Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bad timing


time2 nak dekat exam la baru that "time of the month" nak dtg (girls, u know what I'm talking about), my cramps are starting.. ssaaaaaaaaakkkkeeeeeeeettttttttt!!~

pastu2, time2 nak dekat exam la wisdom tooth ni nak tumbuh.. saaaakkkkeeeeeetttt!!!~ :(


are they really the reason for my un-focus-ness or are they just excuses to not study?? ;P
this is so annoying...

NEW YEAR'S COMING! got to start making my new year's resolution.. hehee..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a Wish

I know Christmas is over... but can I still make a wish??

someone sent this link to my windows live account.. it's a ermmm... what do u call a website that sell colthes?? it's not really a blog shop.. I guess I'll just call it web shop.. hehee..

it looked like they import clothes from Korea.. and I love their stuffs!!!

the shop is called Fashion Khoo

I know the website is in Chinese, but you can use the google translate widget and translate the whole website into English.. :D it's a Malaysian based website.. and it's dotcom. I wonder why they put everything in Chinese? mcm racist je.. (o.0) seb baik ade google translate.. and seb baik baju semua cantik2!

the thing i like about this site is that, the gave you the whole body measurements, i.e, shoulder, length, waist, etc.... and they have so many clothes that are my trend.. ;)

oh! i'm so in love with this dress..

rase mcm nak beli sgt2.. huhuhu~ but the thing is.. I'm saving for Europe.. *sigh*.. maybe after the trip? ;)

I wonder if they have a shop anywhere? maybe I could go visit and try the clothes on.. hehee..

Can I go to Seoul and have a shopping spree there? anyone wanna join? huhuhu~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Don't Shoot Me, Santa..

the chorus is so catchy... :))

SALAM MAAL HIJRAH(if it's not too late).. ;P


Tuesday, December 22, 2009





there was supposed to be around 400 students in that hall, but there was barely even 40!! AND I CAN STILL TELL WHO WAS THERE! KO YG TAK PERGI, NAK MEMANDAI CKP KO TAU APE BERLAKU KAT MEETING TU...

f*ck this bullsh*t!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


the title is today's temperature...


i know that it's just -19°C.. I've been through -30°C before.. what's the big deal right? it's just that it's so sudden!! last week it was +8°C.. tibe2, today -19°C!! plus there's wind and it's not snowing and the sun is up! it's not good when the sun is up during winter.. She doesn't really give heat at all.. She just shines.. ;P

the view from my class

I really didn't expect it to be this cold today.. plus i didn't wear my leggings inside my jeans, thus explaining why i couldn't feel my thigh.. seb baik pakai sweater and a long sleeves t-shirt underneath my winter jacket..

tipu giler "feels like -18!!", more like -25 to me!! looks like it's gonna be a cold week... *sigh* :((

Sunday, November 29, 2009

formalin & stitches

Operative Surgery cycle is great!!

We've been doing a lot of stitching besides drawing & taking notes... I have OpSurgery exam this winter!! and I am so damn scared! it's my first exam in Russian.. I really do hope i'll pass... I have around 6 weeks to study!! *SCREAM!!* I really can't believe exam is coming so soon! *sigh* Guess I have to start now.. My russian still sucks.. ;P

Anyway, here's some pics of what I've been doing.. enjoy!

P/S: people who have trouble looking at internal organs, I advise you not to continue... because, I'm gonna show you the stitches made on intestines, stomach and liver... the intestines and stomach are human's, the liver are cow's.. ;)

Mdm. Krukova giving instructions

the whole GIT system

future surgeons.. *wink*

stomach wound due to trauma - end result of stiching

end result of colonectomy


stitching on liver

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Eid-ul-Adha

Salam Aidiladha... :)
unfortunately, I have class today.. so I probably won't go to Solat Raya at the embassy this morning.. plus it's an interesting and important class too!! we're going to operate on liver today! woohoo~ I LOVE SURGERIES!! can't wait!! :))
i'll upload pics!
Happy raya everyone! maybe I'll make rendang today.. [liver rendang anyone? LOL!]
cheer~ :))

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It snowed for a few days.. but the snow has melted away since yesterday. I'm starting to wonder whether the Mayor of Moscow is really trying to make no snow in Moscow. But I LIKE SNOW! :) I don't like melted snow that became ice on the road and sidewalks. but I like snow.

although it snowed, it’s still autumn. but the leaves have all fallen and being cleaned away. The weather is gloomy. It’s either rain or snow. I haven't seen the sun for weeks now. :( but the weird thing is - the apples are still on trees. It’s all over Moscow! and I have never seen them in the 4 years I've been living here! Maybe that's coz I never had classes all over Moscow before. It’s clinical year, thus the travelling to different hospitals every 1 or 2 weeks. huhuh~

*my every morning exercise - running for the bus, the metro and trams*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



sorry it's late.. I've been meaning to post this last Saturday, but the internet was disconnected on Friday.. and for 10 days there was no internet.. *sigh* they were upgrading the cables it seemed..

