Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hostel on Fire

One room in my hostel was burned today. One careless mistake and the whole hostel gets the consequences. We all know why the hostel admin decided to make a common kitchen and I don't understand why people are still so stuborn about it. Right now the victims are all being treated in the hospital.

The fire occured at 5 a.m. I was still awake at that time but I didn't hear anything. You can read about the news here. I know its in Russian. Just click 'translate' on your google bar and it will translate the whole page into you desired language. :)

The University rector came this morning and started punishing those who still kept their stove in the room. I hope everyone and everything will be ok for them.


p/s: we should always be aware when dealing with electrical stuffs.


Anonymous said...

Is that iqa's room?

Anna Mohamed Amin said...


tsuerin said...

I'm her kakak sedara staying in Malaysia. Heard about it but don't know her condition n what is actually happen. They cook in the room is it? Aiyohh, why la so careless until can lead to fire ni. To you anna, take care n be careful. Dok negara org kan? :)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

owhh.. i also don't really know hows her condition right now. last I heard she was admited into ICU. yup. They cook in the room and they fell asleep leaving the stove on. They woke up with fire in the corridor.

Thanks! =)