Thursday, January 14, 2010

only Allah knows..

12.01.10.. it's the date of my Operative Surgery exam.. I cudn't sleep that night.. bathing and eating felt like a waste of time.. its like that saying "makan tak kenyang, tido tak lena, mandi tak basah".. seriously! by 5 am nothing is going into my head.. my heart was "lab-dab-ing" fast and loud.. i think if u stood beside be u could hear my heart beating..

by 7 am, I was nauseous. I can feel my vomit in my throat.. my roomate ckp, "nak muntah, muntah kat dalam exam hall nnt.. jgn muntah kat sini". cett! ;P I couldnt eat breakfast, couldn't even drink.. all I can do was pray.. prayed hard during my Subuh prayer.. my notes in my hand, but nothing went in.. can't even read anymore..

9 am, only 10-15 students were there.. doing last minute revision. discussing. then we were lead to the exam hall, where all teachers were arranging the question papers.. students went in 5 by 5... more students came later... I was the 2nd 5.. I didn't want to wait later.. I was too nauseous..

don't really know what time it was, my name got called.. I answered the oral questions.. and... I PASSED!!! YEAY! ALHAMDULILLAH! I was so damn happy! got home by 11 am.. :D balik2 terus buat Solat Syukur.. only Allah knows how happy I am..

but, its not the time to celebrate yet... I still have my Dermatology paper.. Operative Surgery is the toughest paper this semester, so yg susah dah lepas.. ;P better not to be too confident.. hrmm...

hah! screw not celebrating! its OPX for goodness sake! so me and bB celebrated my "victory" by shopping!!! heheheee.. here's pics to tell it all.. ;))

Metropolis Mall

1st stop! starbucks.. heheee.. donut tu sedap giler!!

Muke happy.. hehee..

lepak rehat & minum kat TGI Fridays..

ooooooppps~ don't ask me how much I spent.. heheee~

dinner @ YO! Sushi before going back..

.the stuffs.

and oh! my parcel arrived!! hehehee.. yeay!

Maggi Mee, my savior.. hahaha!


fzrzk said...

oh dear! donut tu comel!! remember we had big apple kat east coast mall? first time kot try big apple :P

anyways, my mom pon kirim maggie hari tu. padahal tak mintak pon. humfff. apparently, maggi is not my saviour. booooo!!!!!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

sgt comel! it even tastes like the ones we had in big apple!! hehehee..

haha.. kalau my mom tambah maggie kad dalam kotak tu pon xpe.. u know what she put instead supaya the box penuh - bihun! like a year supply of it.. thn depan mmg xyah bawak bihun la da.. lol! maggie mee - my saviour time malas giler nak masak.. kat sini xde instant food yg i like.. :(

nad said...

heyyyy. arent u supposed to be saving up for ur euro trip? lolz...

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

haha.. lepas ngap sket.. so long tak shopping!! cannot tahan dy.. ;P

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

plus tgh winter megasale skarang ni! up to 70% off! seriously! shopping heaven~ ^.^

Anonymous said...

babe, happy birthday. have a wonderful day!

nad said...

awhh jelesnyeeeeee. sale kt msia ie sucks! they give u 70% off but only afte rising up the price. gle dengki.. huhu... da la ta byk brg.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

thanks fairuz!! ;)

nad.. haha.. tu la kadang msia ta byk choice.. tp kat sini fashion capital kot.. everyone is so high trend.. gotta keep up! huhuh~ i beli mostly t's je kot kat msia.. sbb t's kat sini mahal and rase x worth buying.. mostly spent my money on jacket, shoes and handbags! i da tatau na sangkut mane da handbag and jackets i.. almari da penuh!!! huhuhu~