So anyway, I was kinda worried that it might be cancelled or postponed.. coz before Moscow is KL, but it was postponed.. or cancelled? I'm not sure which one is true.. kesian Malaysians.. but I, I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! even though seat agak jauh dan sgt atas.. plus mahal plak tu.. Oh well, its BEYONCE.. and I had fun making my friends in Malaysia feel jealous.. ngee~ the best part is.. NO OPENING ACT!!

although, we waited 45 minutes for Beyonce to come out.. hehee.. then the lights went out, the curtains opened.. and there she was! LOOKING SO GORGEOUS! Her voice was so amazing! the performance was amazing! everything was live!! well, except Jay-Z's and Kanye's voice during the song Crazy in Love, Upgrade U and Ego.. but other than that, she was singing Live!! not just her voice was live, but the BAND too! with backup singers and everything!!

and her costumes.. OMG.. I seriously don't know if boleh lepas Malaysia ke tak.. even if she agrees to cover up.. her interval videos.. OMG! there's one interval video, where she took a coin from her cleaves.. and they were focusing on her butts and breasts.. ;P huhuhu~ nonetheless.. SHE IS GORGEOUS!! and I am just happy.. coz i get to see it here in Moscow.. "Original and no covering up".. ngeee... sorry the pics is small.. thats becoz I was so high up! gambar tu pon da habes zoom da.. huhu.. more pics in Facebook!

arggghhh!! giler teruk quality video!! seriously.. i think i need a new camera.. my current camera is 3.2megapix.. o.0 although it has been very faithful and useful to me.. and after several years pun masih lg kuat bekerja.. tp.... i think i need an update.. don't u?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

L.O.V.E is just another word I never learn to pronounce

not really.. I am in LOVE.. enough said..

so.. now i am in my 5th cycle now - Neurology and Neurosurgery.. erkk.. CNS is not my favourite subject.. Brains and nerves are just too complicated.. today will be my first class, 3 days of lectures and 7 days of class with patient history taking.. o.0

I could say my history taking capability is pretty good after kene marah kaw-kaw by my therapy teacher last cycle for not asking damn a lot of questions from the patient.. She is one 'skema' teacher.. I mean really2 'skema'.. I don't mind a 'skema' teacher, but there's just a limit to it - She came into lectures just to check if we're there or not and forced us to sit in the 1st row!! erkk.. too much?!
I still hadn't receive my zachut, not just me, the whole class hadn't receive our zachuts just because she wants to check every person's patients histories.. o.0 *sigh*

end with cycles story.. now- latest song addiction: 3oh!3 STARSTRUKK feat. Katy Perry!

I heard this song during summer... liked it.. but LOVE it now that Katy Perry's on it!
oh Katy Perry! I love u so~ when r u coming to see me? huhuhu~ I am waiting for her world tour concert.. don't matter in KL or Moscow.. as long as I am there to be there.. ;) but I hope she'll come to Moscow while I'm still here.. Malaysia has too many rules.. ;P

oh.. its autumn! this is one of the sunny days.. its a rare sight lately. I love the colours of the leaves.. :) but all the leaves on the trees have fallen by now.. winter is coming.. ;P

Saturday, October 10, 2009


YEAY!! da ade internet balik dah!!
3 weeks without internet!!! can you believe that?!?!

well, the internet just got connected since tuesday...
the moment i saw the notice at the notice board to get registered for internet connection in the room, me and roomate straight away went to their office!
da jadi gile da tade internet.. ;P
thank God the time we went there, no one was there.. (i got back fr class early, so the ones who weren't back yet didn't know they need to register)

we went there at 2 and finished by 4!!! lembab giler russian ni buat kerje!! and they were so unprofessional! so many questions were not answered!!
like "how to configure the router?" - they don't even know what is a router in the first place and they said "no, it's individually".. what the hell?!?! so then a girl told him, that there's only 1 line and 4 people in room is using the internet by router, so if they alrdy paid, takkan only 1 person can use?! and when r they going to pasang the other 3 main lines? - then only it got them thinking about it.. and them i asked them about the monthly payment.. is it by bank or just pay at their office.. they said they don't know yet.. "huh?!" (o.O) tak paham.. tak paham..

