Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Solstice

It finally snowed in Moscow. Non-stop for 3 days now. The snow outside are like 30cm thick or more! I'm convinced if I stood still for 5 minutes outside, I could be a snowman. The weather has been so weird lately. Snow - Melt - No Snow - Snow again - Melt again - No snow again. We thought it skipped to Spring for a while. :-p

Anyway, the visa for my winter trip is on the way. Finally! Everything was so last minute. It was such a hassle trying to get it and plus with our last-minute-ness. Alhamdulillah, everything is going our way. Also thanks to our Malaysian Embassies. :)

So since the visa is one the way, I'll be showing you a sneak peak of where we're going. We're going to 4 cities. The pictures here are from the 3rd city of the trip.

Can you guess where we're heading? ;)

Also, tomorrow is my dad's birthday. I'm happy he gets to live another year. Yeah, his birthday is on Christmas eve.

Happy birthday dearest Abah. May Allah grant you, your health back and a long life, so you would be able to see your children grow up, work, get married and have kids. And may you be able to see this child become a doctor. hehe. Love you. :')


fzrzk said...

yes! san francisco! hehehe have fun babe! you'll love it there! one of my fave city :)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

lol! I knew u'd get tricked! it's not San Fran babe.. guess again. ;P

fzrzk said...

hahahaha. damn, tertipu baikk punyer! hihihi. anyways, cant guess no more :( i siap google baahahaha...that didnt gimme anything

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

then u'll have to wait! ;D