Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turun Padang

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is personally checking Moscow's transport security following the recent terror attack on Domodedovo airport which killed 36 people. On Friday he made an unplanned inspection of one of the city's transport hubs, saying he was satisfied with what he saw. But that wasn't the case a day ago when he arrived at one of the capital's train stations unannounced. The Russian leader managed to find only one policeman at the site and saw no metal detectors at the building's entrance. He promised a tough response to the security measures witnessed." - RussiaToday

1:21 - 1:58 The head of Vnukovo airport offers Medvedev to check International terminal, as he wants to show the best part of the airport. Medvedev says - 'No, better show the ordinary'. Aww.. and he's humble too! ;)

Seems like Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev been doing a lot of spot check lately. I like the fact that he always seem to take matter of his country's interest in his own hands. Doing things by himself. He even drove Arnold Schwarzenegger around during his visits in Russia. I mean, he actually became Arnold's driver. ;p

This is Medvedev giving a memorial service at the Lubyanka metro station last year after the bombing attacks at 2 of Moscow's metro stations.

Although, I don't think Russians are afraid of death. They seem to move on with their lives easily even after numerous bombing attacks.

I wonder if our PM would do the same thing? I'd doubt it, but it would nice to have a surprise once in a while. Ignoring protocols and be the people. Ok. I've been watching too many news lately! hehe..

On the other hand, President Mubarak or should I say ex-president of Egypt resigned yesterday. Hopefully Egypt will be a better country, and our friends studying in Egypt can return and continue their studies there, safely. ;))

It's overwhelming isn't it seeing the whole country unite. Malaysia still has some growing up to do. We're still divided between races and religion. I hope someday we can put aside our differences. I don't mean everyone in Malaysia has some racism issues, but I still see them every now and then. In the news and even on Facebook!