Saturday, December 31, 2011


As usual, I'll write a summary of my year.

What can I say about 2011? I've been trying to recall what happen for the past year. I've been looking at my facebook picture albums and my blog posts. I can say, 2011 is pretty mediocre. Nothing really super major happened. I was pretty happy this year and I can say money wise is also quite good. I didn't go bankrupt like last year. :-P

I had the best birthday surprise ever! I was just in awe. :')

The downside was 2011 is the year where I had the most break ups. I think. I lost count how many times we broke up this year and we also had 1 serious break up. Yeah, he's all stressed out with I don't know what exactly. Maybe it's the final year thing, maybe financial stuffs. Not so sure, but we had a major big fight and ended up with a break up. He dumped me. Then there was another break up where I dumped him because I was just disappointed with the time we're spending with each other. Yeah. I'm pathetic like that. In my mind was, I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the final year in Moscow with him but in his mind was, he wanted to make me to spend as little time as possible with him as practice for the next semesters without him. There was a time also, where he asked to be separated for a month. I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A MONTH?!!". Yeah, we always have our disagreements like this. So we ended up breaking up. And making up again after 3-4 days. That's love for you I guess. You can't spend too much time together, but you can't spend time apart longer than a week. Confusing much? Tell me about it... Oh yeah! there was also that break up where he decided he didn't want me to perform for MASSAD, 2 weeks before the event. Like WTF right? I practiced for almost a month, and he decided I can't dance 2 weeks before the event. But everything turn out ok in the end. Thank God!

Another was that my dad had a stroke. Alhamdulillah, he's all fine now. Although he does complaint about his left hand being weak and having some short-term memory loss. As long as he knows who he is and who we are, then that's good enough. I miss him sometimes. I called him for his birthday last week, but both of us don't have that father-daughter relationships like most people do. It was the most awkward call ever!!! Seriously. I almost felt regret for calling him. Might have just sent him an sms instead like every year. >_<"

Summer was fun. In Moscow, in Italy and in Malaysia. It was just a perfect Summer and also I got to spend Aidilfitri at home after 6 years spending it abroad. =)

Hrm... what else? I guess, that's pretty much the highlights of 2011. I can't really think of anything else. It's pretty mediocre. Right?

Shall I call 2011 - The Break-up Year? ;-P

So lets see what I've accomplished in 2011. View last year's post HERE.


  • I still want to settle all my exams on time. I did settle all my exams on time. ;)
  • Travel to all the places in my GRAVITY post. But I doubt that I can travel to all those places in 1 year. :P Yeah. I didn't managed to travel to all those places in ONE YEAR but I went to one of the list which is ITALY! and I'm going to Morocco at the end of this January!
  • Mengaji at least 1 ayat per day. I really want to accomplish this! I went from 1 ayat per day to 1 page per day. I'm actually quite proud with myself. ^.^
  • I need to let things go. I can't keep brooding over things that upsets me! I actually tried. but it's not as easy as I thought.
  • Be patient. Always. It's the same for this one too! I'm actually even more hot-tempered than usual! -_-"
  • Don't bother so much over other people's problems. They didn't ask me to solve it. I can't stand people who don't solve their problems. I know it's their problems! but why can't they solve it?!!! I can't help solving it for them.
  • Live freely and happily! HAHA. I'm living quite happily, but freely? not so sure about that. :P
  • Loose weight or at least get a slim curvy body! :P BIGGEST FAILURE EVER!
  • Keep saving money. Buy GOLD! :D I can say I'm quite proud with this. I did bought 1 gold coin, and I've been saving quite well too. ;)

4 out of 9.. haha.. that's actually quite bad isn't it? :-P Hope I'll do better with 2012's resolutions! So here goes;

  • Pass all my final year exams and GRADUATE! Please pray that I'll graduate this year. 
  • Travel as much as I can before work starts
  • Study as preparation for work.
  • Khatam the Quran. Or at least reach until half.
  • Be more patient, be more understanding, let things that upsets me go, be more humble.
  • Be mentally prepared for work.
  • Have fun in my final year in Moscow.
  • Go to every metro station in Moscow.
  • Watch ballet show at the Bolshoi Theater.
  • Keep saving money!
  • Have that slim curvy body before I go back to Malaysia. 
  • Be an awesome HO. (that's just a wish! I have biggest doubt I'll ever be awesome. Not in the beginning anyway.)
I hope I'll achieve everything next year! I've never really had a 100% success on my resolutions.. :-P


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let it Snow

It was snowing non-stop for almost a week. Yesterday it stopped in the morning, and a blizzard came in the afternoon. I couldn't pay attention in class looking at the snow outside the window. I was scared to endure it, and boy was I right to be scared. I couldn't open my eyes while walking. I was walking in the blizzard with my eyes closed! It was so horrible! I was convinced if I stood for more than 5 minutes, I'll be a snowman.

