Saturday, January 23, 2010

You're So Gay, But You Don't Even Like Boys


Can you guys see what he wrote there??? he don't understand what PMS is since the link I sent him is in English. go figure.

So, he buzzed me instead the minute I went online since I didn't reply this message because I was too flabbergasted and speechless with his reply. Then, I forgot to mark the *sign in as invisible to everyone* button before I went online.. tak sempat buat apape, he dah buzzed me.. and the conversation went like this:

So I sent him the wikipedia link in BM instead.. I don't know who the hell wrote that Wikipedia page becoz PMS is Penyakit Sengugut? wtf? ahh.. what the hell, I saw the isi and it was good enough.. and I gave him the link.. but still, die tak paham.. and I don't understand myself why I keep melayan him. (o.0) mcm tak baik kan.. orang tak cukup ilmu, kita kene ajar kan? but I think this guy should go back to school.. agree or not?

and yeah you don't have any girlfriend. I'm not surprised Mat. Seriously. ermm.. anyone here who is reading any more surprised than me??

I found a good excuse now to make him ignore me.. told him bB da start marah coz he's bothering me too much. LOL! so.. it's a win-win situation. I'm not annoyed by him and he tak terasa coz I don't want to talk to him anymore. ahaa.. ;)

He's a fun subject to pick on though. Make a good topic for my blog! LOL!!! wtf?

p/s: I blurred out his name and face just to give some respect to that guy... poor guy.. ;P

Friday, January 22, 2010

Crossing The Line

To be frank, I am actually a very patient person.. but sometimes there's just a line.. and that line is the limit.. crossing that line is a no-no! so today, I'm gonna bitch about someone.. a guy who just added me in his yahoo messenger list and his facebook friend.. I haven’t seen this guy in a very long time.. and now he's being a pain in my ass! lets just name him *Mat.

So, Mat and I were friends back in SMART. we were classmate in form 3 in fact. then he dropped out of SMART after his PMR results were out. no need to elaborate this. Everyone who is from Kuantan would know why. so he went to Panglima Perang instead to continue his upper form.

Lately, he's been a nuisance to me. TOTALLY ANNOYING!!! LIKE FREAKIN' FUCKING ANNOYING!

So, his English is bad.. not the worst, but still bad.. and he wants to improve it.. ok! fine.. so I talk to him in English.. my problem is.. He can't UNDERSTAND A FREAKIN' WORD I'M SAYING! I'm not an English teacher who needs to correct everything he wrote.. Thank God I can't hear his pronunciation! wallahualam~

I can't believe someone who is an ex-SMARTian is that ignorant! sampai form 3 pon.. Still 3 years in SMART! and you've been learning English since when?? 7 years old kan? and local Uni skarang pon semua pakai English! I can tolerate you, if I know u're from some hulu kampung.. but for goodness sake! U're from Kuantan Town!

He's been pissing me off, but I try not piss on him.. still, hati orang kene jaga.. yesterday, I wanted to go offline, so I said "later alligator".. and he went and said, "asal anna pggl mat buaya? sampai hati, bla..bla..bla.." Then I ignored him, because he was getting on my nerves.. then he went and say "Anna mcm tak nak kawan dengan Mat je dah".. MY GOD! YOU ARE SO FUCKING GAY! get over yourself please! in the end I actually had to say sorry for calling him 'an alligator' (wtf?) and for ignoring him. I told him I was having my PMS. He went and asks "PMS tu ape Anna? it’s ok la Anna. don’t worry..mat x amik ati pon..hehe" .oh FUCK. Who the hell in this lifetime don't know what PMS is?!!! So, I told him "google la. takkan tak pernah blaja sains?" so he said, "blaja sains tu mmg pnah tp pms tu xtau laa ape...why about that??" *sigh*.. Can I just say, people who don't learn science also know what PMS is? and can you see how he replied? 'why about that?' he's using direct translation from bm. that’s his problem. *sigh* I told him to 'google' what PMS is. I hope he knows what 'google' means. how can an ex-SMARTian be this ignorant??! I actually sent him a Wikipedia link of what a PMS is. I told you I'm having my PMS! why can't you leave me alone! GOD!

and plus I thought he was a stalker.. he 'likes' all my FB posts, all my status he just had to say something.. in the end, I found out that he is just like that.. he's been doing that to Aliaa's FB as well.. and maybe his other friends as well, who knows? so Aliaa straight forward tanya 'mat, why do u must 'like' everything?' (something like that la). so I laughed. and I told Aliaa I thought he was a stalker. and he asked "kenapa anna panggil Mat, pemburu?" WTF!! he actually opened a dictionary to find out what stalker means, and it seems dalam dictionary it means pemburu!! LOL! LOL!! God help me. My brothers & sister pon tak check my FB profile like he does..

and another thing!! pantang dia nampak I online kat YM or FB! sampai I actually had to go invisible on my YM and go offline on my FB chat.. melayan orang seperti ini sangat penat. give it a break, will u Mat?

