Wednesday, January 28, 2009


hey there..
i am still in Kuantan. nothing much to do during the hols. though i still dont feel like going back to Moscow yet. FYI, i still have like 9 days left.. *sigh*

didnt do any raya-ing during CNY too, so no ang-pau for me.. huhuu.. sedey kan?

though, there was something interesting during that day.. SOLAR ECLIPSE!! i actually saw it with my own eyes.. the 'sabit' shaped sun.. it was very pretty, and my eyes got hurt from watching the sun too long.. i was seeing blue spots all over when i got back into the house.. eheh.. but i cant really get enough of watching the eclipse.. i didnt took any picture though because well, i dont really know how to show the 'sabit' shape.. but there were some pictures in Safraa facebook.. do check it out.. ;)

but i think, we didn't actually see the full eclipse.. bB ckp kat indonesia dpt tgk the full eclipse.. but i am just happy that i actually saw part of it..

Allah works in magnificent ways.. Allahuakbar~

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