Friday, January 22, 2010

Crossing The Line

To be frank, I am actually a very patient person.. but sometimes there's just a line.. and that line is the limit.. crossing that line is a no-no! so today, I'm gonna bitch about someone.. a guy who just added me in his yahoo messenger list and his facebook friend.. I haven’t seen this guy in a very long time.. and now he's being a pain in my ass! lets just name him *Mat.

So, Mat and I were friends back in SMART. we were classmate in form 3 in fact. then he dropped out of SMART after his PMR results were out. no need to elaborate this. Everyone who is from Kuantan would know why. so he went to Panglima Perang instead to continue his upper form.

Lately, he's been a nuisance to me. TOTALLY ANNOYING!!! LIKE FREAKIN' FUCKING ANNOYING!

So, his English is bad.. not the worst, but still bad.. and he wants to improve it.. ok! fine.. so I talk to him in English.. my problem is.. He can't UNDERSTAND A FREAKIN' WORD I'M SAYING! I'm not an English teacher who needs to correct everything he wrote.. Thank God I can't hear his pronunciation! wallahualam~

I can't believe someone who is an ex-SMARTian is that ignorant! sampai form 3 pon.. Still 3 years in SMART! and you've been learning English since when?? 7 years old kan? and local Uni skarang pon semua pakai English! I can tolerate you, if I know u're from some hulu kampung.. but for goodness sake! U're from Kuantan Town!

He's been pissing me off, but I try not piss on him.. still, hati orang kene jaga.. yesterday, I wanted to go offline, so I said "later alligator".. and he went and said, "asal anna pggl mat buaya? sampai hati, bla..bla..bla.." Then I ignored him, because he was getting on my nerves.. then he went and say "Anna mcm tak nak kawan dengan Mat je dah".. MY GOD! YOU ARE SO FUCKING GAY! get over yourself please! in the end I actually had to say sorry for calling him 'an alligator' (wtf?) and for ignoring him. I told him I was having my PMS. He went and asks "PMS tu ape Anna? it’s ok la Anna. don’t worry..mat x amik ati pon..hehe" .oh FUCK. Who the hell in this lifetime don't know what PMS is?!!! So, I told him "google la. takkan tak pernah blaja sains?" so he said, "blaja sains tu mmg pnah tp pms tu xtau laa ape...why about that??" *sigh*.. Can I just say, people who don't learn science also know what PMS is? and can you see how he replied? 'why about that?' he's using direct translation from bm. that’s his problem. *sigh* I told him to 'google' what PMS is. I hope he knows what 'google' means. how can an ex-SMARTian be this ignorant??! I actually sent him a Wikipedia link of what a PMS is. I told you I'm having my PMS! why can't you leave me alone! GOD!

and plus I thought he was a stalker.. he 'likes' all my FB posts, all my status he just had to say something.. in the end, I found out that he is just like that.. he's been doing that to Aliaa's FB as well.. and maybe his other friends as well, who knows? so Aliaa straight forward tanya 'mat, why do u must 'like' everything?' (something like that la). so I laughed. and I told Aliaa I thought he was a stalker. and he asked "kenapa anna panggil Mat, pemburu?" WTF!! he actually opened a dictionary to find out what stalker means, and it seems dalam dictionary it means pemburu!! LOL! LOL!! God help me. My brothers & sister pon tak check my FB profile like he does..

and another thing!! pantang dia nampak I online kat YM or FB! sampai I actually had to go invisible on my YM and go offline on my FB chat.. melayan orang seperti ini sangat penat. give it a break, will u Mat?

Mat, Mat.. why do you have to be fucking annoying and most of all during my PMS period? kan da kene masok my blog. I know u're being sweet, kind and friendly. but your ignorance is too much. sorry Mat, I truly don't like talking bad about people behind his back. but trust me. it's too much for me to bear and I need to let it out and I can't tell you coz u're gonna be gay about it and say I don't want to be friends with you. It's not at all like that but u're acting like a 3 year old kid and I'm not your mother. *sigh*

p/s: korang yg bace blog ni. jgn gi cari plak kat my FB sape yg 'likes' all my posts..


nad said...

i was just about to find the person who likes all ur posts in fb but as i read towards the end of ur posting, u reminded us not to. but still, curiosity kills kak anna. haha

damn, this "mat" guy is so effin annoying but funny at some point. but siyesly ill be as annoyed if i were in ur shoe.. n about going invi in YM n FB, i tink tats d best solution cz these kind of ppl jz wont get it. or mayb u cud block him in ur ym?

saba je la ea kak anna.. ehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

LOL! nad. i just went online just now. i mean like i was JUST signed-in and I forgot to mark the appear invisible button.. tup2, he buzzed me.. *sigh* like when he saw "anna amin is online" he teros click on it. ;P

if I weren't me right now I would find this funny as well..

awww.. baik giler u nad, ikot ckp jgn cari this person. hehee.. or maybe you should find him.. just to be on the safe side, no matter what, by any chance if he adds u as his friend.. DON'T ADD HIM!

Anonymous said...

yup,curiosity do can kill..hahaha..lmfao!

shogunn_general said...

kenapa letak gambar kucing comel tu in this post?thats not giving him justice..kesian kucing tu..=p

yup its kinda funny i must say, but as a normal person, it is of course choice la kot, kena la appear invi to keep your sanity kan..some people just dont get it..haihz

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

that cat has an annoyed face. that cat is ME. ;) meowww~ rarrr!