so then, when we finished, everyone started queuing up.. the corridor was so full of students! me and my roomate da excited da nak gune internet since they said, the internet will be connected "сразу" which means at once.. but when we got into the room, there was no connection.. my roomate was so disappointed.. we got connection at 4 in the morning.. but we can't use the router.. so we have been passing back and forth the main line for the past couple of days until last night.. her friend came and configure the router.. so now both of us can use the internet!! yeay! everyone configure their router themselves coz the internet company's technician don't even know what a router is.. bongok giler.. kerje technician tp tatau nak configure router.. router je kot!! ntah apape..

apapelah.. asalkan da ade internet skarang.. i'm happy! ;) alhamdulillah...

Monday, September 21, 2009

mati akal!!

my hostel's internet has been disconnected!!! not only the building i'm living in BUT THE ENTIRE CAMPUS IS WITHOUT INTERNET!!

Right now, I am at a sushi restaurant near my campus that has wi-fi to be connected to the web world.. *sigh* and the sushi is not that cheap either.. *double sigh*

There's a notice at the hostel lobby that the internet will be connected after the 28th!! It was disconnected since the 18th.. dah nak dekat raye lah baru die nak disconnect!!! i couldn't even call my family to wish raya!! it's so sad! i can't call using my hp coz it's so bloody EXPENSIVE!!!
my mom did call me, but we only talk like 5 secs! call from Malaysia pon mahal jugak!! ;( it's a sad sad situation...


and it's a pretty stupid reason too!!
it seems that the Rector of the university is asking for commission from the internet company for doing business inside the campus.. WHAT THE HELL?!!! and it seems the internet company refused.. so the Rector must be asking for a whole lot for the internet company to refuse..
but a friend of mine asked to be refunded, they said it's still undecided... so i think they must still be negotiating over the contract.. ;P

sangatlah menyusahkan all the students!! everyone seem to be mati akal without the internet and it's very hard to study too.. I AM VERY VERY STRESS!! I JUST CAN'T LIVE IN MOSCOW WITHOUT INTERNET!! :'( GOD HELP ME!

plus right now, i have a problem connecting to facebook.. i'm not sure whether the signal from my laptop is weak or it's just the wi-fi has problems.. i can't even open my Hotmail.. the only thing i can open is Google.com and Wikipedia.org.. the only way i opened this blog was from google.com.. Arghhhh!!! sedeynye!!! what to do without the internet?!?!

This 10 days will be the longest time i am not log into my Facebook..How do people go through their lives without internet in the those days??! sedihnye, sedihnye.. *sigh*


Sunday, September 13, 2009

less than a week till... RAYA!!

Not that it makes any difference to me since I am here.. I miss raya-ing at home.. *sigh* Nonetheless, it marks the end of Ramadan.. end of fasting..

At one point, I am happy coz I get to eat during the day again, but at another point.. I feel sad that Ramadan is leaving.. I haven't been doing all the good deeds.. I've tried anyway.. and there's some improvement.. :))
1) I’ve been to more than 1 terawikh... coz usually I only went to terawikh only once a year.. hehehh..
2) I haven't been missing my 5 times a day solat..
3) My zikir also increases a bit.. I think.. ;)

and there's some deterioration too unfortunately..
I haven't been reading the Quran quite so often this Ramadan.. (,")

InsyaAllah next Ramadan, I’ll improve more.. heheee..

not losing much weight this Ramadan either.. *sigh*
I’m gaining so much weight since I left secondary school.. I'm 45-48kg now.. and I used to be 40.. :(

While I was at home.. I tried my pants and skirts that I used to wear when I was in school, and unfortunately none of them I could fit in anymore.. it's my butt.. it's getting bigger.. damn!
I hate that fact.. but I’m so lazy to work out.. ;P

I feel so out of place when I'm with my siblings.. coz they are so thin!!! LIKE REALLY2 THIN!! I’m not considered fat or even chubby.. but when I stand between my siblings.. I am just really out of place, and I feel so fat coz they're so damn thin and tall too.. and I’m so short..
don't really know what happened to me when I was growing up.. Possibly the fact that I don't drink milk.. ha-ha!

whatever lah... I am who I am.. I malas nak gi jogging eventhough man kept saying 'kaklong gemok', and my mom kept saying I need to go on a diet.. ;P
and bB kept saying "nasib baik u kurus" to keep me motivated to stay thin.. huhuhu.. neither has been working..
damn.. Am I that fat??! sedihnye...

it's been 2 weeks since class started.. I've been having quite a hard time.. coz everything is in Russian.. the text books, the lectures, the teachers.. huhuhu~
but I’m glad I don't have any exams pending.. 4th year is good so far..
Currently its Obstetrics cycle and I've been watching people giving birth like almost every class.. and it's quite terrifying - giving birth..
I'm circling Obs&Gynae as my specialty. they're really interesting.. :)

Till next time..
.Anna Mohamed Amin.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

summer so far...

