Thursday, August 6, 2009

summer so far...

I can't believe i have 3 weeks left for my holidays...

and i still haven't gone to teluk chempedak yet... hrmmm..

where is everyone anyway? seem so quiet all of a sudden in Kuantan...

anyway, here's some post of what i have been doing so far...

5 days trip to Beijing as soon as the semester ended.. hehee..

Celebrated Man's 21st birthday on the 2nd of July

Aimi's place - makan2..

Chasing after monsters at MidValley Megamall.. although i have to say, there weren't as many monsters as they say..

a day with my 2 best girls after a year apart! ;)

and not to forget.. i've completed my practicals at HTAA.. :)

hrmmm.. what else should i do this 3 more weeks?
oh! our anniversary is coming up!! hehee.. 2 years.. ;) and hope there's many more years to come.. cheers~
i do have some plans coming up next week.. but no real plans for the rest of my holidays... i guess i just stick around at home more.. i have no complain.. :D
i have been going back and forth from kuantan to kL a lot.. like almost every week.. following my mom.. it's tiring.. i don't know how she does it... i really can't follow in her footsteps.. ;P huhuhu...

well.. it's almost 3 a.m and i'm getting tired.. good night~!

p/s: bought a new broadband USB already!! yeay!

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