But the temperature went up above zero today, and all the snow was melting. Weird, weird weather we have this year..

Anyway, here's another sneak peek of where I'm going this winter. Hope you guys can guess it! ;D

FIRST STOP (this is where we needed the visa):





Tomorrow is the last day of school! yeay! but exams are less than a month away... >_< aduh. tak sabarnye nak berjalan! 

Will start on my 2012 resolutions soon. I can't believe we're only a few days away from new year. Time flies by so fast. This will probably be my last resolution post, as I don't think I would have time to update my blog that much once I start working. I hope it won't be the last though. ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

oh December, why are you so cruel?

So many unfortunate events happened in December.

There were so many people pissing me off, that I actually felt like blowing something up.. Fardia gave the idea: balloons. LOL! maybe. I think Pissing Anna off in December in an annual thing, because there was so many people pissing me off last December that I actually posted Lets Piss Off Anna Month. Let's see what will happen next December, then we'll decide if it's an annual thing.

I didn't really want to tell this, but I really need to let it out. My roomate's ATM card got spoiled and she doesn't have any back up account. So I lent her my HSBC ATM card, since my active account is Maybank. All my allowance and transactions are in my Maybank account. HSBC is just my backup account, in case anything happen to my Maybankcard.

So my roomate borrowed it. She transfered some of her money to the account, and I gave her my ATM card. My 'niat' when I did that account is also, if someone card got broken or lost, they can borrow mine. Well, the day happened. So. She asked my pin number. So I told her, and she asked me to repeat the number, I repeated the number, and she repeated the number, and she wrote down the number.

The next day, the messaged me, "anna, your pin number is (e.g) 112323 right?". I was like no. It's 113223. How the hell she managed to mess that up? I totally recall she spoke the correct number.

When I got back home, I asked her. She said she didn't manage to withdraw the money because she tried the number 2 times and got rejected. Yesterday she tried again, and now my card is blocked. *sighhhhhhhhhh.....*

I really don't know what to say. Part of me is actually quite angry at her but part of me is quite angry at myself too for not writing it down for her. She should have called me when it was rejected the first time, she should have shown me the number that she wrote down just to be sure OR I could have written it down for her, or I could have took the money out for her instead of giving her the power of my ATM card. So many what ifs.... but it had happened but I'm still very upset.

I called HSBC today, they said they can't issue a new card here in Moscow. Need to do it back in Malaysia. I thought they were an International Bank? So weird. So now, even I don't have a back up account. aiyaaaaa.....

Lets just hope nothing will happen to my maybankcard.

What surprises me yesterday was, MY ROOMATE STILL MANAGED TO GO SHOPPING!!!! She brought back 5 big shopping bags; including new handbag, new shoes, new clothes, and I don't know what else is in that bag... HOMAIGOD...

Thank God I only have 6 more months. My roomate is the most gullible and naive person I have ever met. You wouldn't even think she's 24!

The only good thing that happened this December is my sister's awesome 7A1B PMR result and our visa is on the way. I need a break from Moscow. *pening*


  4. BUY A STUDENT TARIFF SIM CARD. So you don't have to topup your phone every 3 months or change your number every  year. It'll be easier to get the TAC number too.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Solstice

It finally snowed in Moscow. Non-stop for 3 days now. The snow outside are like 30cm thick or more! I'm convinced if I stood still for 5 minutes outside, I could be a snowman. The weather has been so weird lately. Snow - Melt - No Snow - Snow again - Melt again - No snow again. We thought it skipped to Spring for a while. :-p

Anyway, the visa for my winter trip is on the way. Finally! Everything was so last minute. It was such a hassle trying to get it and plus with our last-minute-ness. Alhamdulillah, everything is going our way. Also thanks to our Malaysian Embassies. :)

So since the visa is one the way, I'll be showing you a sneak peak of where we're going. We're going to 4 cities. The pictures here are from the 3rd city of the trip.

Can you guess where we're heading? ;)

Also, tomorrow is my dad's birthday. I'm happy he gets to live another year. Yeah, his birthday is on Christmas eve.

Happy birthday dearest Abah. May Allah grant you, your health back and a long life, so you would be able to see your children grow up, work, get married and have kids. And may you be able to see this child become a doctor. hehe. Love you. :')

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My roomate is on a massive diet (sort of). At first she looks so determined on loosing her weight (not that she is fat, but she feels she needs to be thin).

So she has this huge lust for sugary stuffs. A big big BIG fan of chocolates and cakes. She can't even keep her hands off my chocolates. I'm not a big fan of sugary stuffs. Sometimes when I'm on PMS I feel like I want to eat chocolate. But once I get home, I'll forget all about the chocolates. I can leave the chocolate inside the fridge for weeks and not eating them!!! She'll always end up finishing them.