I can't believe i have 3 weeks left for my holidays...

and i still haven't gone to teluk chempedak yet... hrmmm..

where is everyone anyway? seem so quiet all of a sudden in Kuantan...

anyway, here's some post of what i have been doing so far...

5 days trip to Beijing as soon as the semester ended.. hehee..

Celebrated Man's 21st birthday on the 2nd of July

Aimi's place - makan2..

Chasing after monsters at MidValley Megamall.. although i have to say, there weren't as many monsters as they say..

a day with my 2 best girls after a year apart! ;)

and not to forget.. i've completed my practicals at HTAA.. :)

hrmmm.. what else should i do this 3 more weeks?
oh! our anniversary is coming up!! hehee.. 2 years.. ;) and hope there's many more years to come.. cheers~
i do have some plans coming up next week.. but no real plans for the rest of my holidays... i guess i just stick around at home more.. i have no complain.. :D
i have been going back and forth from kuantan to kL a lot.. like almost every week.. following my mom.. it's tiring.. i don't know how she does it... i really can't follow in her footsteps.. ;P huhuhu...

well.. it's almost 3 a.m and i'm getting tired.. good night~!

p/s: bought a new broadband USB already!! yeay!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

broken parts

hey peeps!
sorry for my absent for a month.. huhuhu..
the reason is.. my sister broke the broadband USB.. yup.. how it broke? you just have to see how she handles the stuff.. and... it's irreparable.. it's just her.. she always seems to break things.. or maybe it's in the genes? haha.. no comment..

so we basically have to buy a new case which cost RM400!!! *sigh* my sister has no appreciation for money.. seriously.. when we told that its broken and need to be replace by RM400, all she said was - "amek duit dalam account iyya"..amboi2.. senangnye cakap.. anyway, we've been pleading from our dad to give us rm400.. well, not exactly we.. more like me and my bro persuading little miss amek-duit-from-my-account to do it since its her fault the thing is broken in the first place... and it seems my dad don't really take her seriously and been delaying the rm400 for like 2 weeks already.. sabarje lah..

i don't like asking money from my parents.. rather buy it myself but the thing is i won't be fair.. if i buy it, its mine and they can't use it.. HAHAHAHA!!! but its probably a waste coz I'll be back to Moscow in September.. and they'll be using it.. and if little miss amek-duit-from-my-account breaks it.. i wont be able to scream and nag at her for breaking it or even ask her to ganti balik my money... so baik mintak je the money from my dad.. even though its so dreadful!!

so what's up for the past month? huhu.. nothing much.. gone back and forth from kuantan to kL and viceversa.. finished my attachments which i can say is much more productive that last year.. even kene marah from the specialist and patient.. huhuhu~ menyedihkan! i guess it prepares me better for the future which I'm sure I'll get even more.. ahhh!! takutnye! but this is my choice! so I'll do the best that i can!! chaiyokk! chaiyokk!

oh! Beijing was great!! although it was hazy for a couple of days while we were there... but it was great.. and a very very funny experience.. hehehe... i wish to put up some pics.. but I'm at a CC currently and I'm too lazy to carry around my external hard disk.. hrmm..

cepatnye sebulan da lepas.. tinggal sebulan je lg cuti... but like i said in my previous post, I've been spending my days with lots of sleeping, watching tv,and occasionally jogging.. i have not been lepaking at TC as well as tgk wayang bcoz unfortunately, i haven't been feeling up to it and not that many friends are currently in kuantan or is it just bcoz i haven't gave any of them a call?.. huhu.. and no shopping either.. recession in the household.. kene berjimat.. ;P

oklah.. till next time! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

and so summer begins~

Yeay! I finished my exams!! I have never been so happier!

3rd year was like hell.. and i'm glad I got thru it, even with tons of obstacles (i.e.: visa yg kene tunggu sebulan utk siap, sbb buat passport baru time winter break - missed 3 weeks of class - mcm giler nak catch up - no avtomat for pathphysiology -and bunch of other stuffs) I'm very proud of myself even though my results was just average...

