Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kerana Nila Setitik Rosak Susu Sebelanga

Last week Malaysian students studying medicine in Russia been hit by a hate wave by Malaysians when Berita Harian published it's front page about how incompetent overseas medical graduates are, especially those from graduated from Russia.

This news is not new though. I've been hitting with glares and cringes when asked, from which university, and I answered "Russia" since I did my practicals in the government hospital during my 2nd year and 3rd year summer break. But it has never been published to the whole nation before, it has been kept within the medical community for more than 6 years.

I think some HOs made an MO damn pissed off, therefor, he made a decision to published it in local newspaper so that the whole world would know about it. Stupid mistake I'd say. He/She made the whole nation afraid of going to the hospitals. As if we don't have that problem already.

Every year, there are more and more students coming in to study medicine here. The question is - Who approved them? Who approved their NOCs? Who approved those agents?. Why is the government keep sending students here? We're just trying to live our dreams and/or our parents dreams to become a doctor. Why are we getting all the blame? Why isn't the government getting these blames as well?

On the paper, they said, the russian graduates don't even know basic skills like how to measure BP, pulse and place the stethoscope on the chest. Really? I've been learning those since I was in 3rd year. If most of us don't know how, why are most russian graduates survived their housemanship and already became MOs and specialists? Yes, I admit we are lacking in practical skills. Even now, I still have trouble taking blood and I don't know how to put an IV line. Because for Russian students, they learn theoretical stuffs for 6 years and 1 year for their practicals only. As for foreigners, we study for 6 years minus the 1 year of practical training and can only learn them when we are doing our housemanship. So please forgive us for our lack of practical ability, but to say that we cause the increase of death, isn't that a little over-exaggerated? HOs can't cause death, because if we do, our licences will be annulled because we're still on probations.

And we are learning everything in Russian language, with russian classifications. So it'll take some time to know the shortforms in the patients history in local hospitals or the terms from the English textbooks. Life is about learning, and learning is never ending.

But to say that we never learn anything here is way out of line. I read, a parent complaining, according to his son that we don't learn anything here, that the lecturers won't let us see patients and they refused to teach in English because they're so proud of their language. Please realise where you are dear sir. You are not in England or Canada or Australia or US. I went to Beijing and NO ONE knew English too. Plus Russia isn't really a tourist centre, so you can't blame them for not knowing English and what is wrong with being proud with your language? And I do get to see patients. How do you expect me to write my patient's case report if I can't see the patient? He even said that Russia's medicine is 10 years behind. erm.. As far as I know, Russian medicine has existed way before Hang Tuah was born. Learn their history, do your research before making assumptions.

I hope to be a good doctor if not great. I still have so much to learn, but please don't judge me just because of where I've been. If my seniors can do it, why can't I, right? =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead so why should you?

The truth is.. I have so many things to write, so many things in my mind that needed to get out. BUT MY SCHEDULE ARE SO F*CKING PACK RIGHT NOW!!! And My weekends are filled with sleep. So I really don't know when I'm able to write all this stuffs in my head.

Plus it's been really really REALLY COLD for the past few days, It's so hard to get out of my bed! And I've been sitting, doing work with my comforter wrapping myself like a shawarma. iskkk.. >.<

So sorry my readers. I'll write as soon as I can. Promise. ^.^

Ps: Did anyone saw the front page of Berita Harian on 15th February? Sedih giler.. marah pon ada jugak. Senang2 je nak judge orang mcm tu.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turun Padang

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is personally checking Moscow's transport security following the recent terror attack on Domodedovo airport which killed 36 people. On Friday he made an unplanned inspection of one of the city's transport hubs, saying he was satisfied with what he saw. But that wasn't the case a day ago when he arrived at one of the capital's train stations unannounced. The Russian leader managed to find only one policeman at the site and saw no metal detectors at the building's entrance. He promised a tough response to the security measures witnessed." - RussiaToday

1:21 - 1:58 The head of Vnukovo airport offers Medvedev to check International terminal, as he wants to show the best part of the airport. Medvedev says - 'No, better show the ordinary'. Aww.. and he's humble too! ;)

Seems like Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev been doing a lot of spot check lately. I like the fact that he always seem to take matter of his country's interest in his own hands. Doing things by himself. He even drove Arnold Schwarzenegger around during his visits in Russia. I mean, he actually became Arnold's driver. ;p

This is Medvedev giving a memorial service at the Lubyanka metro station last year after the bombing attacks at 2 of Moscow's metro stations.

Although, I don't think Russians are afraid of death. They seem to move on with their lives easily even after numerous bombing attacks.

