Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh gosh!

sorry peeps..

i know i haven't update this blog for awhile now.. but as you should know.. IT'S 3RD YEAR!! and it's the 2nd semester!! i have 6 exams coming up in June.. so expect this blog to be ignored for a while.. ;)

WELL apparently, my sister has a blog.. and i will link it.. and apparently, updates from her blog says that she got contacts!! i doubt that she actually made that one up! ok~ that's enough for the details.. i guess its kinda personal.. to be honest, i dont really mind talking about my personal life/family to some friends and strangers.. but my brother do, so i'll respect that.. huhuhu..

my point is... girls (i.e: little girls) these days seem to want to grow up very fast! i mean, i remember when i was my sister's age and watching 'Di Mana Joe Jambul', Telitubbies, Bananas in Pyjamas, etc.. now all they watch is mostly ANTM, and Hanna Montana.. which is fun for my age of course.. but i dont really know how it would be fun watching them at her age.. do they even understand what they're saying? i don't even understand what the FRIENDS characters was saying until i finished school...

I see her wearing all these make-ups.. i mean, i had my first eyeshadow when i was in form 3! and that was a free Dior sample eyeshadow my mom got it from buying Dior products and she decided to give to me.. other than that, i started buying a bunch of other makeups (i.e: mascara, lipstick, blusher, etc) when i finished school.. my first make up was when i was form 2.. a lipsgloss.. and i had been wearing that when i went out from form 2 till form 5 coz i don't know how to wear eyeshadow until i was form 5.. ok, if you had to say that my sister is influenced by me - I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13! besides even when i had only 1 lipgloss and 1 eyeshadow - she already had more makeup than i did.. *sigh* still, I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13! i am growing up according to my age..

i saw this girl in youtube.. she's 14 and wears makeup.. i don't disagree that she doesn't look pretty wearing makeup.. in fact, when she wears makeup, she looks way better than when she doesn't.. but the point is she's 14 and looks like 17 or 18.. @_@

i don't understand why they want to grow up so fast.. while we, grown-ups wants to be a kid again.. lumrah kehidupan i guess.. i use to want to grow up when i was a kid.. but i learn to cherish every moment...

the fact still is I AM 22 AND SHE IS 13~!

p/s: and to fairuz.. i'll try to do the 'tagged' when i have time k? sorry babe!

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