Alhamdulillah sgt2... I really don't know how to thank God!

My last paper was just now and i am so happy with my result!! ;)

My flight is tomorrow, and right now, baru separa packing my stuffs.. i'm taking a break.. heheee...Anyway, i'll be spending 5 days in Beijing... "tak risau pasal H1N1 virus ke?" - of course la risau... but i think the more u worried about it, the more it'll get worse.. no? but i shall take precautions.. :)

oh, can't wait to go jalan2... hehee..

Just now i went to the Center, straight after exam finishes.. i wanted to buy some last minute souvenirs but too lazy to go to Izmaylovsky Park... plus Izmaylovsky Park is so damn far although you can get better choice and the price is like half what you can get in the Center.. but.. da last minute, nak wat camne?

time tgh survey-survey, suddenly i saw a cat matryoshka that's exactly like the one Katy Perry bought when she came to Moscow! I told bB, "b, Katy Perry beli yg kucing tu.. i nampak kat blog die.." and so, i bought one for myself! heheee.. I'm a Katy Perry fan you see.. She's just so funny.. I absolutely adore her.. X)

but i bought the small one with 2 anak.. and Katy's one got 4 anak.. no matter, as long as it's a cat! heeheee..

although, i think the smallest one is a mouse.. ;P

p/s: i shall spend my summer with lots of sleeping, watching tv, eating, lepak kat teluk chempedak, tgk wayang, shopping and occasionally jogging.. huhuhu

Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh! tak sabarnye nak cuti...

....kehidupan seorang pelajar...

click this link

LOL~!! funny.. can't say its not true though... *sigh* ;P

Friday, June 12, 2009


curious? "lab dap" is the sound of the heart beating.. well, according to McLeod's Clinical Examination Textbook anyway.. huhuhu~

and right now.. the labdab is tachycardic.. *sigh*...

exam is in 2 days.. and i'm still not focus.. im just really tired.. just wanna go home.. hrmmm...

i need more semangat right now!!
mama.. i need you~ :((

i need bigger table.. no? :P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zee Avi on CNN.com


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so far.. quite good..

I'm almost settling all my zachuts.. all that's left is:
  • Pathophysiology: Cardiovascular system (written, oral case and ECG), written Gastro-Intestinal Tract system.

Pathoanatomy: macrosample 4th Colloq, and oral 3rd Colloq.

Pharmacology: 2 tests and 1 Colloq

I guess zachut is not that far ahead..

tomorrow is the last class of Pharmacology and the last Colloq.. i have to settle all the tests tomorrow.. yeay! another zachut!

and next week is the first exam.. my Internal Disease Therapy exam is brought up to next week instead of 30th June..

wahhhh~ takot! takot! dah la mcm byk je lg tak study..


wish me all the best!!!

[cuak squad activated] :P

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my new album - coming out soon *wink*

first, let me tell you that i am very happy because I passed my Surgical Practical Exam!! :)) but its not over yet, since i still will have the written exam in 3 weeks.. @.@..

moving on.. i was tagged by Saddam who is my bro already for quite a while, but i was so damn busy.. im a little free today and so I shall do this.. :))

- Open http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
(alternatively, if the first article you hit is short, hit Random Article two more times.)

2 - Open http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Open http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop/paint or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it! and Flaunt it!

here it is.. tadaa~

he pic fits the album title! don't u think??

so who to tag?
-those who reads this blog and have time to do this.. :)

happy networking people!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i never expected Grey's Anatomy season 5 finale would be so SHOCKING! so DRAMATIC!! absolutely love it! made me can't wait for the 6th season.. but i had the sad part.. 3 episode berturut2 sy menangis berbaldi-baldi!! especially episode "No Good at Saying Sorry".. *sob*sob*

sape yg ta tgk mmg rugi ar.. i was expecting Izzie, but George came out of no where.. if I were Meredith i would gasp the way she would.. actually, i was gasping when she was gasping! and bB sibok plak tny ape "007"(i was watching the episode in his room).. haish~ ruined the moment..kene la explain ape itu "007" sbb kalo tak mesti die majok.. [p/s: sape yg tak tgk Grey's sila cari sendri ye ape itu "007"].. :P

oh! seriously can't wait for the next season!! what's gonna happen!! George or Izzie??? *sob*sob*sob*

Did you say it? "I love you", "I don't ever wanna live without you", "you changed my life", Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work towards it. But every now and then, we look around. Drink it in. Because this is it.
It might all be gone tomorrow.

but first.. exams, exams, exams... settle everything br enjoy.. ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 more month till exams..

and i still have these pendings to settle to get credits to enter exam hall:

Pathophysiology: oral test endocrine system, written and oral test CVS, written GIT system, written respiratory system, written liver diseases, written kidney diseases.

