Sunday, November 29, 2009

formalin & stitches

Operative Surgery cycle is great!!

We've been doing a lot of stitching besides drawing & taking notes... I have OpSurgery exam this winter!! and I am so damn scared! it's my first exam in Russian.. I really do hope i'll pass... I have around 6 weeks to study!! *SCREAM!!* I really can't believe exam is coming so soon! *sigh* Guess I have to start now.. My russian still sucks.. ;P

Anyway, here's some pics of what I've been doing.. enjoy!

P/S: people who have trouble looking at internal organs, I advise you not to continue... because, I'm gonna show you the stitches made on intestines, stomach and liver... the intestines and stomach are human's, the liver are cow's.. ;)

Mdm. Krukova giving instructions

the whole GIT system

future surgeons.. *wink*

stomach wound due to trauma - end result of stiching

end result of colonectomy


stitching on liver


nad said...

im feelin nauseous all of d sudden. huhu..

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

don't say I didn't warn you..

Azra Ain said...

all of you seems very happy while stitching those organs.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...
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Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha.. what's not to be happy about? surgeries are exciting!

nad said...

exciting? u must be kidding me! lolz.
bout the size, well depends. bt most of them are S and M. the blog is still under construction tho. ill post up the url once evrythin's ready ayte =))

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

okies.. i'll be waiting for the updates..

shogunn_general said...

besnye dpt anita sarawak... =(

fzrzk said...

.....this is why i dont wanna be a doctor. sighhh

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

lol.. whats wrong with this?? huhuhu..