Thursday, July 30, 2009

broken parts

hey peeps!
sorry for my absent for a month.. huhuhu..
the reason is.. my sister broke the broadband USB.. yup.. how it broke? you just have to see how she handles the stuff.. and... it's irreparable.. it's just her.. she always seems to break things.. or maybe it's in the genes? haha.. no comment..

so we basically have to buy a new case which cost RM400!!! *sigh* my sister has no appreciation for money.. seriously.. when we told that its broken and need to be replace by RM400, all she said was - "amek duit dalam account iyya"..amboi2.. senangnye cakap.. anyway, we've been pleading from our dad to give us rm400.. well, not exactly we.. more like me and my bro persuading little miss amek-duit-from-my-account to do it since its her fault the thing is broken in the first place... and it seems my dad don't really take her seriously and been delaying the rm400 for like 2 weeks already.. sabarje lah..

i don't like asking money from my parents.. rather buy it myself but the thing is i won't be fair.. if i buy it, its mine and they can't use it.. HAHAHAHA!!! but its probably a waste coz I'll be back to Moscow in September.. and they'll be using it.. and if little miss amek-duit-from-my-account breaks it.. i wont be able to scream and nag at her for breaking it or even ask her to ganti balik my money... so baik mintak je the money from my dad.. even though its so dreadful!!

so what's up for the past month? huhu.. nothing much.. gone back and forth from kuantan to kL and viceversa.. finished my attachments which i can say is much more productive that last year.. even kene marah from the specialist and patient.. huhuhu~ menyedihkan! i guess it prepares me better for the future which I'm sure I'll get even more.. ahhh!! takutnye! but this is my choice! so I'll do the best that i can!! chaiyokk! chaiyokk!

oh! Beijing was great!! although it was hazy for a couple of days while we were there... but it was great.. and a very very funny experience.. hehehe... i wish to put up some pics.. but I'm at a CC currently and I'm too lazy to carry around my external hard disk.. hrmm..

cepatnye sebulan da lepas.. tinggal sebulan je lg cuti... but like i said in my previous post, I've been spending my days with lots of sleeping, watching tv,and occasionally jogging.. i have not been lepaking at TC as well as tgk wayang bcoz unfortunately, i haven't been feeling up to it and not that many friends are currently in kuantan or is it just bcoz i haven't gave any of them a call?.. huhu.. and no shopping either.. recession in the household.. kene berjimat.. ;P

oklah.. till next time! ;)