Pathoanatomy: oral 1st colloquium, written and oral 2nd colloquium.

Dermatology: 1 kelas ganti sebab tak pergi kelas

Pharmacology: 3 written tests

General surgery: 1 colloquium and practical exam

this is my exam schedule.. to those who don't understand russian, huhu.. sorry lah.. mcm malas plak nak translate..

I'm in group 35.. so my first exam will be on the 11th June which is General Surgery (Обшая Хирургия).. and last on 30th June - Internal Disease Therapy...

oh I hope i'll get my credits on time.. InsyaAllah~ pray for me people! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

caught in a moment

these are some random photos from my phone..

pretty light before entering the studio where bB and his band jammed.. i find it unique - some modern elements in an old building.. sorry the pics is blurry, i took it with my phone camera coz i forgot to bring my camera..

Hematoma of the brain

Love Birds - literally! they're called Love Birds!

Cicak and her babies.. awww~ i miss u kitties!

practice stitching in operative surgery class

A makcik giving a squirrel bananas at Taman Gelora..

A REALLY REALLY HUGE DOG AT THE AIRPORT!! I could've sworn it looked like a BEAR!! see how huge its cage is! i supposed he had to go in there during the flight.. ITS HUGE!! AND BLACK!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i just found out that Lady Gaga's show is for VIP and some russian radio contest winner only... *sigh*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I wanna go! I wanna go!! oh~ I wish i could go.. but I'm no so sure if I can go.. because bB is having some complication right now with his tuition fees.. I don't want to go into details.. but his passport is with the dekanat.. and mine too.. I had to prolonged my visa.. so both of us are basically stuck with a paper called "сравка" (spravka).. its like a 'dokumen ganti sementara visa sedang diproses'.. huhu.. and eventhough u have that spravka thingy, its not always safe to walk around unless u have the real passport.. some policemen won't accept it eventhough u said your pasport is in the dean's office.. ;P

but I WANNA GO!! I WANNA GO! I DON'T CARE! :(( I missed Rihanna's concert when I was in Malaysia during my winter hols, just cause she and Chris Brown decided to have a fight just few days before her concert.. damn it!! and my new years resolution was going to every concert! arrrghhhh!!

Lady Gaga's show is on the 25th April!! and I just knew! It was a coincidence really.. i just felt like opening her website coz i was listening to her songs.. and there it was, in the tour section:
Famous Club Moscow, RUS 25th APR 2009!!!!

It's in 10 DAYS!! hrmmm.. and I don't really know where to find the tickets.. either it's a free show or not, i have no idea.. I've been searching for ticket price online but so far found nothing.. maybe I have to go to the club to find out.. but it's so damn far!! it's gonna take atleast 1 and 1/2 hour to get there because my radiology class is somewhere there too.. well, according to this website (click on the map) anyway, the club is somewhere there..

I haven't been out having fun lately.. bB's too caught up with his problem.. I kinda feel neglected.. and my problem is, i don't have any friends other than him.. and I don't know if
they'd wanna go to Lady Gaga's show.. *sigh* who should I ask??

anyone wanna join me go see Lady Gaga? anyone?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Do ignore my previous post as i wasn't in a clear state of mind..

whatever it was, just remember..



Friday, April 3, 2009

it was lost, but i've found it..

oh! i finally found my necklace!! sorry for the panic attack people... :D i've searched everywhere except inside my bed.. I even search under the pillow but not under the comforter.. *sigh* i found it when i woke up this morning.. it was under me while i was sleeping.. it must have slipped from my pocket when i lie down... hehehe.. cheers~



the silver-heart-shaped i bought last summer in Vincci ECM with Farisa+Fardia..

i don't remember where i put it.. i kinda remember trying it on this morning before going to class, but decided to wear another instead.. now i dont know where it is.. I've searched everywhere! even the bakul sampah! SUMPAH! it was so disgusting! i can't bear checking it twice! [my watch went in there once.. nasib baik tak terbuang].. :P i pakai glove ok mase i check the bakul sampah... it was still disgusting!

oh where oh where can my necklace be? *sob*sob*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Mind Of My Own

I envy those people who can think. I envy those people who can talk. I envy those people who can say what they want to say.

