Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 23!

oh gosh! Suddenly I feel so old hearing that number.. TWENTY-THREE.. huhuhu~ and I hate this number too.. Oh, this gonna take some time getting use to.. nasib baik 1 tahun jee.. LOL!

I'm getting older.. But I don't really feel like I'm getting older.. Still feel like I'm the same ol' me.. no difference.. ;) Maybe muke ade beza sket kot? hrmm..(*start to search for wrinkles*).. and of course my weight.. urghhhh~ saye da la sgt suke makan, and sangat malas nak exercise! ;( the consequences - increasing weight.. won't tell you here what's my weight.. *wink* but it's sure is increasing.. hope my new year's resolutions to lose some weight will be fulfilled.. ^.^

so, what's up? my birthday? nothing much.. Some bad luck had been happening.. *sigh* I know its a bad number.. I actually burned my pan while heating it on the stove because I was busy replying thank yous to everyone who wished happy birthday to me on Facebook.. *sigh* but I did had a great birthday eve though! and plus, I got 3/8 of my birthday wish list I posted on FB! I wanted a HELLO KITTY MAC MAKE UP SET, GOLD-COLOURED WALLET THAT SHE SAW AND LIKES, RED HANDBAG, GUESS WINTER JACKET THAT SHE SAW AT EVROPEISKY MALL, NOKIA N900, RED SONY CYBERSHOT, AND PASSING OPX EXAM.. but I got the gold wallet, red handbag and passing OPX exam! ;)) Anyone who still wants to make my wish come true is still welcome! January tak habis lg! heheee.. *wink*

ok! picture time! pics taken on my birthday eve.. Dinner @ More Sushi! The sushi there are damn delicious! kalah Malaysia punye.. Serious!

Me & bB time baru masok restaurant More Sushi

The gold wallet I got from bB


Last pic before balik

More pics in Facebook! ;)

And this is the burned pan.. *sigh* kene beli baru.. ;(

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