Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a Wish

I know Christmas is over... but can I still make a wish??

someone sent this link to my windows live account.. it's a ermmm... what do u call a website that sell colthes?? it's not really a blog shop.. I guess I'll just call it web shop.. hehee..

it looked like they import clothes from Korea.. and I love their stuffs!!!

the shop is called Fashion Khoo

I know the website is in Chinese, but you can use the google translate widget and translate the whole website into English.. :D it's a Malaysian based website.. and it's dotcom. I wonder why they put everything in Chinese? mcm racist je.. (o.0) seb baik ade google translate.. and seb baik baju semua cantik2!

the thing i like about this site is that, the gave you the whole body measurements, i.e, shoulder, length, waist, etc.... and they have so many clothes that are my trend.. ;)

oh! i'm so in love with this dress..

rase mcm nak beli sgt2.. huhuhu~ but the thing is.. I'm saving for Europe.. *sigh*.. maybe after the trip? ;)

I wonder if they have a shop anywhere? maybe I could go visit and try the clothes on.. hehee..

Can I go to Seoul and have a shopping spree there? anyone wanna join? huhuhu~

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