Tuesday, August 26, 2008

timE is fLying

oh gosh..

sorry that i haven't been updating.. I'm just enjoying my time, my holiday.. to be in front of the computer during the time i have in Malaysia just feels like a bit of a wasted time to me.. huhuhu..

anyway, I'm leaving for Moscow in 2 weeks.. how sad.. i feel like this holiday seemed shorter.. i have no idea why.. 2 months flew by just like that.. *sigh*.. and i think i spent too much money in KL.. oh how i LOVE the sales!!!

owh well, hrmm.. i might plan to come back late next summer because i wanna enjoy Europe.. but.. we'll see how the $$$ situation is first.. eheh..

well then, i have to get things put together before leaving Malaysia.. i have jeans to be cut, groceries to be bought, baju raya to send to the tailor, medical check-up report to be done and SO MUCH MORE TO DO!! and on top of that i don't have the car.. so its so limited to do things by myself because i have to actually call up my parents and its the last thing i would do to actually ask my parent to do my chores.. *sigh*sigh*sigh*

On top of everything.. i had a great time in Malaysia.. i even went to bB's house in batu pahat.. lepak there for a few days.. sorta getting to know his family..
so, see you guys in Moscow!