Thursday, February 5, 2009


Life keeps reminding me that i need to grow up and be responsible.. hrmm..

i find it ironic - when i was a child, i wanted to grow up so fast.. grown up just seemed so fabulous. Actually, mostly when i was a kid, i wanted to be a teenager.. and I loved my teenage life.. not one bit i regretted.. but I dont want my life to go beyond 18.. when I did turn 18, everything about my life seem to suck every moment.. and ever since it has been a lot of ups and downs.. maybe because i kept wishing to be a teenager again..

haha! that's not gonna happen!

so then a few months ago, i decided to grow up.. but there's still that feeling deep down inside my heart that still wants to stay and be the little girl.. and wanting to depend on others instead of solving my problems myself..

oh well, this is my life.. and it's really not that big of deal at all.. i think my mother got it harder than i do and i dont see her complaining.. ^.^


Good Steward said...

I was just browsing through random blogs today because of boredom and came across yours. Wow, this post is really one of those revelations you come across as growing up. As a 25 year old, I can still very much relate to how you are feeling in this post. Growing up is going to happen regardless...we will never get any younger. However, responsibility is a key factor that helps shapen your maturity. Many times in my life I wanted to go back to my hometown and be sheltered by my parents when things got hard. But then how will that help me solve my next problem? Things suck in life sometimes, but just know that you will come out as a better and stronger individual!

But just remember...mature in responsibility and stay young in heart no matter how much you "grow up".

Take care! :)

fairuzara said...

anna dearly.
You have been tagged!