Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gimme A Sign

It's been a week now. I've not cooled down. I actually feel more pissed than ever! I'm not even sure if he's serious about breaking up or not. Because he changed his profile picture of us two in Rome with a very sweet caption. So basically, I'm wondering,


Usually, after a fight, he'll let me be until he has cooled down or until I gave him a sign. Usually, I'm the one who goes back to him. So right now, within this week, I haven't exactly posted anything on Facebook that gives any sign that he can say 'hi' to me nor have I greet him in any way (chat, message, sms or even call). I just act like nothing ever happened. I'm doing my work like normal. Nothing's bothering me. I just want to see how much he actually cares about me, about this relationship.

Obviously I'm confused. Because he broke up with me. And then, he posted a profile picture of US.

I can't say 'hi' to him first. He was the one who dumped me!! I see him online all the time and I didn't even appear offline like I usually do whenever I'm pissed at him. So, what more sign does he actually need? Seriously, what does he think I am? A puppy? A doll? A freakin' cyborg??? sheeesh~!

For him to let me be alone and pissed for A WEEK says that he just doesn't care anymore for this relationship, but a profile picture of US??? wtf dude? get on with it. Why are you so freaking CONFUSING?!! Trying to make me piss off another week. That's so typically you.



cracked bunny said...

believe me anna.these things happened.everyone knows im with anip for 6 long years, & evryone knows we always fight about things, but what people doesnt know is how much it really is hurting me.sometimes,he just doesnt get it.24 hours of ignorance is already killing me & him not doing anything for a week is a godamn me,i didnt evn cry this much whn im still a baby.i hate it when hes not doing anything about it while i keep on worrying.did he misses me? or is it that he just doesnt care? if i were already a doctor, ill prescribe myself an anti depression.but have faith,in him & in GOD at most.if its meant to be,it will be.yeah,talk is easier than done.n yes, i told this to evryone who told me to BE STRONG.but sometimes, being tough is the only thing that keeps us living.LOVE is complicated.

they say love is blind, i say it blinds u :)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Why are guys such jerks?! T___T