Thursday, January 15, 2009

holiday starts...


my complete zachutnaya knizhka.. [i'm so happy!]

I finally settled all my zachut(credits).. and now
i can go home with peace of mind.. what a day it was yesterday.. pening giler kepala jawap soalan.. dah lah kene buat control electrolytes disturbance, which i failed actually.. I only prepared for the colloq, tetibe cikgu suro bwat plak control tu.. dah la tak study apape pasal topic tu.. damn.. so the result is - I failed.. She asked me to redo the control on Friday but i told her that i'm going back to Malaysia for the holiday this friday.. coz u see, if u don't settle even 1 control, colloq lg la nye.. u can't get zachut.. tp Mdm Ruchinskaya baik giler.. syg la kat die.. huhuhu.. I still need to get the "ДОПУШЕК К СЕССИИ" stamp to get my exams result though.. exam results coming out on tomorrow.. eekk!! [i dont wanna think about it!]

my flight back home is tomorrow.. 3 weeks in Malaysia.. hehe.. actually, i wanna go somewhere else.. europe maybe.. but bB said duit tak cukup.. *sigh* so he'll be all alone in Moscow for the next 3 weeks, and i'll be in Malaysia.. no way i'm spending my holidays in the hostel! So i decided to go home.. :))

Syaniza and Eikin will be going to Egypt for the hols, Sasha's going back to Malaysia as well.. Thamil's already in Malaysia.. Kumar and Sugan i am not so sure where they'll be going during the hols.. probably get drunk or something.. heh.. so Teena and Shalu will be staying.. hrmm..

i hope i'll have a great holiday and good rest before starting 2nd semester which is gonna be even more hectic than this sem.. huhuhu..


me and roy


I Am Marat13 said...

heh a complete zacot book. thats a great bday present! =D

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

a complete zachut book and holiday at home.. thats the perfect bday present.. hehehe..

nad said...

uve been tagged! lolz

farisa zaffa razak said...

hey. enjoy Malaysia ok!!
makan banyak! oh dear, jeles k! haritu buat nasi lemak, yang tak rase lemak sgt pon :(

and happy belated bday anna!

Raihanna said...

Hyep... bile bezday? sempat agy x nak wish.. hehe.. HAPPY BELATED BEZDAY... seronok la org tu ek dapat holiday kat mesia.. hehe.. jeles2... take care~

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

sempat lg wish.. hehe.. mestila seronok bercuti di msia.. hehehe..
do be jealous~!! hehehe.. *wink*