Thursday, June 25, 2009

and so summer begins~

Yeay! I finished my exams!! I have never been so happier!

3rd year was like hell.. and i'm glad I got thru it, even with tons of obstacles (i.e.: visa yg kene tunggu sebulan utk siap, sbb buat passport baru time winter break - missed 3 weeks of class - mcm giler nak catch up - no avtomat for pathphysiology -and bunch of other stuffs) I'm very proud of myself even though my results was just average...

Alhamdulillah sgt2... I really don't know how to thank God!

My last paper was just now and i am so happy with my result!! ;)

My flight is tomorrow, and right now, baru separa packing my stuffs.. i'm taking a break.. heheee...Anyway, i'll be spending 5 days in Beijing... "tak risau pasal H1N1 virus ke?" - of course la risau... but i think the more u worried about it, the more it'll get worse.. no? but i shall take precautions.. :)

oh, can't wait to go jalan2... hehee..

Just now i went to the Center, straight after exam finishes.. i wanted to buy some last minute souvenirs but too lazy to go to Izmaylovsky Park... plus Izmaylovsky Park is so damn far although you can get better choice and the price is like half what you can get in the Center.. but.. da last minute, nak wat camne?

time tgh survey-survey, suddenly i saw a cat matryoshka that's exactly like the one Katy Perry bought when she came to Moscow! I told bB, "b, Katy Perry beli yg kucing tu.. i nampak kat blog die.." and so, i bought one for myself! heheee.. I'm a Katy Perry fan you see.. She's just so funny.. I absolutely adore her.. X)

but i bought the small one with 2 anak.. and Katy's one got 4 anak.. no matter, as long as it's a cat! heeheee..

although, i think the smallest one is a mouse.. ;P

p/s: i shall spend my summer with lots of sleeping, watching tv, eating, lepak kat teluk chempedak, tgk wayang, shopping and occasionally jogging.. huhuhu

Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh! tak sabarnye nak cuti...

....kehidupan seorang pelajar...

click this link

LOL~!! funny.. can't say its not true though... *sigh* ;P

Friday, June 12, 2009


curious? "lab dap" is the sound of the heart beating.. well, according to McLeod's Clinical Examination Textbook anyway.. huhuhu~

and right now.. the labdab is tachycardic.. *sigh*...

exam is in 2 days.. and i'm still not focus.. im just really tired.. just wanna go home.. hrmmm...

i need more semangat right now!!
mama.. i need you~ :((

i need bigger table.. no? :P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zee Avi on