I never was much of a debater. I guess I was more of a listener. A follower. And I never really know how to decide or to balance it out which is good or bad.

I had to take opinions. I had to ask people around me. And still in the end, I can't decide. I will be one way when there's more people on this side, and vice versa.

My mother's opinion matters the most. Her decisions. Everything. And I will always be her follower. This kind of bothers bB. Because I seem to always bragging about my mother. "My mom said like this, my mom said like that, etc". He always has his own mind. I envy him. I'm always changing, always going around and around. Not knowing where to stop.

I don't really know why. I guess that's why I'm not much of a leader. Although I aspire to be one. I wish.

I can't debate. I tend to get personal. I tend to be emotional. I guess I'll be a lousy politician. :P I'll cry. I'll scream. I'll run away. I hate when that happens. I don't really understand why. It sucks! because I wanna be strong.

I envy those who can talk. Who get people to listen. I envy my mother. I can't talk.

I talk shit sometimes. I know no one understands what I am saying. No one will pay attention anyway. I rather keep quiet. I guess I'd rather write. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh gosh!

sorry peeps..

i know i haven't update this blog for awhile now.. but as you should know.. IT'S 3RD YEAR!! and it's the 2nd semester!! i have 6 exams coming up in June.. so expect this blog to be ignored for a while.. ;)

WELL apparently, my sister has a blog.. and i will link it.. and apparently, updates from her blog says that she got contacts!! i doubt that she actually made that one up! ok~ that's enough for the details.. i guess its kinda personal.. to be honest, i dont really mind talking about my personal life/family to some friends and strangers.. but my brother do, so i'll respect that.. huhuhu..

my point is... girls (i.e: little girls) these days seem to want to grow up very fast! i mean, i remember when i was my sister's age and watching 'Di Mana Joe Jambul', Telitubbies, Bananas in Pyjamas, etc.. now all they watch is mostly ANTM, and Hanna Montana.. which is fun for my age of course.. but i dont really know how it would be fun watching them at her age.. do they even understand what they're saying? i don't even understand what the FRIENDS characters was saying until i finished school...

I see her wearing all these make-ups.. i mean, i had my first eyeshadow when i was in form 3! and that was a free Dior sample eyeshadow my mom got it from buying Dior products and she decided to give to me.. other than that, i started buying a bunch of other makeups (i.e: mascara, lipstick, blusher, etc) when i finished school.. my first make up was when i was form 2.. a lipsgloss.. and i had been wearing that when i went out from form 2 till form 5 coz i don't know how to wear eyeshadow until i was form 5.. ok, if you had to say that my sister is influenced by me - I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13! besides even when i had only 1 lipgloss and 1 eyeshadow - she already had more makeup than i did.. *sigh* still, I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13! i am growing up according to my age..

i saw this girl in youtube.. she's 14 and wears makeup.. i don't disagree that she doesn't look pretty wearing makeup.. in fact, when she wears makeup, she looks way better than when she doesn't.. but the point is she's 14 and looks like 17 or 18.. @_@

i don't understand why they want to grow up so fast.. while we, grown-ups wants to be a kid again.. lumrah kehidupan i guess.. i use to want to grow up when i was a kid.. but i learn to cherish every moment...

the fact still is I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13~!

p/s: and to fairuz.. i'll try to do the 'tagged' when i have time k? sorry babe!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Life keeps reminding me that i need to grow up and be responsible.. hrmm..

i find it ironic - when i was a child, i wanted to grow up so fast.. grown up just seemed so fabulous. Actually, mostly when i was a kid, i wanted to be a teenager.. and I loved my teenage life.. not one bit i regretted.. but I dont want my life to go beyond 18.. when I did turn 18, everything about my life seem to suck every moment.. and ever since it has been a lot of ups and downs.. maybe because i kept wishing to be a teenager again..

haha! that's not gonna happen!

so then a few months ago, i decided to grow up.. but there's still that feeling deep down inside my heart that still wants to stay and be the little girl.. and wanting to depend on others instead of solving my problems myself..

oh well, this is my life.. and it's really not that big of deal at all.. i think my mother got it harder than i do and i dont see her complaining.. ^.^

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


hey there..
i am still in Kuantan. nothing much to do during the hols. though i still dont feel like going back to Moscow yet. FYI, i still have like 9 days left.. *sigh*

didnt do any raya-ing during CNY too, so no ang-pau for me.. huhuu.. sedey kan?

though, there was something interesting during that day.. SOLAR ECLIPSE!! i actually saw it with my own eyes.. the 'sabit' shaped sun.. it was very pretty, and my eyes got hurt from watching the sun too long.. i was seeing blue spots all over when i got back into the house.. eheh.. but i cant really get enough of watching the eclipse.. i didnt took any picture though because well, i dont really know how to show the 'sabit' shape.. but there were some pictures in Safraa facebook.. do check it out.. ;)

but i think, we didn't actually see the full eclipse.. bB ckp kat indonesia dpt tgk the full eclipse.. but i am just happy that i actually saw part of it..

