Monday, September 13, 2010

Makeup Magic!!!

Watch this! I'm sure you'll be as shock as I am!

This is insane!!! These girls looked like they had plastic surgery done to their face! but all they needed was make up, fake eyelashes and contact lenses!!!

This is an even drastic transformation!

This one has english subs. You should hear what they say! Seriously, men would do anything for girls with looks. Imagine! The guy actually bought a car for her and couldn't even recognize her when she went out without her makeup! [actually, I wouldn't recognize her either! my God..]
Make up would do wonders for girls.. Even increase self-confidence and business! XD


cracked bunny said...

i wonder how heavy the eyelashes would be

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

lol.. maybe diorang dah biasa kot..