I wonder if our PM would do the same thing? I'd doubt it, but it would nice to have a surprise once in a while. Ignoring protocols and be the people. Ok. I've been watching too many news lately! hehe..

On the other hand, President Mubarak or should I say ex-president of Egypt resigned yesterday. Hopefully Egypt will be a better country, and our friends studying in Egypt can return and continue their studies there, safely. ;))

It's overwhelming isn't it seeing the whole country unite. Malaysia still has some growing up to do. We're still divided between races and religion. I hope someday we can put aside our differences. I don't mean everyone in Malaysia has some racism issues, but I still see them every now and then. In the news and even on Facebook!

Think Outside The Box

We were thought to think outside the box since primary school, to be creative, to be leaders of the country in the future and yet, when we voice out our opinions, we get this. Isn't it a little too ironic?

I remember going to motivational courses and lectures when I was in school, solving puzzles and stuffs that requires you to think outside the rules, and when exactly are we going to use them if we're still restricted? Why bother teaching them in schools, if you can't exactly use your thoughts? I don't understand. Can someone please explain to me?

lets be better people for a better nation yeah? =)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boards and Boots

Yesterday, me, bB, ab, seth, mizi, rafiq and some M1 students went to Nagornaya to play snowboarding! Yes, sadly to say, after 6 years being in Moscow, this is my first time playing. I know. very sad. ;P

So. We left the hostel at 9:15am (janji pukul 8:30am, tp biasalah "janji melayu" ;P), had our breakfast at Kroshka Kartoshka, Konkovo and head off to Nagornaya metro station. Before arriving we boost our energy with GORILLA energy drink! Red Bull pon boleh because seriously, YOU NEED TONS OF ENERGY TO PLAY THIS SPORT!

Gorilla Energy Drink. Siap dengan Parental Advisory. I guess kids would go really hyper drinking this.

Arrived at Nagornaya around 11 a.m. Rent out the boards and boots. Hike the steep stairs. I'm not afraid of heights so I wasn't feeling anything. The stairs was made of steel and you can see down below, so it was kinda "menggayatkan". So I guess, if you're afraid of heights, you really shouldn't look down but it was sure damn tiring walking up the stairs and we haven't even started playing.

Queuing to rent the boards and boots.

Once arrive at the top, Ab gave us lesson on Snowboarding 101. Basic stuffs: wearing and taking off the board, standing, stopping, even on how to fall.

Top of the hill. Posing dulu. ;))

HOMAIGOD. The first stand was freaking scary! Like, how the hell do you control your board?! The thing kept going down (even though, that was the purpose). I kept falling on my butt because I was afraid of going down, and getting back up was a torture! And to make matter worst, the Russians was sliding freaking fast right pass me. (T.T) Tau lah terer, but can you see there's a noob here?! ;S

At first, I need one of the guys to help me get up and hold the board but after a while I mastered the way of standing [ececeehh]. The problem with me at the beginning is, I was afraid of going down, therefore I was afraid of standing up. You have to stand up and go down immediately. So when I get the hang of sliding, I could stand up. ;))

me and bB already at the bottom of the hill.

Recharging our energy with GORILLA. lolz.

Then trying to get back up the hill was another serious torture. We tried taking the "lift", where you wear your board and hold on to the rope which pulls you up the hill. OMG! you'd thought it'd be easy looking at everyone hanging on to it but it was F*CKING HARD!!! I fell like 5 times trying to hold on to the rope, I fell every at every single try! At the end I decided to just hike the hill! I was so out of breath! I think bB and Mizi was the only ones among us that made it and of course "the pro" - Ab made it till the top with the lift thingy.

The hill don't look that high isn't it? but trust me, it's still scary. There's a few hills you can slide down to. This is is like the 2nd level. Baby's hill is on the other side and pro's hills are right next to this one.

By 5 p.m, everyone had already get the idea of snowboarding. Everyone was having fun. Still not pros though. I still fall numerous times and I still don't know how to steer the board. My knees hurts from tumbling to the front. I'd rather fall on my butt, but sometimes the snow gets on the board and you'll tumble down the hill (jatuh tersungkur). My arms hurts too from trying to get up when I fell. ;(

But I had so much fun! I wanna go again! but not today of course. My body freaking aches! I want to buy the snowboard pants which doesn't absorb water! My jeans were so wet yesterday, it almost looked like I peed on my pants! ;P but it costs like rm200-rm300 just for that pair of pants and next year is my final winter. ;(

me being 'poyo' after achiving to stand on the board. ;P

Wished someone had introduced snowboarding to me earlier.. ;P

Ps: Photos courtesy of Seth Yusof.