Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sick again

same ol' story.. I'm sick again.. I've been sick too many times since the beginning of last semester! I'm blaming the weather! gaaahhhhh! It was a cold autumn, warm winter and freaking cold february! wtf?!

I didn't go for class yesterday. I was up early; really early. 6:00 am. Got ready, bathe, ironed my t-shirt, wore my jeans, had breakfast, bags packed. really. I was completely ready, just wasting time with my laptop, waiting for 8:30 am to come so I could leave my room. 7:30 am, I felt woozy and nauseous. My head started aching. Sasha buzzed me on ym saying she might not go for class because she's not feeling well. What a coincidence! I felt the same way. We both decided by 8 if we're not feeling better we might just as well skip.

8:00 am. hah! my temperature went through the roof! I suddenly felt very hot and asked my roomate to feel my temple. Gave her quite a shock, "PANASNYE ANNA!". Sasha messaged me "I'm not going to class..etc.." sigh.. me too. My temperature just rose.. ;( I hate missing class. I drank panadol soluble and went straight to bed. Slept almost the whole day. Woke up in between to check my email and Cityville (yes. I'm addicted to another virtual game thanks to bB). bB came to pass me my drugs and food, then I went to bed again and woke up this morning at 5:30 am. Yes. I'm a morning person. ;)

I went to class today and guess what! Half of the class is sick! and we have the same type of cough!! I think its the same virus. I blame the cold classroom! Well, there's a heater today. My classmate said, yesterday the lecturer plugged in an extra heater after the break. Seriously, that classroom is F*CKING COLD! but its warm today with that little heater plugged in. heeee... :D

I do hope spring comes soon. I'm so tired of the snow. It feels so long! ;(

WTF?!?! It's already March for heaven's sake!! Why the hell is the snow still here?! It was -16°C this morning, now it's -6°C.. hopefully this 1 digit'll last longer.. ;P You can't predict Russia's weather. 1 minute it says +1°C, next thing you know it's already -10°C! iskkk.. >.<"


petite girl said...

oh poor you anna! anna, i was in your shoes! but well,someone gave me a bottle of hot herbal chinese tea and it worked within two days! if it's available in russia, get one.wrap up anna,you'll be fine!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

really? cool! I shall find it! been drinking warm honey+water. I'm feeling better today. no more fever. Just the cough. yup. been wrapping myself lately, even sleeping with socks on. huhuhu.. thanks ann! ;))

She is f.A.z.A said...

hey u..
get well soon ok :)