Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 more month till exams..

and i still have these pendings to settle to get credits to enter exam hall:

Pathophysiology: oral test endocrine system, written and oral test CVS, written GIT system, written respiratory system, written liver diseases, written kidney diseases.

Pathoanatomy: oral 1st colloquium, written and oral 2nd colloquium.

Dermatology: 1 kelas ganti sebab tak pergi kelas

Pharmacology: 3 written tests

General surgery: 1 colloquium and practical exam

this is my exam schedule.. to those who don't understand russian, huhu.. sorry lah.. mcm malas plak nak translate..

I'm in group 35.. so my first exam will be on the 11th June which is General Surgery (Обшая Хирургия).. and last on 30th June - Internal Disease Therapy...

oh I hope i'll get my credits on time.. InsyaAllah~ pray for me people! :)


I Am Marat13 said...

hate exams... =(

plus dermato is so mengantuk...and am i the only one scribbling any notes in the class?..(haha bajet bagus)

Jue said...

re : ok anna, thanks for ur order gaks.
p/s : anna study medik ker??? waa, mesti terror bahase rusia ni kan