Saturday, September 4, 2010

Business Class

I suddenly feel like writing a post. ;)

Did I tell you that I flew business class on the way to Moscow? teehee.. ;D yup! I flew business class. not that I never been on business class before, it just been quite sometime that I flew business class and I never flew international flights in business class before..

my flight ticket ^.^

The last time I flew business class was during my 1st year summer break from KLIA to Kuantan because the flight was full, so my mom had no choice but to buy me business class ticket.

Me and Karthina got upgraded because we checked in quite late and our seats from Hong Kong to Moscow was already taken. So we got upgraded!! ;D They change our tickets right before we went into boarding in HKIA. We were so shock! We actually got culture shock! ;DD

Before taking off. My face shows how sleepy I was. [The chair can be turn into a bed :p]

our flight took off at 12:40 a.m. I was already feeling very sleepy. The moment the seatbelt signs went off. I open the chair-turn-bed with my comfoter blanket and big pillow and fell asleep immediately.. It was a 10 hour flight. I woke up when with my watch saying 8 a.m. hehehee.. I didn't even ate dinner. I woke up with fruit appetizers. Karthina woke up when they were serving breakfast. She missed the appetizers. huhuhu..

My appetizers before breakfast came. You can see Karthina still sleeping in the comfoter in front ;p

First time getting off a plane without feeling sleepy and tired! ;DDD

Endless view of the sky. I'll never get bored of this. MashaAllah.


Danial said...


cracked bunny said...

hey i didnt know.jelesssss

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hikhik.. cheers babe! ;D

Haunt2 said...

try that evry flight. juz ask at d counter;). or else if u dun like ur economy seat juz tell stewardess da u gt asthma o other sick. they will upgrade it.