my roomate to feel my temple. Gave her quite a shock, "PANASNYE ANNA!". Sasha messaged me "I'm not going to class..etc.." sigh.. me too. My temperature just rose.. ;( I hate missing class. I drank panadol soluble and went straight to bed. Slept almost the whole day. Woke up in between to check my email and Cityville (yes. I'm addicted to another virtual game thanks to bB). bB came to pass me my drugs and food, then I went to bed again and woke up this morning at 5:30 am. Yes. I'm a morning person. ;)

I went to class today and guess what! Half of the class is sick! and we have the same type of cough!! I think its the same virus. I blame the cold classroom! Well, there's a heater today. My classmate said, yesterday the lecturer plugged in an extra heater after the break. Seriously, that classroom is F*CKING COLD! but its warm today with that little heater plugged in. heeee... :D

I do hope spring comes soon. I'm so tired of the snow. It feels so long! ;(

WTF?!?! It's already March for heaven's sake!! Why the hell is the snow still here?! It was -16°C this morning, now it's -6°C.. hopefully this 1 digit'll last longer.. ;P You can't predict Russia's weather. 1 minute it says +1°C, next thing you know it's already -10°C! iskkk.. >.<"