Mat, Mat.. why do you have to be fucking annoying and most of all during my PMS period? kan da kene masok my blog. I know u're being sweet, kind and friendly. but your ignorance is too much. sorry Mat, I truly don't like talking bad about people behind his back. but trust me. it's too much for me to bear and I need to let it out and I can't tell you coz u're gonna be gay about it and say I don't want to be friends with you. It's not at all like that but u're acting like a 3 year old kid and I'm not your mother. *sigh*

p/s: korang yg bace blog ni. jgn gi cari plak kat my FB sape yg 'likes' all my posts..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 23!

oh gosh! Suddenly I feel so old hearing that number.. TWENTY-THREE.. huhuhu~ and I hate this number too.. Oh, this gonna take some time getting use to.. nasib baik 1 tahun jee.. LOL!

I'm getting older.. But I don't really feel like I'm getting older.. Still feel like I'm the same ol' me.. no difference.. ;) Maybe muke ade beza sket kot? hrmm..(*start to search for wrinkles*).. and of course my weight.. urghhhh~ saye da la sgt suke makan, and sangat malas nak exercise! ;( the consequences - increasing weight.. won't tell you here what's my weight.. *wink* but it's sure is increasing.. hope my new year's resolutions to lose some weight will be fulfilled.. ^.^

so, what's up? my birthday? nothing much.. Some bad luck had been happening.. *sigh* I know its a bad number.. I actually burned my pan while heating it on the stove because I was busy replying thank yous to everyone who wished happy birthday to me on Facebook.. *sigh* but I did had a great birthday eve though! and plus, I got 3/8 of my birthday wish list I posted on FB! I wanted a HELLO KITTY MAC MAKE UP SET, GOLD-COLOURED WALLET THAT SHE SAW AND LIKES, RED HANDBAG, GUESS WINTER JACKET THAT SHE SAW AT EVROPEISKY MALL, NOKIA N900, RED SONY CYBERSHOT, AND PASSING OPX EXAM.. but I got the gold wallet, red handbag and passing OPX exam! ;)) Anyone who still wants to make my wish come true is still welcome! January tak habis lg! heheee.. *wink*

ok! picture time! pics taken on my birthday eve.. Dinner @ More Sushi! The sushi there are damn delicious! kalah Malaysia punye.. Serious!

Me & bB time baru masok restaurant More Sushi

The gold wallet I got from bB


Last pic before balik

More pics in Facebook! ;)

And this is the burned pan.. *sigh* kene beli baru.. ;(

Friday, January 15, 2010



Thursday, January 14, 2010

only Allah knows..

12.01.10.. it's the date of my Operative Surgery exam.. I cudn't sleep that night.. bathing and eating felt like a waste of time.. its like that saying "makan tak kenyang, tido tak lena, mandi tak basah".. seriously! by 5 am nothing is going into my head.. my heart was "lab-dab-ing" fast and loud.. i think if u stood beside be u could hear my heart beating..

by 7 am, I was nauseous. I can feel my vomit in my throat.. my roomate ckp, "nak muntah, muntah kat dalam exam hall nnt.. jgn muntah kat sini". cett! ;P I couldnt eat breakfast, couldn't even drink.. all I can do was pray.. prayed hard during my Subuh prayer.. my notes in my hand, but nothing went in.. can't even read anymore..

9 am, only 10-15 students were there.. doing last minute revision. discussing. then we were lead to the exam hall, where all teachers were arranging the question papers.. students went in 5 by 5... more students came later... I was the 2nd 5.. I didn't want to wait later.. I was too nauseous..

don't really know what time it was, my name got called.. I answered the oral questions.. and... I PASSED!!! YEAY! ALHAMDULILLAH! I was so damn happy! got home by 11 am.. :D balik2 terus buat Solat Syukur.. only Allah knows how happy I am..

but, its not the time to celebrate yet... I still have my Dermatology paper.. Operative Surgery is the toughest paper this semester, so yg susah dah lepas.. ;P better not to be too confident.. hrmm...

hah! screw not celebrating! its OPX for goodness sake! so me and bB celebrated my "victory" by shopping!!! heheheee.. here's pics to tell it all.. ;))

Metropolis Mall

1st stop! starbucks.. heheee.. donut tu sedap giler!!

Muke happy.. hehee..

lepak rehat & minum kat TGI Fridays..

ooooooppps~ don't ask me how much I spent.. heheee~

dinner @ YO! Sushi before going back..

.the stuffs.

and oh! my parcel arrived!! hehehee.. yeay!

Maggi Mee, my savior.. hahaha!

