Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged by Nad!

Okay, here's the rule :Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

::the age of next birthday::

well, my 22nd bday was just a couple of days ago.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ME! anyone want to give me more presents? its still not too late.. huhuhu.. i can't believe I'm getting older.. and I'm still living in my fantasy world.. huhu.. like nad said, age don't matter, they're just numbers.. yang penting, we are young at heart.. *wink*

::place i'd like to travel::

New York, New York.. tatau la bile boleh pergi.. huhuhu.. actually, i just love to travel, i want to travel the world.. I'm currently studying in Europe(well, part of Europe), so i don't think it's a problem to actually go around Europe.. and not a problem to traveling Asia too.. but to go to the other side of the world.. just need more, more money, more time.. hrmm.. bB yang nak sgt gi New York, i nak jugak, tp tak se-excited bB kot.. i just love travelling.. doesn't matter where.. ;) i never felt like going to New York until bB excites me about it.. huhuhu.. and then hearing Farisa talked about New York, well.. lg la.. hehehe.. so NEW YORK, wait for me! huhuhu..

::a favourite place::

when, u leave home for 10 months a year, there's just no place like home.. even more when you see snow for 5-6 months and the weather just sucks so bad - gloomy and cold! to see the sun is just indescribable.. you're just REALLY HAPPY to see the sun! believe me...

::a favourite food::

I HEART PIZZA SO MUCH!! i love the taste of the cheese... cheese~ yum.. forget the calories! pizza makes not just my tummy but also my heart full, besides bB lah.. hehehe.. i don't mind eating it every day.. X) cheeeeeeeessssseeee~

::a favourite thing::

my Harry Potter collection!! i could read them over and over again.. i love Harry Potter.. :)

::nickname i had::
i used to be called apple by my Makngah.. because i had round face, chubby cheeks and dahi jendul.. therefore, i looked like an apple.. it stucked until she died.. my arwah Makngah, gave all sorts of name, not just to me but also to my cousins.. she named them, pau, plum, moon,etc.. ape ntah lg that i couldn't really remember.. now, no one calls me apple.. and sometimes i miss the name.. that's why my blog is called apple-plum.. now i am just..

::a favourite color::

PINK!! i know it's so typical for a girl to like pink, but i just can't help it, pink is just so glamorous! and i love pink! hehe..

::college major::

MEDICINE.. and loving every bits of it, even if it's stressful.. treating people is not an easy task.. but it's what i want to do in my life.. and i hope, with Allah's help, I'll do a great job! but first, finish Med school.. insyaAllah..

::name of my love::

and of course bB too.. :) my family is my world, without them, i wouldn't be where i am today and i am so grateful for that..

::a hobby::

i love to waste my time reading.. doesn't matter from a book, webs, blogs.. i just love to read.. :)

::a bad habit::

my worst habit is sleeping in lectures... the sound of the lecturer talking is like lullaby to my ears.. dah la lecture selalunye either the first thing in the morning, or the last subject of the day.. the time where sleep is most needed.. i rarely sleeps in class, the idea of getting caught sleeping is just embarrassing and scary.. but i know that i won't get caught during lecture.. so ape lagi, there'll be nothing but doodles in my notebook, and all u can see is "zZzZz"s on top my head.. LOL~!!

::my wish list::

graduate from med school, become a doctor and someday, the head of department or even pengarah hospital.. i know i have big dreams.. but dreams is where everything starts.. insyaAllah..

and also, getting married.. WAHAHA~ i know it's still a long way to go.. but it's my wish.. *wink*


7 people i'm tagging:

1) aimi nadhira
2) farisa
3) saddam
4) asyura
5) fairuzara
6) nadia-yaya
7) kak beth

p/s: i think i cheated more than nad.. i didn't only used google, i used yahoo, deviantart and glitter graphics... huhuh.. *wink* i nak gambar cantek.. hehehe.. :P


fairuzara said...

hehehe.okie about to tag my fav pple after this, and you will be d one of them. *wink

by the way,
happy belated birthday darla~
have a wonderful day.


farisa zaffa razak said...

hah! i did it already. damnit my layout berterabur! geram seyhh.. dah malas nak susun balek huhu

B_chikbeth_N said...

huh~~ complicated la soklan..
i'll try to answer..
my name so skema??
tabitha nyayong??
just put kak beth or....