Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Earn MONEY while using Yahoo Search!!

I have started using a great web search service that allows me to earn money from searching in my normal way. It`s quick and free to set up, keeps you up to date on your earnings and pays out monthly.

i can assure you that it is not a scam.. i have done all the necessary research on this site..

homepages is really a paying site..
i've been reading a lot of comments, and there's good and bad about this site..
the bad one is always about the late payment.. other than that it's really good..
all you have to do is use their search engine.. you'll get 1.5 point on every search.. 100 points = £1
you'll get paid only when u insert the search in the box at the main home page..
i tried using the yahoo box toolbar.. but it doesnt count..
so i include for u a photo to make it all clear where to search..
so tell all ur friends about it.. becoz the company has to make money by people searching using their search engine in order to pay us..

i have been using this for 3 days, so far this is what i got.. what i know is, they'll pay you a minimum of £20/month.. but for first timers, the payment will be after 2 months..

interested in joining?

p/s: join je.. bukan rugi apape pon, bukan kene bayar, dapat bayaran lg everytime korang search for something..

good luck to us all!

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farisa zaffa razak said...

interesting!! betul ke leh dpt duit?? waaa mata dah drooolinggg $$$

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

setakat bace comment2 orang.. diorang ckp betul dpt duit, and duit tu boleh transfer ikot paypal or saving account.. i belom dpt lg la coz br start.. but just try la.. :)

nad said...

ive came across alot of sites like this b4 tp dun hav d guts to try. haha. so if u da dpt duet tu nanti u btaw la. bley i join. ehe.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

haha.. skarang pon br dpt secotek je.. lmbt lg la kalau nak tggu dpt duit ke x..kalau rajin search boleh la kot.. xde mase la.. tp ni pon xtau guarantee dpt ke x.. we'll just see la.. ;)

nad said...

haha. good luck 2 u then. =))~ btw im linking u. dun mind ayte?

Rajeev said...

Isn't it too good to be true?