Monday, September 20, 2010

What Would You Do?

So, I was browsing through Yahoo! Movies and watching some new trailers. 1 of the trailers caught my attention. Watch this.

The ending is kinda f**cked up right? I mean, damn. Got you thinking, this dude is going to die definitely. I didn't know who Aron Ralston was. So I decided to Google him and I got this information from Wikipedia - Aron Lee Ralston (born October 27, 1975) is an American mountain climber who became famous in May 2003 when he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after his arm became trapped by a boulder when he was mountaineering in Utah.

WHAAAAA-?? You must be wondering just as me if you had read that right! "he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself". You definitely had read that right. I mean. I couldn't imagine being in that situation! I would probably just wait for my death! Dah la amputating his own hands with a DULL KNIFE! Sh*t gile!

This is the video of Aron himself describing how he cut and break his arm off.

Gile lah! I don't know how he could relive the situation to tell the story. Gile respect! Such a strong and inspiring person! Makes us more thankful to God for the things we still have and to be alive. Subhanallah.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do You Have a Problem with That?

I first listened to this song at Danial's blog and fell in love with it instantly. This shall be my theme song and yes. I do think I'm cooler than you.

p/s: hee.. saya mmg poyo sebegitu! *wink*

Monday, September 13, 2010

Makeup Magic!!!

Watch this! I'm sure you'll be as shock as I am!

This is insane!!! These girls looked like they had plastic surgery done to their face! but all they needed was make up, fake eyelashes and contact lenses!!!

This is an even drastic transformation!

This one has english subs. You should hear what they say! Seriously, men would do anything for girls with looks. Imagine! The guy actually bought a car for her and couldn't even recognize her when she went out without her makeup! [actually, I wouldn't recognize her either! my God..]
Make up would do wonders for girls.. Even increase self-confidence and business! XD

Season 7

I thought season 5 finale was already shocking, leaving me at the edge of my sit when the lives of Izzie and George was at stake! But season 6 finale was actually TRAUMATIZING!!! left me feeling traumatized even after days of watching it! Seriously, I think I'm still traumatized if I have to think about it. Ok, I know I'm being a little dramatic here. It's just a series. But its not any series! It's Grey's Anatomy!!!

I can't wait for season 7. I can't believe that it's the Season Finale already! I hope Shonda Rhimes have some surprise for the fans and decided to extend another season or something. That would so lift my heart! ;D

Oh! (nak selit sikit) I have been checking my traffic feed and I have a visitor from Kota Bharu, Perak. "err.. huh?", you might say. Yup! So I googled Kota Bharu, Perak and the place exists! Click here if you don't believe me. Seriously, I have no idea that Malaysia has 2 Kota Bharus. As long as I have lived, I only know of Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Mainly because it's the capital of Kelantan. How ignorant am I? Oh well.. so now I know. =)

Cheers people! ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hostel on Fire

One room in my hostel was burned today. One careless mistake and the whole hostel gets the consequences. We all know why the hostel admin decided to make a common kitchen and I don't understand why people are still so stuborn about it. Right now the victims are all being treated in the hospital.

The fire occured at 5 a.m. I was still awake at that time but I didn't hear anything. You can read about the news here. I know its in Russian. Just click 'translate' on your google bar and it will translate the whole page into you desired language. :)

The University rector came this morning and started punishing those who still kept their stove in the room. I hope everyone and everything will be ok for them.


p/s: we should always be aware when dealing with electrical stuffs.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri Dari Moscow

Raya terakhir di Moscow, Russia. InsyaAllah dapat raya kat Malaysia tahun depan. ;)

Raya di hospital je tahun ni. Malangnye tengah cycle susah pulak. Cikgu tak bagi cuti. Kalau tak kene ganti. wuuu.. tak dapat merasa beraya kat embassy.. T.T

oh well, raya tetap raya. Kita beraya pakai baju kurung dengan trench coat + muffler.. hehee..

Let me have this opportunity to wish every Muslim all around the world..


cheers~ ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Manusia Oh Manusia..

Oh My God. Are you serious? Its almost like they have nothing better to do. And it's almost Eid celebration. The church seem so selfish. Its not like their troops don't have enough trouble being there and to make matter worse, they had to spark anger with the Muslims and endangered their troops. ftw?

What kind of church are they running anyway? When will they understand that September 11th happened to all of us. Not just the Christians, Jews, Buddhas, Hindus, Confucius, Wicca, name any religion you can, but including Muslims as well. Even if it was initiate by a Muslim. When will they understand that it's not the religion, but the humankind itself.

Will the world be a better place without religion? I think not. I think human(especially those who can't use their brain properly) will find something to pick on. If its not religion then its race. If its not race then its something else. There will be something. There will always be something. Everyone don't have the same level of thinking.

Ignorance is all I can about these kind of people. They can say that Islam is the Devil while they know nothing about Islam except by the people who confess that they are Islam and not acting like one. If that's the case, we can say that they're the devil too! burning Holy books! My GOD! Would they like it if we burn their Bibles??? From what I know, that is not what Christianity is all about.

It happened to all of us.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Business Class

I suddenly feel like writing a post. ;)

Did I tell you that I flew business class on the way to Moscow? teehee.. ;D yup! I flew business class. not that I never been on business class before, it just been quite sometime that I flew business class and I never flew international flights in business class before..

my flight ticket ^.^

The last time I flew business class was during my 1st year summer break from KLIA to Kuantan because the flight was full, so my mom had no choice but to buy me business class ticket.

Me and Karthina got upgraded because we checked in quite late and our seats from Hong Kong to Moscow was already taken. So we got upgraded!! ;D They change our tickets right before we went into boarding in HKIA. We were so shock! We actually got culture shock! ;DD

Before taking off. My face shows how sleepy I was. [The chair can be turn into a bed :p]

our flight took off at 12:40 a.m. I was already feeling very sleepy. The moment the seatbelt signs went off. I open the chair-turn-bed with my comfoter blanket and big pillow and fell asleep immediately.. It was a 10 hour flight. I woke up when with my watch saying 8 a.m. hehehee.. I didn't even ate dinner. I woke up with fruit appetizers. Karthina woke up when they were serving breakfast. She missed the appetizers. huhuhu..

My appetizers before breakfast came. You can see Karthina still sleeping in the comfoter in front ;p

First time getting off a plane without feeling sleepy and tired! ;DDD

Endless view of the sky. I'll never get bored of this. MashaAllah.