Friday, January 1, 2010


hey.. nice date right? 010110.. hehee.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

OMG, I can't believe how fast time is flying.. and in 6 months, I'll finish my 4th year.. oh! but first, exams, exams, exams.. tsssk~

so.. how do I summarize my 2009.. it was ok.. stressful at the beginning, being 3rd year and all.. with my visa tergantung sebab buat pasport baru, catching up 3 weeks of class, no avtomat for pathophysiology and getting a 3 during exam.. sad, i know.. I could've done better if I had just studied properly.. but i da patah hati with pathphys and i just said "ARGHHH, F*CK IT LAH! 3 PON 3 LAH!".. I just wanted to get out of Moscow at that time.. just wanted to finish my exams and get on with my holiday.. huhuhu~ I did manage to get average for my overall exams.. so it was ok.. :) nontheless, I am actually proud of myself for finishing 3rd year with an average.. I thought I'd do worst.. :D

4th year has been great so far.. but now my first exam in Russian is coming, it's not so fun anymore.. I'm starting to freak out! 0.o urgghh.. just thinking about it gives my tummy a whole swirling feeling and a headache.. ;( but all and all, I got all zachuts on time.. i just hate the idea of doing kelas ganti..

Summer holidays, I had a great time in Beijing.. didn't do much at home, except getting fat.. huhuhu~ helping my mom around.. nothing much, even with the financial crisis hitting my household.. but there's still rice on the table, so it's all good.. we just had to cut back all the luxuries though, shopping stuffs astro tetap ade! ;P so, I made this log book to keep tracks on my spending.. I can't believe I spent so much on so little stuffs.. so, when I wrote them down, I'd feel guilty to spend more after I saw what I spent my money on.. after all that saving, I didn't even have the need to ask my parents to pay my for ticket flights like I used to..oh! another proud thing about myself! I can't do it without bB though.. he's my inspiration on saving.. :D

New Year's eve was great!! In the evening, me & bB went to the Center.. Thought we could watch fireworks in Kremlin.. then suddenly, all the malls around red square closes at 8 pm!! we had to stand in the cold.. takkan wanna wait 4 hours just to see fireworks? so we decided to go back.. We held a countdown party in bB room..there was too much laughing, screaming and jumping! my throat hurts, and my leg hurts right now.. I can't believe Amy called it a laid-back party! It was too much for me.. maybe coz I'm not a clubbing girl.. we practically dance and sing the whole night till 3 a.m.. huhuhu~

now, moving on to resolutions.. lets see what I've accomplished last year..


  • settle all my credits on time.. ( i hope i can) huhu.. I did settle everything on time.. even my exams.. ;)
  • pray more, be more spiritual and a little more religious but still keep an open mind. :) right.. this one i slashed because, I always go for solat tarawih once a year.. I mean, in that one whole month of ramadhan, I only went ONCE! hehee.. but this time, I actually went more than once, and almost everyday when I was at home.. unfortunately, I didn't continue that rajin-ness in Moscow.. ;P and I still have to work on my mengaji.. malas sgt lately nak mengaji! :(
  • go to every concert held in Moscow or KL.. [haha! can i add this to my resolutions? i regretted not going for Avril Lavigne's concert so much!! She held a concert in Moscow(June) and KL(August) and I didnt go for any of them!! damn it la.. dah la she's my favourite artist since high school!! :(( BSB punye concert in Moscow pon tak pegi.. huhuh..] So, I didn't slashed this one, because, so far in 2009, I only went to Beyonce's concert.. hehee.. and it was SUPER AWESOME!! I wanted to go to Rihanna's too while I was in Malaysia.. but sadly, it was cancelled.. nasib baik tak beli ticket lg at that time.. huhuhu~
  • be more patient, and less impulsive dah tak tengking2 kat bB da. I rase la..
  • be more loving. ahhh~ this one.. seriously, I don't know how to be more loving.. can someone tell me?
  • study harder. This one.. every year pon ade problem with this one.. I am just plain lazy.. *sigh*
  • be more open minded. I still gets upset whenever people have a different idea and thought than mine.. It's just hard to accept that everyone is different.. I have no idea why.. :(
  • less complaining.. and be more grateful haha.. less complain and more grateful actually makes me happier.. it's better to do something yourselves than to rely on others.. seriously, it's more fulfilling.. :)
  • kurangkan keborosan, be more careful with my spending.. *sigh*oh! my greatest accomplishment!!!

so, 5/9.. not bad ey?

so how do I declare my 2009? I actually have quite a number of proud moments.. haha! so i guess, I shall declare 2009 - MY PROUDFUL YEAR.. (I may have more proud years in the future.. InsyaAllah..)

2010.. what do I want to accomplished?


  • settle all my exams on time!
  • travel more
  • study more
  • talk to my dad. this is so hard to do. I don't have enough guts to talk to my dad. ;P
  • mengaji at least 1 ayat 1 hari, pray more. heheee..
  • be more open-minded
  • continue to be more careful with my spending.. ;)
  • continue to be patient and grateful
  • be more understanding
  • be more stylish.. hehee.. ;)
  • KURUSKAN BADAN! LOSE WEIGHT! BE SEXY! hehehee.. ;) exercise at least 30 minutes per day..

ok.. the truth is.. I'm not quite prepared with my 2010 resolutions.. so far, this is what I've come up with..

so, enjoy your break peeps!

I got a rose as a new year gift.. :) I totally love this rose.. She has stripes on her petals! I love you b!