Allah works in magnificent ways.. Allahuakbar~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged by Nad!

Okay, here's the rule :Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

::the age of next birthday::

well, my 22nd bday was just a couple of days ago.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ME! anyone want to give me more presents? its still not too late.. huhuhu.. i can't believe I'm getting older.. and I'm still living in my fantasy world.. huhu.. like nad said, age don't matter, they're just numbers.. yang penting, we are young at heart.. *wink*

::place i'd like to travel::

New York, New York.. tatau la bile boleh pergi.. huhuhu.. actually, i just love to travel, i want to travel the world.. I'm currently studying in Europe(well, part of Europe), so i don't think it's a problem to actually go around Europe.. and not a problem to traveling Asia too.. but to go to the other side of the world.. just need more, more money, more time.. hrmm.. bB yang nak sgt gi New York, i nak jugak, tp tak se-excited bB kot.. i just love travelling.. doesn't matter where.. ;) i never felt like going to New York until bB excites me about it.. huhuhu.. and then hearing Farisa talked about New York, well.. lg la.. hehehe.. so NEW YORK, wait for me! huhuhu..

::a favourite place::

when, u leave home for 10 months a year, there's just no place like home.. even more when you see snow for 5-6 months and the weather just sucks so bad - gloomy and cold! to see the sun is just indescribable.. you're just REALLY HAPPY to see the sun! believe me...

::a favourite food::

I HEART PIZZA SO MUCH!! i love the taste of the cheese... cheese~ yum.. forget the calories! pizza makes not just my tummy but also my heart full, besides bB lah.. hehehe.. i don't mind eating it every day.. X) cheeeeeeeessssseeee~

::a favourite thing::

my Harry Potter collection!! i could read them over and over again.. i love Harry Potter.. :)

::nickname i had::
i used to be called apple by my Makngah.. because i had round face, chubby cheeks and dahi jendul.. therefore, i looked like an apple.. it stucked until she died.. my arwah Makngah, gave all sorts of name, not just to me but also to my cousins.. she named them, pau, plum, moon,etc.. ape ntah lg that i couldn't really remember.. now, no one calls me apple.. and sometimes i miss the name.. that's why my blog is called apple-plum.. now i am just..

::a favourite color::

PINK!! i know it's so typical for a girl to like pink, but i just can't help it, pink is just so glamorous! and i love pink! hehe..

::college major::

MEDICINE.. and loving every bits of it, even if it's stressful.. treating people is not an easy task.. but it's what i want to do in my life.. and i hope, with Allah's help, I'll do a great job! but first, finish Med school.. insyaAllah..

::name of my love::

and of course bB too.. :) my family is my world, without them, i wouldn't be where i am today and i am so grateful for that..

::a hobby::

i love to waste my time reading.. doesn't matter from a book, webs, blogs.. i just love to read.. :)

::a bad habit::

my worst habit is sleeping in lectures... the sound of the lecturer talking is like lullaby to my ears.. dah la lecture selalunye either the first thing in the morning, or the last subject of the day.. the time where sleep is most needed.. i rarely sleeps in class, the idea of getting caught sleeping is just embarrassing and scary.. but i know that i won't get caught during lecture.. so ape lagi, there'll be nothing but doodles in my notebook, and all u can see is "zZzZz"s on top my head.. LOL~!!

::my wish list::

graduate from med school, become a doctor and someday, the head of department or even pengarah hospital.. i know i have big dreams.. but dreams is where everything starts.. insyaAllah..

and also, getting married.. WAHAHA~ i know it's still a long way to go.. but it's my wish.. *wink*


7 people i'm tagging:

1) aimi nadhira
2) farisa
3) saddam
4) asyura
5) fairuzara
6) nadia-yaya
7) kak beth

p/s: i think i cheated more than nad.. i didn't only used google, i used yahoo, deviantart and glitter graphics... huhuh.. *wink* i nak gambar cantek.. hehehe.. :P