Thursday, August 29, 2013


So I got extended another 3 months in Obstetrics and Gynaecology department because somehow my assessor thinks my knowledge is not good enough.

But in some little ways, I don't think I am ready to go to another department yet. I really don't mind staying here.

I find I enjoy delivering babies. First timers always made my eyes tear up, when they see their babies for the first time. It's like magic. Although complications can sometimes be very scary.

Anyway, here's my tip if you're planning to get pregnant or currently pregnant.

- Get an early antenatal check up. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. You can't hide that tummy. Just make our life easier will you? You're not only risking us, you're risking your life and your baby's life. What's the purpose of coming to the hospital if you've never had check ups? Might as well just give birth at home!

- Giving birth is super painful. Let me rephrase that, it's SUPER SUPER DUPER PAINFUL. You SHOULD ask for epidural. Can you imagine, even with epidural, you can still feel the pain. We used epidural for operations, when we cut people up and you won't feel the pain. But you will still feel pain during contractions, even with epidural. If epidural is not available, and we'll give you pethidine instead, please don't ask for more. Just relax and bare with the pain. Pain is good, means you're progressing.

- Don't scream around and scare other mommies. Everyone is in pain. Not just you. We KNOW it's painful and you should have been prepared for the pain.  Screaming doesn't help. It'll just get you tired. Breath in and breath out. That'll usually helps. Pethidine only given every 6 hourly, we don't want your baby to get overdose. You shouldn't want that too!

- If you're unsure that your water broke, just come to the hospital. Don't come 1 week later. You're risking infections to your baby. They're not always going to be gushing in nature and wet your whole sarong. Sometimes they'll be dribbling continuously.

-  EXERCISE while you're pregnant and eat healthy. Pushing your baby out requires all your muscle and lungs to work. You need to hold your breath and push! Giving birth needs more energy that running a marathon. I advice for swimming. I think it'll help your breathing while giving birth. Most patient that can't push because they can't hold their breath in.

- When we want to check you OS, OPEN WIDE! How the hell the baby is going to come out if you can't spread your legs. It's a baby for goodness sake! It's not small!

- Read pregnancy books. Please just be prepared.

Well, I think I have some more tips but I can't really think right now. If I happen to remember anything else, i'll sure to post them up..

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Salam Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Tup tap tup tap. Its already 3rd day of raya.

A lot of things happen in between but I wish I had more time to put them in words.

Hope you guys had a wonderful raya. <3 p="">