Friday, January 1, 2010


hey.. nice date right? 010110.. hehee.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

OMG, I can't believe how fast time is flying.. and in 6 months, I'll finish my 4th year.. oh! but first, exams, exams, exams.. tsssk~

so.. how do I summarize my 2009.. it was ok.. stressful at the beginning, being 3rd year and all.. with my visa tergantung sebab buat pasport baru, catching up 3 weeks of class, no avtomat for pathophysiology and getting a 3 during exam.. sad, i know.. I could've done better if I had just studied properly.. but i da patah hati with pathphys and i just said "ARGHHH, F*CK IT LAH! 3 PON 3 LAH!".. I just wanted to get out of Moscow at that time.. just wanted to finish my exams and get on with my holiday.. huhuhu~ I did manage to get average for my overall exams.. so it was ok.. :) nontheless, I am actually proud of myself for finishing 3rd year with an average.. I thought I'd do worst.. :D

4th year has been great so far.. but now my first exam in Russian is coming, it's not so fun anymore.. I'm starting to freak out! 0.o urgghh.. just thinking about it gives my tummy a whole swirling feeling and a headache.. ;( but all and all, I got all zachuts on time.. i just hate the idea of doing kelas ganti..

Summer holidays, I had a great time in Beijing.. didn't do much at home, except getting fat.. huhuhu~ helping my mom around.. nothing much, even with the financial crisis hitting my household.. but there's still rice on the table, so it's all good.. we just had to cut back all the luxuries though, shopping stuffs astro tetap ade! ;P so, I made this log book to keep tracks on my spending.. I can't believe I spent so much on so little stuffs.. so, when I wrote them down, I'd feel guilty to spend more after I saw what I spent my money on.. after all that saving, I didn't even have the need to ask my parents to pay my for ticket flights like I used to..oh! another proud thing about myself! I can't do it without bB though.. he's my inspiration on saving.. :D

New Year's eve was great!! In the evening, me & bB went to the Center.. Thought we could watch fireworks in Kremlin.. then suddenly, all the malls around red square closes at 8 pm!! we had to stand in the cold.. takkan wanna wait 4 hours just to see fireworks? so we decided to go back.. We held a countdown party in bB room..there was too much laughing, screaming and jumping! my throat hurts, and my leg hurts right now.. I can't believe Amy called it a laid-back party! It was too much for me.. maybe coz I'm not a clubbing girl.. we practically dance and sing the whole night till 3 a.m.. huhuhu~

now, moving on to resolutions.. lets see what I've accomplished last year..


  • settle all my credits on time.. ( i hope i can) huhu.. I did settle everything on time.. even my exams.. ;)
  • pray more, be more spiritual and a little more religious but still keep an open mind. :) right.. this one i slashed because, I always go for solat tarawih once a year.. I mean, in that one whole month of ramadhan, I only went ONCE! hehee.. but this time, I actually went more than once, and almost everyday when I was at home.. unfortunately, I didn't continue that rajin-ness in Moscow.. ;P and I still have to work on my mengaji.. malas sgt lately nak mengaji! :(
  • go to every concert held in Moscow or KL.. [haha! can i add this to my resolutions? i regretted not going for Avril Lavigne's concert so much!! She held a concert in Moscow(June) and KL(August) and I didnt go for any of them!! damn it la.. dah la she's my favourite artist since high school!! :(( BSB punye concert in Moscow pon tak pegi.. huhuh..] So, I didn't slashed this one, because, so far in 2009, I only went to Beyonce's concert.. hehee.. and it was SUPER AWESOME!! I wanted to go to Rihanna's too while I was in Malaysia.. but sadly, it was cancelled.. nasib baik tak beli ticket lg at that time.. huhuhu~
  • be more patient, and less impulsive dah tak tengking2 kat bB da. I rase la..
  • be more loving. ahhh~ this one.. seriously, I don't know how to be more loving.. can someone tell me?
  • study harder. This one.. every year pon ade problem with this one.. I am just plain lazy.. *sigh*
  • be more open minded. I still gets upset whenever people have a different idea and thought than mine.. It's just hard to accept that everyone is different.. I have no idea why.. :(
  • less complaining.. and be more grateful haha.. less complain and more grateful actually makes me happier.. it's better to do something yourselves than to rely on others.. seriously, it's more fulfilling.. :)
  • kurangkan keborosan, be more careful with my spending.. *sigh*oh! my greatest accomplishment!!!

so, 5/9.. not bad ey?

so how do I declare my 2009? I actually have quite a number of proud moments.. haha! so i guess, I shall declare 2009 - MY PROUDFUL YEAR.. (I may have more proud years in the future.. InsyaAllah..)

2010.. what do I want to accomplished?


  • settle all my exams on time!
  • travel more
  • study more
  • talk to my dad. this is so hard to do. I don't have enough guts to talk to my dad. ;P
  • mengaji at least 1 ayat 1 hari, pray more. heheee..
  • be more open-minded
  • continue to be more careful with my spending.. ;)
  • continue to be patient and grateful
  • be more understanding
  • be more stylish.. hehee.. ;)
  • KURUSKAN BADAN! LOSE WEIGHT! BE SEXY! hehehee.. ;) exercise at least 30 minutes per day..

ok.. the truth is.. I'm not quite prepared with my 2010 resolutions.. so far, this is what I've come up with..

so, enjoy your break peeps!

I got a rose as a new year gift.. :) I totally love this rose.. She has stripes on her petals! I love you b!

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