Anyway, now she only eats salad. The same kind of salad; Cabbage, Capsicum, Tomatoes and Sardines. She even bought Herbalife. But she can't control her urges to eat those sugary stuffs. Last Sunday night, she baked a cake! She gave to some of her friends, but today I see only 2 pieces of the cake left. And everyday she took one piece of my cookies. hahaha...

She also bought Ice-cream Malaysia which is now being left in the freezer. Everyday she asks me to eat it. But like I said, I'm not really a big fan of sugary stuffs. I love fried food though!!!

Anyway, I feel kinda sad for my roomate. She's so proud of her lust for food, and now she's restricting herself from her pleasure.  Plus, she's not exercising. Like I said, it's not like she's fat.

I don't know why I'm always stuck with roomates who are so weight-obsessed! My previous roomate was actually worst than the current one.

Their life. Oh well....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is Our Life

Been reading too many blogs lately. HO blogs, MO blogs, Pharmacists blogs.

Every one of them complains. HO complains about the mistreatment of the MOs and specialist, about the WORKLOAD. MO complains about the attitudes of the HOs, about the WORKLOAD. Pharmacists complains about the attitudes of doctors, patients and the WORKLOAD.

People. It's the profession we chose. NO WORKLOAD = NO PATIENTS = NO WORK = NO MONEY.

Yeah. I'm not working yet. So shut up right? hrmm..

I hope I won't complain when I start working. That would be shameful. heh. :-|

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back to December

It's December. Although it's not snowing yet. There was very light snow yesterday though, but it didn't last. Well, the year's about to end. Which mean, I've got to work on my 2012 Resolutions. Which also means, EXAM's around the corner! ERK! >____<

Anyway, I'm in my last cycle currently. 3 weeks of Hospital Surgery. Which will be one of the State Examination this year. The cycle started on Thursday, and our teacher explained to us the exam procedure; from the MCQ to the Oral Test. As I was listening, I can feel all the butterflies flying, crawling, running around in my tummy. This will be one of the toughest exam this year. Not to mention the TWO THOUSAND DON'T KNOW HOW MANY MCQ questions I have to memories and DON'T KNOW HOW MANY HUNDREDS Oral/subjectives/case questions. ERKKKKKK!!! UWAAAAAAAA... this is like blowing my head off or something!! @_____@ I should be starting on those questions now, like some of my friends. They've started like months ago, but as you all know me, I'm always last minute and sometimes I didn't even get to finish the materials and I solely depend on my luck and Allah swt. huuuuu~

Oh well..... (ha-ha~ *nervous laugh*)

Ok, so anyway, I've finished booking and paying the flight tickets for my winter trip. Now that's left is the hostel and we also have to do visa for one of the cities that we're going. I didn't expect that country needs Visa for Malaysian citizens. I was shocked when I found out. I checked it out after paying for the flight tickets. I forgot to check it out beforehand. *sigh* Visa is such a hassle!! Hopefully everything will run smoothly. InsyaAllah. ;)

You guys still won't know where I'm going until next month. Maybe. If I feel generous, I'll tell you by the end of this month. You guys can guess though. heeeee..... ;D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better Together

We're back together again (sort of). Yeah. So typical of us.

I'm still a bit pissed at him for leaving me alone for a week though. PLUS! he laughed at my previous post. grrrrrrrrr~

I asked him to "declare" his love for me again. He did. I denied it. I don't wanna be with someone who kept breaking up every time a fight comes up. (sort of). :-P

His status with me is "in a relationship". My status is "it's complicated". It's always complicated. Don't tell me relationships are not complicated.

Lagi skali dia mintak break up. Aku break up betul2! Nasib baik sayang. >.<

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gimme A Sign

It's been a week now. I've not cooled down. I actually feel more pissed than ever! I'm not even sure if he's serious about breaking up or not. Because he changed his profile picture of us two in Rome with a very sweet caption. So basically, I'm wondering,


Usually, after a fight, he'll let me be until he has cooled down or until I gave him a sign. Usually, I'm the one who goes back to him. So right now, within this week, I haven't exactly posted anything on Facebook that gives any sign that he can say 'hi' to me nor have I greet him in any way (chat, message, sms or even call). I just act like nothing ever happened. I'm doing my work like normal. Nothing's bothering me. I just want to see how much he actually cares about me, about this relationship.

Obviously I'm confused. Because he broke up with me. And then, he posted a profile picture of US.

I can't say 'hi' to him first. He was the one who dumped me!! I see him online all the time and I didn't even appear offline like I usually do whenever I'm pissed at him. So, what more sign does he actually need? Seriously, what does he think I am? A puppy? A doll? A freakin' cyborg??? sheeesh~!

For him to let me be alone and pissed for A WEEK says that he just doesn't care anymore for this relationship, but a profile picture of US??? wtf dude? get on with it. Why are you so freaking CONFUSING?!! Trying to make me piss off another week. That's so typically you.