Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back to December

It's December. Although it's not snowing yet. There was very light snow yesterday though, but it didn't last. Well, the year's about to end. Which mean, I've got to work on my 2012 Resolutions. Which also means, EXAM's around the corner! ERK! >____<

Anyway, I'm in my last cycle currently. 3 weeks of Hospital Surgery. Which will be one of the State Examination this year. The cycle started on Thursday, and our teacher explained to us the exam procedure; from the MCQ to the Oral Test. As I was listening, I can feel all the butterflies flying, crawling, running around in my tummy. This will be one of the toughest exam this year. Not to mention the TWO THOUSAND DON'T KNOW HOW MANY MCQ questions I have to memories and DON'T KNOW HOW MANY HUNDREDS Oral/subjectives/case questions. ERKKKKKK!!! UWAAAAAAAA... this is like blowing my head off or something!! @_____@ I should be starting on those questions now, like some of my friends. They've started like months ago, but as you all know me, I'm always last minute and sometimes I didn't even get to finish the materials and I solely depend on my luck and Allah swt. huuuuu~

Oh well..... (ha-ha~ *nervous laugh*)

Ok, so anyway, I've finished booking and paying the flight tickets for my winter trip. Now that's left is the hostel and we also have to do visa for one of the cities that we're going. I didn't expect that country needs Visa for Malaysian citizens. I was shocked when I found out. I checked it out after paying for the flight tickets. I forgot to check it out beforehand. *sigh* Visa is such a hassle!! Hopefully everything will run smoothly. InsyaAllah. ;)

You guys still won't know where I'm going until next month. Maybe. If I feel generous, I'll tell you by the end of this month. You guys can guess though. heeeee..... ;D

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