Friday, April 17, 2009

caught in a moment

these are some random photos from my phone..

pretty light before entering the studio where bB and his band jammed.. i find it unique - some modern elements in an old building.. sorry the pics is blurry, i took it with my phone camera coz i forgot to bring my camera..

Hematoma of the brain

Love Birds - literally! they're called Love Birds!

Cicak and her babies.. awww~ i miss u kitties!

practice stitching in operative surgery class

A makcik giving a squirrel bananas at Taman Gelora..

A REALLY REALLY HUGE DOG AT THE AIRPORT!! I could've sworn it looked like a BEAR!! see how huge its cage is! i supposed he had to go in there during the flight.. ITS HUGE!! AND BLACK!!

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fIcK a.k.a kaka said...

i kat UM, kl..

so bile ana abis study kat sana?